Operation Blackout

Club Penguin Herbert has the newest party just released. Operation Blackout. They really made this one a series party with the music being all serious, Herbert actually destroying the EPF and taking over. He must have read World War 2 history books because it is all Hitler-looking with the banners. Now to the party itself. This party is an extended release party which means you get new stuff every couple of days when the release the next part of the mission. The missions are as followed.

  1. Get a disguise and infiltrate the Lair, when you enter the lair you will need to bypass level 1 security.
  2. Use your grappling hook to pull the switch to open the door. Get level 2 security.
  3. Agent dot has been kidnapped. Use your laser cutter to break through the locked door and get to the 4th chamber. At this time you will see the laser and locked agents. Get level 3 security.
  4. Agent Rookie has been Kidnapped. At this point you will be given a vest to reflect lasers and you will need to get through the laser grid to get Level 4 Security.
  5. Jet Pack Guy has been kidnapped. You will now get some Infrared goggles to get through the smoke.
  6. The Director has been kidnapped. You need to get the lava boots and head over the moat and disable the Device.

The rooms themselves that we use have changed not a single bit except the Dock, Beach and Ski Village. The rest of the rooms are darker, having heavy snow and have music playing which is really good. The Everyday Phoning Facility is still able to walk into but it is destroyed. The town and Plaza now have huge statues of Herbert along with banners and red lights. Each day the island gets colder and darker, and is reaching critical levels to where no one can survive.

What I think about this party is that it is dark and serious. It has a sense of urgency due to the fact the place is getting darker and colder. Course this party is the perfect excuse for two other events. One is the conversion of the Field to the Rink. The other is Card Jitsu snow, which we have waited for since 2010 when water came out.This party, is the end of old Club Penguin, and the beginning of the new.

We also find out who the director is, and I have known it since day 1. The director of the EPF is…

Clues to help show off that The director was who the director was, would be the hidden messages in the time, how she says she is good at System defender, how she knew about all this the entire time. Besides only the chief editor could be able to slip in those hints in the times since she was the only one able to.

Interview with Magma781, IW 3ic

What are your opinions on Operation Blackout?

Operation Blackout is just one of Club Penguin’s many schemes to get us more interested and keep playing Club Penguin. For instance the free items they lure us in by and the adding of Herbert to the game all used to have us keep playing. Basically as long as we’re interested Club Penguin will survive.

What about the party itself, the look and feel.

The Party seems, fun. They really improved the outlook of parties as it seems somewhat, it makes you feel like you’re in a new game. Though it feels gloomy,it’s really interesting how they changed this one up into something Club Penguin hasn’t really seen before. Overall a big step from where Club Penguin was.

You do realize they finally announced who the director has been since 2005?

I do believe it is Aunt Arctic if I’m wrong?

Yes it is official. Aunt Arctic is the Director.

You couldn’t go wrong with the glasses.

Well it was pretty obvious. The Secret Agent glasses. the PSA and EPF hints in the Paper.

Mhm and don’t forget the buddy system up date. If you typed Aunt Arctic in the Chat bar it would say “Aunt Arctic is the Director”

Anything else you want to say about this party, which I think is the best one this year.

No that pretty much covers it, it will probably top the Christmas party. Who knows if they have any other surprises.

Rory is Aunt Arctic’s Boss.

—————————————————————-Event Pictures—————————————————————-

Pictures of the event. Pardon the fact they are all mixed up.

—————————————————————-Final Opinion—————————————————————-

I had a couple of days to look over the party and think. This party is good, best I have seen this year. My reasoning is that it is friendly to all members, whether they are paying or not. With the exceptions of a couple of rooms this party is good for fighting, and I think that it is a step in the right direction to making parties. It has lasted for a while and it still has another week or so left.

What made Club Penguin fun for nonmembers is that the biggest differences between members and nonmembers were clothes and fancy igloos. We didn’t need either and to this date, all coins I earn I donate to coins for change since I don’t buy stuff or get membership. Now we have rooms for members such as the underwater cavern, The Water Dojo, and The Fire Dojo. Heck when we were interested in the game the games were open for everyone. Stamps came along and we kissed that freedom good-bye. We have member only levels and member only games. the Dance game is fun multiplayer, but too bad only members can play multiplayer. Now I have probably ranted enough as is so I will shut up for now. See you when Card Jitsu Snow or the holiday party is reveled or when arctic white becomes an official color.

15 Responses

  1. This is a club penguin ARMY website, not a club penguin blog, please, lay off this nonsense, its not news.


    • Woton approved of it, and it isn’t something coming out every day. It is a post, something this site needs. If you think you could do better and come up with better ideas to keep site active talk to blue1 or blue2.


    • Its a good post though, so suck it.


  2. Better than my post.


  3. stupid


  4. >Penguins that live in antarctic regions
    >Die when exposed to too much cold and darkness, which is the usual antarctic climate


  5. Whoa, seriously? The director is Aunt Arctic? Wowzah.


  6. I like it when CPAC posts about CP stuff. My friend Aerwghy always told me, as early as 08, that AA was The Director but I never believed him. CP’s secrets are being revealed one by one – the only secret left is the one nobody cares about, ‘who built the Mine Shack’.


  7. You know what’s weird? CP have been planming this party for at least a year. Anyone remember the video CP released not that long ago about what it’s like to work there? For a split second it shows a guy working on a computer which says Operation Blackout on it. It also showed a picture of Klutzy with some kind of rocket thing (probably an early draft of Blackout).


  8. I’ve seen that Aunt Arctic thing coming for years. It’s just something Club Penguin would do. There were plenty of minor characters they could of used, maybe even a new one, though a minor character would be better.


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