Light Troops and Army of Club Penguin Continue Their Rivalry


World War VI is still on and it seems that Light Troops and Army of Club Penguin, have yet again waged war . They logged onto Snow Angel  at a UK friendly time. What happened? What was the outcome?

During the battle, ACP maxed between 15 – 25, averaging 15 while on the contrary,  LT maxed around 18 – 25. (Note that the pictures below are from LT’s and ACP’s website and sorry for small pictures).

LT’s leader Ioioluk had to say this (website) :
“Today we whooped ACP’s asses on Snow Angel, we beat them so bad they had to tell SaW to take out my internet 5 minutes before the battle ended… lol.”

They claimed to have won, but so did ACP claim to have won, with leader Kingfunks saying:
“Today we won SNOW ANGEL……”

So,it seems that both Light Troops leader Ioioluk and Army of Club Penguin Kingfunks, both claim to have one the battle. Well, what do you think? Tell us your opinion. Who do you think won the battle? Who had better tactics? Who had bigger sizes?

Hello there! My name is Pikachu and I am a new member of the CPAC staff. My first post may be very basic and useless, but I shall be trying my best to make it as informative as possible. I will be working according to EST time. I also am not very good at the complex text formatting, so please bear with that.

9 Responses

  1. Sorry for such a stupid post. I don’t understand how to put a grey box around the text and all, someone please teach me!


  2. Some Tips:
    1.) Don’t introduce yourself first, put the introduction paragraph at the bottom of the post as CPAC’s aim is to be formal.
    2.) If an army has a range, then the average will be in the middle of that range (15-25=20, 18-25=21).
    3.) Don’t stretch the pictures, put them back into the right size so the post looks better. Also, add annotations to the pictures.
    4.) Before you start the results, go into the background of the battle and why this occurred.
    5.) Try and get some interviews, one from both side would be best, to see what their views on the battle were. If you can only get one side, that doesn’t matter too much.

    I’m assuming this is you’re first news post (or you’re first news post at a high standard of CPAC) so this was a good start. Most people start out like this, in fact my first post was similar to this one. You will get better if you work with my tips and this post was a good start for a new reporter. Good luck at CPAC.


  3. In my opinion it was almost draw, but ACP won. Unfortunately for us (I’m in ACP), LT are strong and powerful, and that’s why we cannot disregard them.
    I think also that WWVI is not coming to end – in my opinion, LT will be fighting to the end, like a few months ago, in another war with ACP. I hope the end will be the same 🙂


  4. Dude,In this war there wasn’t a draw but Unfortunately I say that Light Troops has won this war because they had alot of troops online during the war.


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