Legends Battle – Vendetta vs. Pochama || Elitesof vs. Pringle

Hello everyone,

Sorry these next videos of the Legends Battle took so long, things came in late and delayed the publishing time, well it’s here now.

This episode of Legends Battle will be the dark respected legend Vendetta against the famous respected legend Pochama.




Next up will be the long term CP army veteran Elitesof against the brilliant legend Pringle:



That’s all the battles for now

More are to come and a special movie series coming during Winter Break.

You can now vote for who you’d like to fight in the next Legends Battle:





6 Responses

  1. omg i just love watching this i am always waiting for new ones 😀


  2. why would poch battle ven if they were both nw leaders at one time and pretty good friends lol


  3. why is elitesof a legend in the first place…


  4. Okay, This was pretty freaking epic. Please make a ton more xD


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