Shadow Troops and Ice Warriors Battle for Sub Zero

It’s been quite some while since one of the biggest and legendary armies, Shadow Troops had an event. They came back just some while ago. They had their first battle against Ice Warriors and, interesting it was. I was able to have an interview with their UK leader, Lord Max. What happened? Well, read on to find out!

The event was UK friendly. The armies logged on at around 7 PM GMT on the server, Sub Zero. Sub Zero is the capital of Ice Warriors so, obviously, IW were to defend while ST were to attack.. The problem was that, since there were many troops online, the rooms got full and many troops got locked out. Thus, the battle was short. Shadow Troops maxed around 25 and averaged 22, while, on the contrary, Ice Warriors, averaged 20 – 25 and maxed 33 – 35 (so says their site) . The tactics of both sides were pretty good and reasonable.  I was able to interview Lord Max from Shadow Troops, who happens to be ST’s UK leader. He did have somewhat to say, so, I’ll let you off with it.

Me : Blue
Max : Orange

Me: What do you think about the first event of Shadow Troops since they were re-born?
Max : Well, pretty amazing! We had amazing sizes and near perfect tactics.
Me: How hard was IW for you?
Max: The put up a good fight but, it was hard because there were so many of us we couldn’t get us all into one room without some being locked out.
Me: What are ST’s plans for the future? Are you going to recruit and re-build some more?
Max : We are going to get a strong UK force to match our US force. Then, perhaps war.

He didn’t have much to say, but what he really meant was that both sides did pretty good. I have some pictures of the event (note that these pictures are from IW’s and ST’s website).

Well, tell us your opinion. Who do you think won? Who do you think had better tactics? Tell us in the comments below.

13 Responses

  1. It’s a draw.


  2. No its not a draw


  3. Good post, I can see you becoming a great reporter in the future as this is only your second post. Some more tips:
    1.) It was UK friendly, but you should note it was on a Sunday which meant most USA could come to the event.
    2.) When saying the size averages, don’t copy what the army says as it tends to be inaccurate (although in this case it is accurate). Study the pictures and put what the size ranges were from what you saw, you shouldn’t really say what the army thought they got.
    3.) Well structured, maybe get some interviews with an IW to make it longer and get a good balanced view if you can. A bit more detail here and there and the post will be great.

    If you keep this improvement up, you could be the next CPAC head. Good Job! 🙂


  4. That was another 1 minute read again.


    • You part of the site? If so, I know. It’s only a battle report and most of the IW people are never interested in interviews. If you aren’t part of it, big talk. I’d like to see you do something. I’ve only started for God’s sake.




  6. hey iw, you call that 35? look at the picture where they are at the pool. that is obviously around 20 because they are stretched out to the max. shadow troops definatley won


  7. Everytime Sub Zero is attacked the Ice Warriors always muster up everything they have, only a few times have armies been able to sucessfully and decisevly take the capital. Then again this happens with most long-living armies and their historical capital, but Sub Zero is something special, IW never seems to fail to inch out a win.


  8. We had to avoid being in the same room at the same time because then the army who got in the room first would just have the advantage because the second army would get troops locked out
    And in these times 5 – 7 penguins means a lot


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