Shadow Troops Return

The legendary army the Shadow Troops have made their long awaited return to the army community, led by some of their former leaders and already averaging great sizes. To find out more about the return, I sat down with some of the pioneers of ST’s new generation.

Table of Contents


1. Back From the Shadows

2. Interview with Coff, ST Leader


Back From the Shadows

On November 23, 2012, the Shadow Troops made an early return to the army community, having formerly slated their return for the first of December. The army is led by former leaders Vetsd, Coff, and Ziro, along with Snow Nick, who led the Parkas army with Vetsd before the Shadow Troops. The army had been planning to recieve servers from the Nachos immediately following their return, but due to complications the Nachos have held off donating those servers until the army’s original return date of December 1st.

In ST’s return speech, Vetsd promised that this time would be different, citing that multiple generations before this have failed time and time again, but that ST would not fall this time. He explained to his troops that this time ‘wasn’t about getting a high placement in the Top 10- it was about forming a bond with each and every troop’. Here is a highlight of the speech, the full one can be read here.

We are not quitters, and will not back down from any army no matter who they are or how big they are. We will NOT let our troops or the army itself get bullied by another army, so you do not have to worry about that. No army will be in control of us, the support of our loyal troops will determine our destiny. If we have no servers left, we will continue invasions until we gain them back. We will not give up. We are resilient. We are Shadow Troops.

The army has already had some extremely impressive sizes, already reaching 27 at their first unscheduled event, seen below.

The ST have also made a very bold move in making a declaration of war on the Army Republic. Following the declaration, formers AR leaders Vinny and Sliper returned to the army, and the AR is also looking for many other retirees to return. The first invasion is scheduled to take place on November 25th.


Interview with Coff, ST Leader

Blue1: Hey.

Coff: Hi.

Blue1: So, what are your feelings on ST’s early return?

Coff: My feelings toward the Shadow Troop’s return contain blissful feelings. We are training very hard and recruiting successfully within 72 hours of our first battle. (hello)

Blue1: How do you think ST will fare in the war with AR?

Coff: I think the Shadow Troops can pull out a win if we continue to do what we are doing and perform our tactics like we have been doing in the past 72 hours.

Blue1: What are your opinions on ST’s leadership?

Coff: I think the leadership of the Shadow Troops is excellent so far. Everyone is working together and putting 100% into the Shadow Troops. We have strong chemistry between all four leaders. Especially within the ownership of the Shadow Troops, including 2ic and 3ic are only in the Shadow Troops and helping out tremendously again.

Blue1: Any final comments?

Coff: My final comments are… (hmm) I don’t have any final comments. (shifty) Can’t think of anything good.

Blue1: Thanks for your time, always a pleasure.

Coff: [Thank you.]


So, what do YOU think? How will ST fare after starting off so strong? How will the war with AR turn out? Comment with YOUR opinion!


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15 Responses

  1. 1st


  2. st will do great i just know it (camera1230 st.2ic)


  3. ST is doing awesome plus in tht pic i see me with a green ring cause i’m tht person’s friend who took the pic XD and yes coff does have a good connection with meh


  4. Just watch…


  5. So, will this war be a friendly war?


  6. Waiting for Camplazlo to rant on about how ACP is better…


  7. Dia is blocking my penguin in that pic… im ST mod 🙂


  8. AR won the defense


  9. hey guys im new im from S.w.a.t and DW my name is djmaster937


  10. my real name is danny i come on cp SD good look for today


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