ACP and Light Troops Agree to a Cease Fire

On November 26, 2012, the Army of Club Penguin and the Light Troops agreed to a cease fire until December 24, Winter Break.

This was an unexpected move by the Light Troops, them being the ones who requested the cease fire. But why? Well, earlier that day, Light Troops Leaders Roberto and Ioioluk made an announcement that they were going on leave until Winter Break, making Spiderguy22 the temporary leader until then. Before leaving, Ioioluk declared a cease fire with ACP due to him and Roberto being on leave. Based on my guess, they were afraid the Light Troops would not do as well as they would with them, and they would lose the war. What will they be doing during the cease fire? According to newly appointed leader Spiderguy22, “We (Light Troops) will be recruiting and training, and basically trying to stay alive.” When asked how he thinks the Light Troops will do without Roberto and Ioioluk, he said “Well, if the troops are active, we should be able to at least maintain 15+.”

The ACP have posted a short but elaborate post on the cease fire. It states that each server either army has won will remain in their possession until the cease fire ends. However, ACP claims they’ve lost no servers to the Light Troops, but have won 4 servers themselves. Even though there is a cease fire in effect, the ACP are anything but done with this war. Though the Light Troops are not invading, the Pirates still are. Would War VI seems to be far from over, even after the removal of half of the Black Alliance.

This cease fire may become an important part of World War VI. Without the Light Troops, the Pirates are left alone to fight for themselves against the ACP. But with Waterkid back in the Pirates, they could easily rise and defeat the ACP, who are still struggling to regain their previous perch at Number 1. But could the cease fire bring an end to the war? By the time the Light Troops return to World War VI, the war may very well be over. However, we will have to see how the holiday month of December plays out. Will the Light Troops die without Roberto and Ioioluk to lead them? Will the ACP crush the Pirates and end the war? What do you think? Leave your comments below. Until next time.

Auf Weidersehen,

Zak, CPAC Editor In Chief


15 Responses

  1. Boom


  2. eh pirates will just invade at uk times like always


  3. It will be a bit close but pirates will keep the war I’m sure of it


  4. Auf Wiedersehen is German :O :O :O


  5. Hey ACP! feels good to be back. so i have to say something and this applies to all the members of the army community who this name has gotten angry. my little borther and i share this penguin account. my bro is ten and im twelve. and since around the end of september my brother has been using this penguin name and my account because i took an honor to go to thailand for a mixed martial arts national youth tournament. but i have returned. now yes i know lots of you are not going to beleive me, or think im lying, which is perfectly understandable, but trust me i am much nicer than my little brother and you will learn to notice that based on my comments. so the bottom line of this post is a very big apology for whomever my brother may have offended. i will be posting this on all the army sites i visit as well. so again i understand if you dont beleive me but in time im sure you will. thank you and its great to be back home


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