Officially Announcing the Merge of CPWN and CPAC

Hello CPAC viewers

If you don’t remember me from a very long time ago, I’m Weatherboy1, You may in fact now be saying “Wait aren’t you from that new  New’s site CPWN?”

Indeed I was, but I’m now proud to announce that after a quick session of chat with the Blusockwa Brothers (which I will from now on refer to them as “BB”) me and Waterkid1000 agreed to merge CPWN into CPAC. We are very glad the offer, although we regret leaving our old site, I think of it as a new journey into journalism.

We will be bringing some of the old staff from CPWN into CPAC, expect a lot more posting to go on, otherwise CPAC is unchanged for now. But I do have a couple of ideas that I will disclose at a later date.


Weatherboy1, Associate Producer

Blue2 Edit: To all former staff of CPWN, please comment your emails here. We will be accepting some but not all of the staff to work at CPAC. Waterkid and Weatherboy are now Associate Producers, and the rest will be Reporters.

20 Responses

  1. Um, couldn’t this have been an edit or something?


    Heres one of my posts on CPWN that I thought was the best :3


  3. What a surprise.


  4. I was a staff on CPWN. My email is


  5. I was CPWN staff. Email:


  6. I don’t have to. Already part of CPAC. Why has CPWN merged anyway????


  7. thats why there were like 4 new posts yesterday lol welcome to CPAC


  8. lol why arent i author, my email is


  9. lolwut.


  10. new new’s? wat


  11. I was a Cpwn staff member

    i can be a author, page maintainer or servant (wary).


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