The Sad State of Sportsmanship

Disclaimer: This is an opinion piece. While I will be citing facts, there is no easy way to present this without coming off as one-sided, for which I apologize. I will be using one example to paint a larger picture about a growing problem in Club Penguin Armies.

Sportsmanship plays a crucial role in any event that involves team interaction, whether it be a sporting event or a Club Penguin army battle. It is the fundamental principle that allows both sides to enjoy the fun of competing. Without it, negative emotions and controversy arise in its place. This is where we stand today.

Club Penguin Armies have been struggling with the concept of sportsmanship for quite some time now. I remember being irritated by a lack of sportsmanship at times back in 2009, although in hindsight, things were much less heated back then. Battles were generally fought until the end, not claimed to be won by any number of dirty tricks, and few if any people outright hated each other. Sure there were rivalries, but common enemies like ACP and UMA did not seek to destroy each other as their singular focus. They enjoyed competition merely to prove who was superior, and they had fun with it.

Unfortunately, this is hardly ever the case anymore. The mentalities of some leaders have changed the way we see Club Penguin Warfare. War is about winning at all costs, making hate-filled posts, revolving around the Top Tens, and implementing gang warfare against one’s enemies which leave nearly every war one-sided. Secret invasions, DoSing of enemy leaders, hacking/defacing of websites, use of bots, and questionable lending of soldiers are among the reasons war is rarely enjoyable anymore.

Allow me to provide a current example, which will hopefully put the issue in context. The recent war between ACP and the Nachos was met with controversy before it even began. The Nachos’ intention to invade ACP, a key ally against the Black Alliance in the recently-ended World War, angered ACP’s leadership and left many of its allies questioning the Nachos’ motives. Among the criticisms was the Nachos Leader Ads354’s desire for a “one-on-one” war with ACP, despite the fact that ACP was already fighting a war with the Pirates. Upon hearing this complaint, an edit was adding to the declaration of war post:

We will not be using allies. We are not working with Pirates and we will not be invading you the same times they are invading you. I know that we can beat you by ourselves.

After further pressure from ACP’s allies, Ads agreed to force Waterkid and the Pirates out of their war with ACP, and Waterkid complied. This is where it becomes complicated.

After suffering defeat to the Nachos’ US force on the first day of invasions, ACP prepared to respond with its usually-strong UK division. The match-up was favorable for ACP, as the Nachos’ UK division had managed only 5 on Club Penguin days prior. Knowing this to be the case, the Nachos made a deal with a former enemy – Waterkid.

Some time before the battle, Waterkid was given a mod rank in the Nachos in return for the use of Pirates soldiers for their events. The Pirates, being a UK army, would give the Nachos a fighting chance against ACP’s UK division. Thus, before the invasion was to take place, Waterkid ordered his army to go to Nachos chat and leave comments to “join” the Nachos.

Waterkid orders the Pirates to join the Nachos for their UK event

Because of this action, the Nachos managed to get a full chat for their UK event, although 10 out of the 13 “Nachos” in attendance were Pirates soldiers.

Red boxes denote Pirates soldiers, who make up about 3/4th of the chat (compare names below) [Click to Enlarge]

Another thing that was noted is that Waterkid had scheduled “recruiting sessions” for the Pirates each day at 2 pm EST / 7 pm UK, the exact times of ACP/Nachos battles, suggesting it was merely a reason to get soldiers online to be used in the events.

Most of the people at Nachos chat had come from Pirates chat [Click to Enlarge]

Pirates soldiers make no effort to hide the fact that they were ordered there and leave immediately after the battle; the scroller also reads as a racial slur (censored)

At the end of the battle, after which ACP pointed out the Nachos’ use of Pirates soldiers, Waterkid left a comment on ACP’s post unintentionally admitting the Pirates planned to help the Nachos at all defenses:

we agreed that pirates cant invade acp, doesn’t mean we can’t help defend for the Nachos + the Pirate troops joined Nachos

Later in the day, an ACP/Nachos battle was again met with a controversial situation, although this time for a different reason. Throughout the event, both armies were raided by approximately 20 bots, making any effort to fight useless. The battle was left undetermined as part of an agreement by both armies to discard it. Neither army knows who was responsible for the two sets of bot raids that occurred.

This picture shows ACP attempting to regroup while being emote bombed by 20-25 bots (red)

The following day, there was another scheduled UK event with similar results as the first.

