Army of the Week: Dark Warriors

In this edition of Army of the Week, we focus on an army that has risen after falling.  DW recently made it back into the top ten and have since been rising.  Can they rise?  Can they stay a powerful army? Or will this reign of power be short-lived?

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The Dark Warriors were created in September 2007 by Ambrosha.  They started off as a fairly small army, gradually rising.  DW soon rose to new heights.  At one point, DW was abandoned and most of the soldiers joined a new army, known as the Golds.

While they were the Golds, they stayed between 3 and 7 in the top ten, and accomplished many things.  However, DW was brought back.  They defeated armies such as the Ice Warriors, Nachos, and Fire Warriors.  At one point, the site was defaced.  After that, many people tried to stay alive, but many leaders left and went to other armies.  Later on, Nic, Donut67890, and Hedcog remade DW.  The army did fairly well, until Nick retired.

Hurricanex1 attempted to remake DW twice in 2010.  They did well, though the generation didn’t last long.  People such as Ttycool, Khimo, Pufpuf103, and Phipy led DW at different times after that, and DW eventually managed to rise to 2nd in the top ten, and they battled ACP, the number one army at the time.

DW managed to stay in the top three, but then fell.  They have been trying to rise since, and recently made it to fourth in the top ten.

Current Leadership

DW are currently led by xiUnknown, SaW, Khimo, and Hurricanex1.  They managed to make the army rise to the top ten, so they seem to lead the army well.

Recent Events

DW recently had a training session on Cloudy.  The army had sizes of 30+ with marvelous tactics.  Below are some pictures from the event:

More recently, DW battled the Nachos along with ACP and LT.  They claimed the alliance to have won the battle, but said the battle was not organized.  DW did not post pictures, so the ones below will be from other armies’ sites.



I think that if DW can stay active, they can stay a powerful army.  However, I don’t think they’ll be in the top ten too long, judging by previous events, they’ll eventually fall.  I think people looking for intense battles would join DW.

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How do you think DW has been doing?  Can they continue to rise and stay a powerful army?  Or will they fall like in the past?  Comment with YOUR opinion!

-Tomato 8883 CPA Central Reporter

2 Responses

  1. DW are doing really well!


  2. After our battle vs LT, eat your words please.


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