Empires [Riot Has Returned]

Hello, CPAC. After a little over a month of fighting with computer nerds and technicians over the littlest crap of fixing my junk of a computer (several viruses caused my computer to finally shut down), I have returned with a brand new computer, and a few stories to share. For one, don’t click pop up ads. For two, if a nerd tells you your computer is ruined, don’t accept it. For three, philosophy never dies.

I’ve missed a heck of a lot, it may seem, but I think I know everything that’s been going on. The Black Alliance, how it dissolved, Ek Retiring, World War IV, and several other things that just blotted the ink sheet since my disappearance. I tried updating via phone, and that crap is hard to do. But, Riot has returned, spare the applause.

My original plan was just to keep going with the Riot Journals, week 3 of which was planned to be about empires. However, that has changed for the moment as I plan to crack down on some serious philosophy. Empires fall all the time, but philosophy is here to stay. The age old story is this: scan sites before you go onto them, and try not to click on any pop up ads.

Now, for you dedicated philosophers out there, in case you may have forgotten me, I give you a couple of my old posts.

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Anyways, here is what I promised:


Not one world power in the history of the world has lasted forever, not even close to it. The Spartans fell, the Persians fell, the Mayans, Incans, French…if its in that thing you use as a pillow in history class,  then it eventually toppled.

Now, for quite some time, the same three or so armies have set the bar for, what, six years? However, just because we are in this Utopian-like Virtual World of colorful penguins and acronyms, the fact that empires ALWAYS fall does not skip over.

Though the glorious moments of any empire are forever etched into the golden book of History, many moments that caused empires to, well, vanish or topple, are simply forgotten.

CP Armies, a debatable topic, have always been notified as World Powers, a nice little synonym for “Empire.” However, all empires eventually fall. Not to be biased at all, but several well known armies that once held high positions in the top ten are gone. Look at The ACP, the marvelous army that dominated that Number One position for months on end. What number is it this week, 7?

Some Empires Last Longer than Others

That is true. Look at ACP and compare it to an army like the Watex Warriors. Or compare Ice Warriors to some other big fancy army that fell quickly [Insert Biased Army Name in Comments]. Empires need several things to keep living, well, until another army shoves them out of that fifteen minute spotlight into the Dark Alley Ruins of Forgetfulness.

The things CP Armies need to keep in mind would have to be

✓ Great Leadership – Leadership can be turned into either that nice guy everyone can talk to with the open door policy to that dictator who rarely logs on and keeps his troops at bay.

✓ Loyal Troops – Troops are the most important thing (debatable) to a great army. Without loyal troops, not only would your army be deemed corrupt, it would most likely not even make it to Stage Two of Army Development.

✓ A Trusted “Government” – If your leader is great, but your 2ic is corrupt, you might not have a chance at moving your army into an empire. Your 2ic might take his chance at you.

There is so much more an empire in CP Armies would have to do in order to live the longest it can.

However, Armies must focus on wars and (unfortunately) the dark abysses of depression that seem to plague armies every so often.

Leadership Empires

Leadership issues have brought down SO many empires. It ended the Romans, the Han, and thousands of others that I fell asleep through during History last year.

If you have a leader, and then another leader, and then another leader, and then another leader, and then another leader, and then another leader, and then another leader, and then another leader, and you look up at the calander and its been a week, then you must realize that something’s wrong.

However, even empires that have been led by one or two leaders their entire creation are bound to loose eventually because (the theme of this post if you haven’t figured out by now) is empires never last. You can only delay the dismay of misfortune, you cannot make it cease to exist.

So, there you have it. As the counter strikes down, I type these words. I am terribly sorry that It is not as long as I originally hoped, but I do wish everyone (who celebrates) a very happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. I will try to post a much longer, and thrilling post in the next week.


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  1. The almighty Riot has returned! :O


  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Riot!


  3. A post?


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