Waterkid overrules Nachos 2ic Harry Joe and proceeds to lead the “Nachos” for the second straight battle

Waterkid admits 90% of the Nachos UK force are Pirates soldiers

Two Pirates soldiers admit Waterkid made help the Nachos, and a Nachos 2ic thanks him

Harry Joe asks everyone to thank Waterkid for bringing the Pirates

At the end of the battle, after ACP declared victory for the Nachos’ use of allies, Waterkid told Harry what to say in an attempt to make it legal

At approximately 4 pm EST today, Waterkid announced officially that the Pirates would be merging into the Nachos. The post has since been deleted, but a screenshot of the original email notification can be seen below:

Update: LT (recently merged with ST), DW, and AR have all declared war on the Nachos, citing their bad behavior toward all armies.

Ultimately, what this all boils down to is this. How far will an army, not just the Nachos but any army, go for the sole purpose of winning a war? How many rules must be bent, how little fun must we have before we realize this is not the way to do it? I don’t have the answers to these questions, but it is going to take a concerted effort on all of our parts to play fair, cooperate, and show good sportsmanship before we can regain the principle which we were founded on – having good, clean fun.

Leave a comment about what you think of this situation and if you have any ideas for ways we can make Club Penguin Armies less hate-driven and more enjoyable for everyone.


33 Responses

  1. Soulja boy tell em


  2. I am usually in favor of nachos but this… This is pathetic. In my days of being somewhat aware of army politics we fought 1 v 1. Our opponents covered up their usage of allies and their cheating by altering our site, but we stayed clean.


  3. Great post , this is a growing problem , I can see the one-sidedness in the post obviously , I think it would have made it a bit less one sided to put other armies being unsportsmanlike also maybe? but anyhow , I have a question , I can see by the names they are obvious bots , but I don’t see any uniforms or really any of the penguins for that matter , just the names and I can’t really tell if they are Nacho or not :3 but overall this is a pretty good post :3

    Boomer: They were generic black penguins with names like Xjhcocp1, Xjhcocp2, etc. There was another small set of bots at the beginning all starting with “Santa”. So far no one knows who is controlling them but they’ve been raiding every army involved.


  4. You know you have a noob like water, when he types in call caps like a little 9-13 Year Old.


  5. 2012. The most intense. Year. Ever.


  6. Nachos/Pirates are pathetic.


    • Hey, Blue2.
      Now I’m not trying to hate, but not ALL of us approve of this. I’m a Nacho and I’M shocked such a good army would stoop so low.


    • Please don’t generalise my army. And NEVER call my army the same insult that you would use for Pirates. It’s not as if every Nacho is enjoying this.


      • Then do something about it. You’re an intelligent fellow Chrisi, and I think you know as well as I what the true problem is here.


  7. wow you know when i came to the ACP site in 2007 everything was all fun and freindly battles and colors…. and now its all like doxing and swearing and hacking lol, but one thing is: if you know that boomer this CP army legend guy whose been there and back several times doesnt have a good opinion geared toward you… you should just leave ahaha nice post man


  8. >Nachos want a one on one war,
    >Nachos tell Pirates to join the Nachos.
    >Nachos dont have a one on one war.


  9. this is so bias, if boomer can make posts like this then why can’t i?


  10. Singling out one army and attacking them in this way can also be regarded as a sad state of sportsmanship.


    • The Nachos are by no means the only example; they are just the most recent and thus most pertinent for this report. ACP, AR, LT, and others are at fault here too.


      • Sad thing Blue2. I don’t see a single word that describes ACP’s faults in this post. Another thing I realized, Boomer only talks about the two armies his army is at war with. Funny eh? Am I the only one who notices this?


  11. Another example lately that I have noticed is calling in 4-5 allies to do the dirty work for them. Hmm..


  12. We didn’t ask for Pirates to come. They just wanted to join us and how is 4 vs 1 fair? Nice allies ACP, can’t beat us by yourselves. How pathetic. CPAC is the most biased army website with two consecutive posts bashing the Nachos. Good job!


    • dude honestly you guys can put this any way you want to you could have said no to the pirates and made it fair you knowyou didint have to except their help. ACP hasnt used allies in this war, you made a mistake who cares learn from it and move on. everybody thinks what you did is messed up except your own army not just CPAC so if their biased technically everyone is who thinks this way.


    • We didn’t ask LT, DW or Pirates to help us. They just declared war because you always backstab your allies.


  13. is kinda wrong I am Pongo3010 I was not in Pirates. I quitted 2 days before that event.


  14. Nachos are backstabbers.
    They deserve the revenge, and thats the first time I was ever on ACP’s side.


  15. >OK for pirates to join nachos and help defend
    > When IW joins ACP to do it though, it’s considered illegal


  16. Seem as though I was involved a lot in this post and pictures, we never asked for the Pirates to come. They just turned up. And, most of them joined Nachos anyway, which makes them Nachos.


  17. boomer is cring because acp is poo now

    cring cring cring


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