Leadership Turmoil Arises in Newly-Restored Pirates

On November 12th, Waterkid100, then-Leader of the Pirates, announced his intention to retire, stating that he planned to spend his time working on his army news website CPWN. Tensions quickly rose between the new leaders and Waterkid himself. William112 referred to Waterkid as a “bully”, prompting Waterkid to retire immediately, putting Coolster114 in power, along with Thalia and William112. Only two days later, Coolster announced he had no interest in leading the Pirates, and retired immediately.

This is where things begin to fall apart for the Pirates. Waterkid, frustrated by the lack of performance from his former army, effectively shut down the Pirates after a mere 3 days under the new leadership, announcing that they would return in December. Apparently Waterkid could not wait that long, and brought the army back, announcing a series of invasions against ACP and MW. Given the current state of the Pirates and the direction of the current World War, this is a near suicide mission which Waterkid has signed up his army for. Thalia, an actual leader of the Pirates, released a post later today visibly frustrated by Waterkid’s attempts to control the army and the soldiers’ lack of response to anyone else.

The post is very short with a fairly generic message, excerpted below.

This post is about believing and sh** in CPPA.

Currently, CPPA troops believe in Water as their only leader.

I’m not saying this isn’t right, but troops need to have faith in each other, and the higher ranks as well. This is all I need to say. Thank you.

– Thalia

What is most interesting about this post is not what Thalia wrote, but rather the image she included in her post.

This picture was included without reference or description, and has been raising eyebrows

There are a number of surprising things about this image. The first is that is does not portray Waterkid in a positive light (at all). Waterkid is captured as visibly angry with the Pirates lack of initiative, asserting that without him, the army does nothing.

Among Waterkid’s criticisms is that the Pirates do not seem to recruit, for which he openly calls the Pirates soldiers lazy, and he orders them to post the chat link on Riffy’s chat (a Club Penguin cheats/tracking chat). While there is no provision in Club Penguin Armies that outright forbids this behavior, recruiting on other Club Penguin chats has been banned by CPAC during nearly all tournaments, and is looked upon as the cheapest form of recruiting by some, and downright cheating by others.

So what do we make of this situation? Clearly Waterkid does not trust any of the leaders who are currently in power. Possibly more relevant is what type of impact this is having on the Pirates as a whole. If an army’s foremost figure does not trust the leadership, what hope is there that the soldiers will follow their orders? Is Waterkid’s control over the Pirates necessary to keep them running, or is his demeaning criticism of the leaders crippling the army’s ability to grow? Now that both William and Thalia have spoken out against Waterkid’s behavior, will we see Waterkid attempt to take back his army, or will the current leadership stand up to him and demand they be giving the opportunity and space to properly lead the Pirates? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


22 Responses

  1. Very good Post Boomer!


  2. It’s called cheating when Pirates do it, but it’s called skill when Icey does it every day. Nice logic CP army soldiers.

    Boomer: I don’t personally call it cheating, but I think we should really get together and consider banning it for all armies. It’s a pretty cheap way of getting recruits and is contrary to everything armies have worked hard for in the past. That goes for SWAT, ST, DW, IW, and apparently Pirates just to name a few of the worst culprits.


    • @Boomer’s edit
      CP recruitment is pretty hard these days, we cannot rely solely on people googling ‘club penguin army’ and buying advertisements on CP cheats sites isn’t that effective. Why should we restrict ourselves from flourishing to ‘respect everything armies have worked for in the past’ when our community is waning? Are we more concerned with the past than the present? Personally I think chat recruiting is fine as long as you don’t lie to the person.


    • How are you supposed to get recruits if you don’t recruit off tracking chats? This isn’t the time when you were leading ACP, Boomer. It’s near-impossible with the players on CP getting younger and dis-interested and armies are on a huge fall, Club Penguin also has WAY more filters. All forums are shut down so you cannot recruit off of that. Non-chat recruiting methods will only lead to armies maxing five. If you mean stealing from other armies as ‘chat recruiting’, 80% of our troops have never been in a CP army and 90% are only in ST or ST and one other army.


    • The skill was in regards to Icey’s twitter recruiting, idiot


    • @Bommer’s Edit

      So you’re saying that chat recruiting from a Club Penguin chat is cheating? Its the best way! You KNOW that all the people there play cp.


  3. thalia shouldnt be in charge, she knows nothing and never used to come to events.


  4. Chat recruiting should be allowded during tournaments. All armies should have the right to recruit in whatever method they are most comptfortable with.


  5. The thing is, without chat recruiting, where do cp armies in general get the most recruits? And really, if Waterkid wants things to happen in Pirates without him, he at least needs to give them a week…


  6. And, of course, my comment was immediately marked as spam. Good going, internet.


  7. Pirates will not rise without Waterkid. It’s simple.


  8. u guys are idiots waterkid is tryin to make the army lose


  9. The second choice in the first poll is obviously ACP-hogged

    Without waterkid, pirates will die. << Truth.


  10. Off of my observations, Waterkidd is quite the noob. Case closed. Go home kids.


  11. ok boomer, whenever i do something in pirates you just happen to post about it, who in ACP is paying you to do this? and this post is wrong

    >I’m leading Pirates now
    >I’m the only one with power
    >Invading MW and ACP is not a suicide attempt

    stop looking for ways to make me look bad, i’m cring.

    Boomer: At the time I posted this you weren’t leader, and your ranks page still lists you as “Video Maker” with Max43810, William112, and Thaila as leaders.


  12. Ugh, I just don’t like how people follow him when he’s obviously extremely mean, unfair, and treats himself as some kind of God. I’ve never seen a personality-cult dictator in CP armies, but to an extent, the Pirates have one.

    I can get over the constant abuse of ACP and meaningless genocidal wars against our “noobkind” but the fact that the pirates follow him, through thick and thin, being heavily abused, just makes me feel sorry for them 😛


  13. wow some people must really hate me. Not mentioning any names, Gwen. Actually I did attend events, its just my penguin name is nothing like my xat name and err you left so you cant talk 😛


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