Army of Club Penguin Battles Pirates on Breeze

Though World War VI is over for the most part, armies such as ACP and the Pirates have still been up and at it.  Yesterday, December 1st, the two armies battled on the server Breeze.  However, on a short notice, the Nachos raided the battle.  Though they were on ACP’s side during the war, the Nachos teamed up with the Pirates for the battle.  It was an exciting and intense battle from start to finish, but who won?

The battle took place at 2:oo pm EST on a Saturday, making the battle time-friendly for both USA and UK troops.  The battle was originally going to be ACP against the Pirates, but early in the morning on Nachos chat, the owners decided they should raid the battle.  All three armies pulled great sizes and had great tactics during the battle.

Below, ACP does and E+3 bomb in a line while the Pirates and Nachos also form lines on the Ice Berg.

Below, the Pirates do an E+9 bomb while the Nachos do an E+H bomb on the Ice Berg.

Below, the Nachos do an E+P bomb while ACP does an E+K bomb in the Mine.


After the battle, both sides claimed victory.  ACP claimed to have gotten sizes of 20-25+ while the Pirates only had 15-20 in sizes.  ACP also claimed that since the Nachos raided the event, then their sizes did not count.

The Pirates claimed that they and the Nachos each had 25+ as the Nachos claimed the same.  The two armies claim to share the server 50/50 while ACP claims to own the server as well.

Comment with YOUR opinion on the battle?  Which side won?  Did the Nachos’ sizes count?  How much longer will ACP and the Pirates continue to fight?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Reporter

12 Responses

  1. that was a fun battle yesterday. im not sure if the pirates might have like a secret alliance with the nachos or if the nachos were truly just raiding. but i do think CPAC should be the judge of who wins these battles, because both sides always claim to win and have ownership its confusing. nice post btw


  2. nachos didn’t help pirates… we were just raiding


    • Though they didn’t directly help the Pirates, both armies claim to share the server, so it’s not like they were 100% neutral.


  3. Nachos were raiding -__-


  4. Nachos were raiding.


  5. hey, i think that CPAC should say who they think won. Nachos and pirates will always say they win when ACP will always say they won. CPAC reporters should be there and say what they think.


  6. Pirates won.


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