Looking into Purple Republic – Legends to CP Armies?

Note: I did this post before on CPWN site, I just posted it again here to see what CPAC thinks of Purple Republic

I’m sure we all know the Purple Republic, the infamous ”Nazi bot” army that trolled us all. However, should they really have the bad reputation that they have? I’m going to go deep into the history of the Purple Republic, I don’t think they should be known as the villains of Club Penguin Armies, but a legendary ”army” that made us all bind together to stop the biggest threat to Club Penguin armies.


As far as we’re concerned, the Purple Republic first appeared in the summer of 2011. They first started raiding Club Penguin, and by raiding I mean by getting over 100 people on Club Penguin dressed in purple and drilling everywhere. They crash the servers multiple of times, which made the moderators very angry. Then, Kingfunks posted about the Purple Republic on CPAC site whic gave them huge publicity. Everyone started to panick as they saw Purple Republic reaching sizes of 500 on their chat and 100+ on Club Penguin. The ACP decided to challenge the Purple Republic to see what they’re made of. The ACP only got around 15 troops while the Purple Republic got 50+.

Once the Club Penguin army community saw that the ACP can’t even stop Purple Republic (as ACP was the biggest army then) everyone started panicking. Was this the end of Club Penguin Armies?

The Club Penguin army Community weren’t the only ones who took notice of these purple invaders. In fact they were in the Club Penguin magazine!


The Pink Alliance

Everyone was panicking and wondering on how to stop the Purple Republic. Until, a leader of a pacific army (I don’t really know who) created the Pink Alliance. This alliance was created to rival the Purple Republic and stop them from taking over Club Penguin Armies, but the question was, would it work? On the Pink Alliance site they did a opening speech;

Welcome to the Pink Alliance of Club Penguin!

Formed on July 11th, 2011, at approximately 2:00 CDT.

We are all here for one reason – Purple Republic

We are not angry with them, nor upset at them. We simply have all come together in a record-breaking way, never seen before in the entire Club Penguin Army Community, for fun. We enjoy having a challenge like Purple Republic among us, as it proves how we all can come together and fight on Club Penguin, for the reason this was started – Fun. So we ask of you PR, to continue your raids and assaults, as its fun for us all.

As you can see, the author of this simply wanted Purple Republic to continue raiding and assaulting Club Penguin Armies, because for the Pink Alliance it was ”fun” and a challenge such as the Purple Republic made it twice as much fun. The Pink Alliance did well against Purple Republic for their first battles, as they both had equal sizes.

Were the Pink Alliance successful? No. They weren’t. They didn’t even live long, and on their official blog they have no pictures or any battle results against the Purple Republic.

Conclusion[My Opinion]

In conclusion, I think the Purple Republic are actually a legendary army. Despite the fact that they’re racist and hate on us all, they did something that no ordinary army could do, make us united. When a World War starts, you have two sides, the good and bad. However, that’s a different matter with the Purple Republic. These guys weren’t any ordinary army that you can communicate with, specially when they only hangout on Steam engine. These guys had one purpose and was to ruin Club Penguin Armies, and WE stood up against the Purple Republic and fought them as the Pink Alliance.

Now, the real question is,

Will they return?

As World War 6 is in effect (or taking a break) it would be very interesting if the Purple Republic came and attacked both sides (The Alliance and Black Alliance). I personally WANT the Purple Republic to return as they bring thrill and fun to Club Penguin armies, comment what you think of the Purple Republic and give me your opinion of the Purple Republic on the polls.

18 Responses

  1. theyy should come ack because there big


  2. It’s actually not a bad post, just two minor qualms:

    1. I would advise you to turn on Spell Check in your WP Account settings; this will help you avoid some of the grammar mistakes.

    2. Try to give less opinion and be a little more ‘boring’; I.E. don’t use exclamatory sentences and don’t tell us your personal opinions of PR.

    Other than that, good post.


  3. I saw the word racist and made sure I voted for it. STUPID ASIANS MESSIN WITH MY BALLS IN 5TH PERIOD AHHH


  4. PR never used bots, all the penguins were real. Yes, they used several trainers to automatically create penguins and to instantly put phrases in the chat bar, but multi-login was not used. If you ever actually saw them in action you’d know they weren’t bots.


  5. The creators of the Pink Alliance were Vince(from nw) and myself.


  6. PR weren’t bots.
    I spent a day in PR.
    dat 4chan page full of pr


  7. Purple Republic HAVE to be legendary. They’re damn good getting sooo many people to dress up as purple etc. Hopefully, they’ll come back!


  8. Violantealetta should be a legend


  9. Purple republic..WHY DO THEY HAVE TO BE CALLED THAT!??! WHYYYYY!?


  10. i dont agree with them being racist and using bots, but think about it. Club Penguin armies have been feuding since the beginning of cp armies. then, PR comes in and brings cp armies together. im 50/50 on them.


  11. I think Purple Republic was legendary, certainly, but I can’t say that I like them. I haven’t seen much of them, but the only time I did see was when they were raiding ACP in the middle of a big war screwing with everyone (including ACP, Nachos and Pirates). I, for one, did not particularly enjoy that, though I can see why people do.


  12. I liked this post..


  13. I Would Think they will come back But iam Actually Making my Bots army also Called the Dark Blue Agency


  14. RPF or nachos could defeat them,they are the most powerful armies,mainly RPF is powerful than nachos.Nobody can defeat RPF even the pink republic


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