Legends Battle(Animated Series)


A new form of entertainment is going to be introduced to CPAC, I ‘m glad I had the opportunity to attempt an animated series on CPAC.

Read more for further information:

A few months ago Kappn and I liked to make animated stick figure fighting clips, so Kappn struck up the crazy/potential idea to change the stick figures into penguins and make Club Penguin army war animations.

We’ve evolved with our animating over the long stretch of time and after many series that we’ve completed we wanted to start sharing them with the CP army world. A minorly famous series made by Kappn was LT’s uprise series.

We meeted up with CPAC head Bluesockwa1 and showded him a few short clips, and we told him that if we had the chance, we would make videos for CPAC every week and he considered it.

We’ll be doing a Legends Battle series and basically we take 2 legends. Study the armies they’ve led, and their personalities, etc. We add up the results of whos army would be the most notorious if fought in a war, then at the end we make the 2 legends fight it out and the one that wins will be based off the results we got from both of the legends army history.

Here are the first videos that will played on CPAC:

(This video has mature language, we did our best to censor the words, if you aren’t comptfortable with censored language don’t watch this video)

This is our first video of this series so the results might not add up correctly.

Person Vs. Oagal(Kappn’s video)

Iceyfeet Vs. Fever(Roberto’s video)



No judging please!

Stay tuned for our future videos that hopefully we’ll be sharing with CPAC!

20 Responses

  1. Epic!!


  2. You put my name as Sidie8 on the credits of the last vid instead of sidie9. Lol.


  3. Rob, no offense but you should be more realistic. Oagal would beat Person


  4. You should of done Pink Mafias vs Oagalthorp, but oh well, put two people from different era’s to fight…..


    • I can do that, also I did a Commando Vs. Pink Mafias bit but it was to innapropriate for CPAC, you can watch it at my youtube channel @KorronLegacy


  5. EPIC!!!!!!


  6. u should do me (d)


  7. I have a good idea. Waterkid vs Funks


    • Funks isn’t a legend Hes brought ACP down to the smallest I’ve ever seen. no offense to him but in my own opinion he isn’t a legend. He’s a legend and an inspirational leader in his own right


  8. Me vs Me :O


  9. Waterkid vs Oagal


  10. I think that Kappn took a great deal of time into creating these videos, and these are by far the most advanced videos I have seen, so excellent job, They are fun to watch too. Just a few flaws in the videos:
    Person never actually lead during Oagal’s time. In fact, before Oagal retired Zippy was leading the Nachos. Only if you count WW4 when Oagal returned for a week, You could have done Pern vs Boomer.

    Nice job Kappn.


  11. Sounds like a great idea!


    • Comfortabl y, the article is rlealy the freshest on this notable topic. I concur with your conclusions and also definitely will eagerly look forward to your incoming updates. Simply saying thanks will certainly not just be adequate, for the extraordinary lucidity in your writing. I will quickly grab your rss feed to stay privy of any kind of updates. De lightful work and also much success in your business dealings!


  12. Pink vs Oagal coming soon 🙂


  13. The amount of MS Paint in these videos is too damn high.

    If you’re going to get serious about animating a series, do yourself a favor and torrent a version of Adobe Flash Pro if you’re too poor to afford the actual thing. With Flash, you can do much smoother animations. If you combine Flash Pro with Photoshop or Illustrator, you’ll have some (somewhat) beautiful pieces of art.

    This is just absolute shit. Though, Rob’s was better.


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