Army of Club Penguin and Nachos Duel in a Practice Battle | War Over

In the past week, ACP and the Nachos have been fighting in an intense war.  Shortly after the end of World War VI, the Nachos declared war on ACP, and have since battled them many times.  The war has had many controversies, including the use of the Pirates in battles.  What was the result of the battle?  Why did the war end?

The battle was originally going to be an invasion of an ACP server, however shortly before the war was postponed.  The battle instead was turned into a practice battle.  Both armies averaged sizes of 25-30 and showed exceptionally well tactics.

Below, the Nachos do an E+9 bomb while ACP does an E+3 bomb in the Plaza.


Below, ACP does a joke bomb while the Nachos do an E+Q bomb in the Dock.


The battle was declared a draw at the end.  Ads354 was happy with the results of the battle, as stated in a post on the Nachos’ site:

Overall, we did great and I’m very happy about that [the battle].

ACP leader Kingfunks4 stated they could have done better, but still did a good job:

Overall this could be improved, but after we ended the war with the Nachos this was a decent Practice battle.

Shortly before the battle, both armies agreed to end the war.  ACP and the Nachos agreed to return all servers to their previous owners, and that the two armies cannot fight each other until the 16th of January.  They also decided that if the treaty is broken, the army that declares war loses their capital server.

Comment with YOUR opinion.  How did the battle go?  Are you surprised the war is over?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Reporter

10 Responses

  1. Nice post.


  2. acp and nachos wars never last long.


  3. Why didn’t you add the pic where Nachos had 30+ in the Forts?


  4. This was a good post, you are a talented reporter Tomato.


  5. yea man great post im glad the war is over and since the ceasefire treaty every army has time to rebuild and get back into shape. but after the treaty god knows what could happen lol


  6. Great Job.


  7. well yes im suprised that the war is over


  8. i am not surprised that the war ended. ACP vs Nacho wars never last long. BTW great job reporting! you are really talented.


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