The Vikings Strike Back

Behind the shadows of the current World War, is a new army rising, that many call the ‘Vikings Of Club Penguin.’ They also recently took 10th spot in the latest Top Ten. Lets jump in.

On November 1st 2012, King Blooy, Vikings of Club Penguin Leader, decided to go and restart the army again after a failed generation. Here is what he said.

Hello Vikings!! Today I’ve decided to give it one more go and I’m  going to try and bring back the Vikings once again. Granted I’m not going to be as active as I was before due to school work, as a team we can cover up each others off hours. I would hope that many of you read this and become interested in joining. Vikings have been around for a very long time and many groups have branched out since our creation. Over time many of these groups have fallen down and alas even the original Vikings have taken a fall. Hopefully with me adopting new tactics and strategies for recruiting and keeping troops will allow us to become an army of greatness. Teamwork is something that’s very important for keeping an army active and together. Being active on the chat can allow you to rank up and get to bond better with other troops. It’s important to me that you all enjoy your time here and become the best troops that you can. I’ve been trying for a very long time to try and make this army successful but things keep falling through, so I’ve finally decided to ask for more help.  Please feel free to join this army and help make it a good strong army it’s meant to be! High ranks will be given to those who join and stay active on chat!

~ King Blooy

After that, King Blooy decided to schedule some recruiting sessions to get troops into the army. They averaged 10 that day.

They got new troops, and a new leader, know as Subz11, Later, they invaded some empty servers for their growing nation. They averaged again 10+. Later they had a training session, getting around 15+, earning them a place in the Top Ten.

After receiving 10th in the Top Ten, they fell a little bit, but then suddenly out of the blue, they jumped up in a event and average 16+, and apparently maxed ’24+.’

This was a good jump for VCP, and they hope to keep going and get 7th in the Top Ten. Will they reach 7th? I believe with all there recruiting and their upcoming P.B. against Blue Puffles, they could. What do YOU think? Comment below!


6 Responses

  1. Subz ragequit after like the 2nd event so blooy and some other guy is the new leader.


  2. Subz11 quit, though he said in a post he came back, he’s very inactive. I haven’t seen him since he quit.


  3. Sorry for the wrong info.


  4. Rouges. Will fall.


  5. rouges, its probably a 5 bar server.


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