The Riot Journals [Week 4]: Creatively Messy

Good morrow, friends. Riot here with yet another edition of the Riot Journals. If you recall, last week I discussed the basics of a decent empire, and how you can postpone the dreaded decline. Read on for this week’s issue of Philosophy, and Happy Holidays (Technically Christmas starts in August according to stores across the world).

A Notice About the CPAC Christmas Chaos:

The Christmas Chaos is in the making, and armies from all over have been asked to participate in the Tournament. For the Full Christmas Chaos post, click here. The CPAC Christmas Chaos will include exciting, must-see battles, such as the Army of CP vs. Metal Warriors and many more interesting, historical armies fighting face to face with each other.

For any more information, read one of the Christmas Chaos Post, or contact an administration member of the tourney.



4.1 – Organization in CP Armies



Essential Question:

Is Organization crucial to the CP Army World? (ie. Posts?)


Efficient – Lazy


Posting has always been a crucial part of CP Armies. Whether you are a legend, retired, a noob, a middle-classed moderator, or a leader, you must be able to frequently visit/update sites in our community in order to establish a visible/reliable source of infinite knowledge.

Without posting, well, we’d all fall into an abyss of some-sort. One Army would attack another army, and that one army would be ten times bigger than that other army, and chaos would soon erupt.

The Human brain processes things for three to five seconds. If you log onto a web page, and the navigation is at the bottom (or side) and your brain doesn’t see/knowledge the information you seek within that time limit, well, you will click off.

Now imagine if your site has only buttons on the side and no main navigation stream on the top (believe it or not I’ve seen that happen before). Half of your buttons will cut off of the original video screen (so that you have to scroll down in order to see them).

Humans are lazy….I mean efficient when it comes to things like that.

In order to create a semi-organized environment on your “efficient”  web page, it’s recommended by actual web designers to have navigation on the bottom, top, and side (buttons) for quick and easy access so that us efficient humans can be able to point out what we need when we need it.

If your site isn’t necessarily organized, and your troops don’t receive the news they need, then your troops are not considered organized. So, you shouldn’t expect decent results if you have to say this:

Yup. Organization is used in every aspect of CP Armies. Posts, Wars and even the basics of our virtual lives, being the simplest of things such as links and the creation of a new site.

As an intermediate-leveled web designer, I can say that I’ve seen and even made a few sites which were pure garbage. Not organized whatsoever. Don’t be the site that has broken links, error 404 messages, no navigation, or even the CLASSIC error of putting dark background color with dark fonts or light background with light fonts.

Would You Read This:

Not that it actually goes in with organization, but mostly of common sense. Especially if your using a black and white printer.

The main reason web designers suggest organization is for one of these following reasons:


✓The Efficient Factor of Not Being Able to See What We Want

✓The All Dreaded Common Mistakes of Stupidity


Lipsum can be used to test for readability and/or organization if you need to test preview before posting.

Organization is perhaps the most important thing in the Posting Division of CP Armies.

Don’t Be This Guy ^


Although it seems unnecessary at first, Club Penguin Armies rely on respected, responsible news. Without organization, news would be confusing, uninteresting, and just plain boring. Somewhat like a card game I used to play. Organization, while a pain, is needed and used in any way, whether a classic mistake with lighting or the simple navigation errors we think make the site look more amazing.

Happy Early Holidays, and May Your Lights (or Tree or whatever else you may have) stay up ‘Till April.

5 Responses

  1. First k?


  2. Kind of useless post. Riot has nothing to post about. CPAC isn’t doing that well.


    • I found it amusing. It basically shows what armies are lacking – how stupid some can be. I say, excellent post!


  3. Ha, talk about garbage, this post is garbage.


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