Recap: SWAT Rises

Once a great army, always a great army.

SWAT – Rise of The Fallen

SWAT was one of the greatest armies known. They have had their ups and downs, recently a huge down including the defacing, but now SWAT is back. Recently, SWAT have been getting large sizes, usually 15-20, and are back on the rise to success. SWAT  calls this “The Return of The Fallen” and are now posting pictures that say “We have Risen” such as the two below. Also, a recent event picture is posted below.








SWAT is obviously rising back to the top of the army world with “flying colors”. SWAT‘s sizes are impressive, and are getting even more impressive. They have been recently maxing 22 only for a minimum of 18 troops on Club Penguin . In SWAT‘s unschedueled event today, as I said before, SWAT brought their max up to 22 and minumum up to 18, impressive, but can they do better? They’ll need more than this to get to the top spot. In some events, they have been getting more than ACP, but with ACP recently claiming the #1 spot with a max of 25 and a minimum of 20, and SWAT stuck at #5, they’ll need atleast a increase of 8 more troops to beat ACP. Can they continue The Return of The Fallen, or will they start to crumble again? To help SWAT‘s increase of size, and return to the top they have added a new feature that is the same as divisions, only with a different name. They have introduced Special Ops Squadrens, something they didnt have before. I think that this will increase their size greatly, along with their name already helping them, SWAT might claim the #1 spot! My interview with Spi101, one of SWAT‘s great leaders gets their opinion on The Return of The Fallen.

Me: How do you think SWAT has been doing so far?

Spi101: Lately, very good.

Me: How do you think the Special Ops Squadrens will affect SWAT?

Spi101: Well the special ops squadrens for SWAT will greatly improve if the citizens of CP will ever look up SWAT’s chat/site.

Me: Do you think SWAT can claim the #1 spot soon?

Spi101If the Special Ops for SWAT work effectively, then yes we are able to go grab the number one spot.

Me: Thanks for your time.

Anyway back to the subject, SWAT‘s rising is impressive and might keep going strong. What do you think? Will SWAT rise or will it decline again and have another depression? All I can say is once a great army, always a great army.

11 Responses

  1. First. Even better post than the last two.


  2. Are you sure you should be uptalking SWAT like that

    Spi101, one of SWAT‘s great leaders


  3. What is this Special Ops?


  4. nice post man! im thinking the SWAT could pull their way through theyve done it many times before right? good luck SWAT


  5. Camplazo Ur Major Camplazo OMG


  6. Posts about SWAT rising
    ST gets 1st = no media attention :@


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