SWAT Defaced Again

This week, the SWAT Site was defaced. Lord Pain, recently made SWAT Leader, had this to say of the matter on the site.

If you cannot read it, here is it typed up.

On the day of 11/29/12 Swat was once again defaced and we all stood still and froze at the idea that the legendary CP Army leader Lord Pain would ever deface a site. However, I did not someone hacked into my wordpress account and deleted our posts and pages. Posts and pages which I happily restored. It is not yet known who truly defaced us, however this act will be punished and Swat will have its revenge. Let it be known only a coward uses hacking/ddosing/doxing as a weapon in CP Armies. You will not intimidate us with that, nothing intimidates Swat. If you have a problem with Swat then declare war with an army and battle us honorably otherwise you are nothing. If this was some sort of pathetic attempt at getting me removed from the leadership YOU have failed. Everyone in CP Warfare knows of my honor and integrity and that I have never and will never deface an army site. People of Swat I tell you now that we will have justice, I know your all sick of us getting defaced. From this day forward more security precautions will be taken, as a result I request that all leaders change their password to a numbered password, something that is IMPOSSIBLE to guess and even crack. That is all I have to say, march on troops!

The major difference between this defacing, and…many others, is that it is not yet clear on who accomplished the deed.

Interview with Reece, SWAT Leader

I will be Blue, he will be Red

Would you mind giving an interview about the recent defacing of the SWAT Site?

I would love too but im in the dark about this. I just got on, and still need to get main. Just heard someone hacked pain’s wp.

Well, do you have any idea of who might have had the motive to do this? Any information would help.

A hater of Pain or SWAT

Thank you very much.

No Problem.

Click Here for a pic of the Interview.

Interview with Kyle, SWAT 2ic

I will be Green, He will be Orange

Do you mind giving an interview on the recent SWAT deface of the site?


Do you have any idea of why someone would do this?


Do you have any idea on who did this?

yes, I think someone hacked Pain account to deface the site. But I would think that SaW or Doiz did it.

Thank you for your time.

No Problem.

Click Here for a pic of the Interview.

As you can see, it is still quite a mystery on who did this. Not even Pain himself seems to know at the moment. More information will unravel as it unravels itself from wherever it is unraveling. We may or may not even ever find out on what or who or when or how or why this may have happened.

For any information on the topic, feel free to contact a SWAT Owner/Leader.

This post is dedicated to the many victims of Hurricane Sandy. 

13 Responses

  1. LOL


  2. SWAT always gets defaced, no need to post this 100 times…


  3. well that absolutley smells. sorry SWAT


  4. No one cares about the “Legendary Lord Pain” Legendary Lord pain in the whoops can’t say that on here 😀


  5. LOL Swat site defaced hmm… i wonder why?


  6. SWAT will prove every body wrong once again.


  7. Are you serious? When will people learn pain is a noob? He has been in SWAT twice, GT once, UMA twice, Pretzels twice, and others, and they all died/fell after he was kicked out/couped.


  8. Lol Doiz


  9. funny thing is, its never acp…


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