Armies – Are they worth it?

Waste of time? We’ll find out. (Sorry for so many colors.)

Is Club Penguin Armies and Club Penguin Warfare really worth it? Or are they just a big waste of everybody’s time? In this post, I give my opinion about the so calledClub Penguin Armies and Club Penguin Warfareand I provide a history lesson. These two subjects have lasted since the dawn of time (atleast since Club Penguin’s dawn of time). Consuming everyday players, and turning them into hardened veterans (if you make a joke i’ll break you. :D). So are they really worth it? Some would say yes, it’s their life and they’ve been with it forever. Some would say no, armies are only there to waste time and provide a good hangout chat. The Color Wars were the birth point for armies. With one penguin arguing against another, it turned into a war. The Red, Black, Blue, Purple, Green, Orange, and Yellow clans of Club Penguin battled fiercly in the Dojo, back when there was no Sensei to keep the Dojo in order. After the Red Clan achieved the title of Number One Clan under the rule of the leader known as Korn(most of you know him as Elitesof), they begun to fall. By this time all the Clans had already fallen. Out of the demise of the Red Clan came a strong army called the Pirates, one of the greatest and strongest armies. The Pirates faced no challenge and they also ruled Club Penguin for a long time. Pulling them down was rival armies rising. Most of them being the ones you know such as Romans, ACP, rogue PSA agents, GW, CPST, rogue Ninjas, etc. The rise of these armies brought in a time of war, and rise, known as the Golden Ages to most armies, this was the most successful time in the CP Army World. Some armies still claim to be in the Golden Ages but almost nobody believes them. ACP, Created by Oagalthorpe, became the dominant army and still is to this day. GW saw that their allies,  CPST, were falling, so they merged, becoming the legendary army known as the Golden Troops. They ended up ravaging their way to number one army and held there for years. Later, after the firing of a hated (but secretly beloved) troop, the Golden Troops started to fall, and eventually crushed themselves ending Generation One. During all these events in history, wars ravaged on. So many, that there has been SIX world wars. Anyway, back to history, After the demise of GT, more armies rose, some armies that nobody has heard about such as Ninjas becoming an OFFICAL army, AR, DW, ST, SWAT, UMA, Elites, etc. Following this came more world wars. Sometime in the 2010-2011 period of CP Warfare, an army (more of a rebellion) formed known as Purple Republic. Their goal was to destroy all the armies in CP, AND dominate CP Warfare. Later they fell, because nobody cared anymore and they werent getting ANYWHERE. Later, GT went through many generations and is being re-made at the moment. All this warfare led up to our time period today, 2012, in CP Warfare which consists of WW6, A battle between ACP and IW for first, rebellions, coups, re-creation of armies, and so much more that it’s too much to list. Somewhere during 2008-2012 the Elites were a famous army, created in memory of Elitesof, this army was one of the best, and reached the top ten at one point, now unfortunately, the Elites are dead BUT are being remade by someone who I forgot the name of. So is all this time, sweat, blood, and tears worth ALL this rich history, famous armies, famous leaders, legends, and veterans? Is it really worth wasting your real life time where you could be getting A+’s in school, going to college, getting a girlfriend and other stuff? Comment with your thoughts on this post. Now as I finish off with this last sentence, and 672 words, I’ll see you in my next post!

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  1. Nice post!


  2. 1st!


  3. history of CP armies post.


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