Top Ten Armies: 11/18/12 [RANKINGS ONLY] || Getting Back to Business

Blue1: SWAT has been added. Pirates have also been removed, as they are dead.

Another exciting week in World War VI, as the Black Alliance begins to fall apart and the war begins to near a close. Many armies have dropped this week, however, we see a new rise in some armies as they make their way higher.

Top Ten Armies


1. Nachos [+4] (87.57)

2. Ice Warriors [-1] (85.88)

3. Army Republic [+3] (83.25)

4. Light Troops [-1] (82.63)

5. Doritos [NEW!] (75.63)

6. Special Weapons and Tactics (73.63)

7. Army of Club Penguin [-1] (74.57)

8. Air Force [+2] (67.94)

9. Underground Mafias Army [-3] (58.94)

10. Ninjas [NEW!] (56.07)

Close to the Top Ten

11. United Countries of CP [+0]

12. Night Warriors [+3]

13. Chaos Army [-1]

14. Metal Warriors [NEW!]

15. Cabin Defenders [-1]


Those were the weekly Top Ten Rankings, written by Zak. Now, Bluesockwa1 here. I have a few things to say, and I greatly encourage you read them.

The thing that troubles me most when I take a look at this site is not that there are problems- that has, and always will sustain itself as a problem this site faces- but it is that said problem is so easily definable.  This site has had new highs in the views levels during the summer and during the school year- and for that I thank you; I am so grateful to all of you for the support and turn-out; those who have supported this site in the past hard months.

These months have been a time where media politics have reached an all time high, and where claims have been everything from internal administrator threats, to those that want us, as a media body, to “excommunicate” an army. Regarding that, I want to set the record straight right now. Seeing as this is a new era, it is time for new rules. We at CPAC report news. We do not ban, we do not excommunicate, we do not foolishly claim supreme ownership, we do not screw with you- in return you are expected not to screw with us, and we do not tolerate those who expect favors from us but do not return them. We are another body, we are not armies’ little pet, and we do not tolerate manipulation of any kind. We strive to provide you with the best quality news, and are solely focused on keeping our site active, not meddling in your affairs.

I have gotten this site its views back- that much is impossible to dispute- but this site has seen one of its greatest inactivity strings in a long time. If I felt comfortable stepping down, it would very possibly be a possibility in the near future. The problem is, I don’t. And this site cannot survive without myself and Blue2, let’s face it. Zak has been trying very hard to keep up with the work that has been given to him, and so has Funks, but they are major army leaders. Our reporters are either stupid, high, or just terribly inactive. And, what is more, we need new ones.

For that reason, I encourage you to get involved in this site. CPAC is, essentially, the army with the smallest ranks. It is easier, now more than ever, to achieve a high rank here, and, through that, to achieve a high rank in armies.

For a moment, I want you to picture armies without CPAC. Some of you may not like us. However, I would like to believe the overwhelming majority of this community would testify to the idea that without CPAC, without news sites- which is a principal we have embraced- that something would feel missing here. It’s like taking away the idea of emote tactics, or joke bombs. What do you have left when you remove your building blocks? An unstable foundation, perhaps not even one at all.

While this is all true, you may now be asking why I chose to speak to you tonight. I assure you that is coming. This is no longer a regular hiring era, this is a final plea for reporters. Without you, CPAC will die. I can get this site views, I can do as much as is possibly in my power to edit formatting, handle internal and external issues and report on news, but at the end of the day I cannot do everything. That’s been made clear in the failure of this site in the past few weeks. So if you want CPAC to continue to be a part of this community, get to work. If you have the drive, and if you have the talent, I can and will work with you. But only under those circumstances. If this continues, and if this site continues the way we are going, CPAC may be forced to close either indefinitely, or to undergo and enlightening period. Now, many of you, at first glance, may heartily support that, but I ask you to ponder it further before you jump to conclusions. CPAC has nestled itself into a never before occupied position in the world of armies. And, as the song goes, you don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone.


CPA Central CEO

21 Responses

  1. Can’t disagree with the natchoes being first


  2. Seems like a pretty good list, not really sure why Pirates are even listed though seeing as how they don’t currently exist xP


  3. Post more, there are so many battles you can post on, but only one of them gets posted. Find some loyal reporters, not reporters in it just to say that they were on CPAC. Personally, I would love to report for CPAC, but I am a co-leader in the Nachos and won’t have time for it. Also, please be on time with stuff. Don’t post a battle that happened 3 days before.


  4. I would probably for a job, but I would have to be some sort of philospher/reporter, but I’m lazy


  5. Keep this in mind for next weeks top 10


  6. lol Cabin Defenders still in it and no Night Divers. weird


  7. I would work here, but I’m just worried if I fail the readers…


  8. Why did ACP drop one when we tied against LT in every battle + we won one of them.


  9. warning LT is close to being dead


  10. Hmm… I would expect VCP (vikings of club penguin) here soon, since we max 15 and average 8-10.


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