Battle of the Berg || Bullying in Armies



On Friday, November 23, 2012, the LT and ACP fought on Berg. When the LT checked, they claimed that Berg was filled, so instead they went to Klondike. The LT then had a Ulead session and at the end they claimed that they won, for the “no-show”.

On the other side, the ACP claimed that Berg was 4 bars full, so they continued on that server. The ACP went into several rooms and did tactics. At the end, ACP claimed they won, so it was a draw.

There wasn’t really a battle. In size, the ACP were bigger, but it still didn’t count because they weren’t on the same server.So who do you think won? Comment below!

Press here for Part 2. 


This is serious. People are dying from it, and once you get home from a “Hell Hole” it happens again, online. (This content contains language.)


Most people in the world and most people reading this must have got bullied in some point of their life. I am not just talking about the CP Army world, I’m talking about Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, 4chan, blogs, forums, and so much more. The bad thing is, is that if you don’t know the person, there is no way to stop them (only the law, if the events go to extreme). And no, it is not an excuse if someone is a “noob” to cyber bully them.

I reckon that most of you here heard about Amanda Todd. Some people hateful people dance on her grave saying that she was a b****, a s***, a w****, and many more hateful things. How would you like it to be in her previous position?

Even in the safest armies in CP, cough*, ACP, cough*. I was even bullied in CP armies myself. So I’ve decided to interview some people and ask how they think cyber bullying affects CP armies.

Question:  How do you think bullying affects CP armies?

Bluesockwa2: I suppose in any circle it pervades to an extent, but we’ve had few major cases of ‘bullying’. Maybe being that we are armies, fighting and flaming is tolerated and accepted until a point.

Antant:  It affects really greatly and I see it everyday on chat. I hate it when people bully others, but there seems to be no solution to put a stop to it, even in the real world.

I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to get that much people. I really hope you don’t cyber bullying and I hope that if there is cyber bullying in your army, you report it. Comment what you think below!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Comment below what you think!

35 Responses

  1. >Bullying
    You must be new to the internet.


  2. >Bullying
    You must be new to the internet


  3. Scumbag site doesn’t show your “duplicate comment” until you make another one.


  4. Bullying… I made a post about this in December, and a better thing to report on might be the Shadow Troops’ return.


  5. The infamous noob reporter returns!


  6. how can you be that socially-awkward that you get bullied in the one place that the socially-awkward kids come to socialize


  7. i bet galaxie gets bullied


  8. As someone who was abused… you’re a goddamn pussy.


  9. i assume most of you are in middle school or high school. i also assume that most ppl playing CP armies are a little socially awkward. thats fine everythings temporary give yourself room to grow up.but what i really cant stand is people like ioioluk with all of his posts against the ARleader that was cyberbullying and that was messed up and he wouldnt stop for days its like your only talking big because your behind a screen like alot of these kids talk. me no. i would be ashamed to know those kids in real life and if i did god help them they would never talk trash to me over the internet. bullies want to feel power and show off like theyre some kind of supreme ruler like ioio. thats why the LT is weakend by that and thats why the ACP is going to win this war. i know bullying i got into a huge rumble with a load of bullies last year.FYI if anyone wants to hear the story PC me on ACP or IW chat. and im waiting for the LT soldier or rex or some other kid to comment on this and tell me how i dont know anything or how i suck dude go ahead im never going to care about you think or what you say to me for these reason: 1. i dont know you in real life this is a video game and if your that much into it than you need some friends. 2. you dont know me so the insults you make against me dont get to me at all they make me laugh like you dont even know because i know your wrong. and 3. your probably a weak spineless nerdy socially awkard high school kid who would be dead afraid to ever say something like that to my face. sometimes man peopleget so into this they start doing bad in school and they lose focus of the real world and its alittle weird. so anybody at all who wants to make a comment on this dude go for it man because im not coming back to check this i want to say what i need to say and if you have a problem with it dont raise to me because if you dont know me, or youve done this to me before, im going to laugh my butt off throw it right back in your face and walk awa with a huge smile of how immature you really are. alright good post btw pce


    That is all.


  11. Galaxie, the results part of the post was woeful.


  12. ”i got bullied myself” yeah, probably from me. Anyways ACP isn’t the ”safest” army in CP, I think Light Troops is way more safer because ACP troops always get teased on, I mean look at Pengy and Camplazlo. ACP is not safe.


  13. why is everyone making a big deal out of amanda todd i mean there are other kids who did sucide due to bullying so what makes amanda todd different.


  14. If you’re letting someone bully you over the internet, and you’re not doing anything to prevent it, you probably deserved it.


  15. I believe bullying is a good thing.


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