Light Troops Battle Army of Club Penguin for Big Surf

As World War VI rages on, ACP and LT dueled in yet another battle.  Today, the two armies logged on to Klondike to battle for the server Big Surf.  The battle took place at a United Kingdom friendly time, so the battle mainly consisted of the two armies’ UK forces.  Who claimed victory?  How did the battle go?

During the battle, ACP claimed to have had 10-15+ in sizes.  LT claimed to have maxed 12 and averaged 10.  (Please note that LT did not post any pictures, so until they do, the pictures will be from the ACP site.  Apologies to the fact that the pictures are rather small.)

Below are some picture of ACP performing tactics.

In the end, both armies claimed victory.  ACP claimed to have dominated most of the battle, as stated in a post on their site:

The Light Troops averaged 10 and again only beat us in the last five minutes. Overall, the ACP dominated the battle and generally beat the LT to most things during the battle.

LT also claimed to have won in a short post on their site:

Hey guys! Today we beat ACP on Klondike for Big Surf, since it was full. We maxed 12 and averaged from 8 – 10 pictures will be posted soon!

When asked about the battle, LT leader Roberto replied:

Our tactics and formations were just way more precise [during] that battle.  Our sizes weren’t great, but we know for sure that we were the more organized army.

This battle still remains disputed between the two armies.

Comment with YOUR opinion on the battle.  Which army had bigger sizes and better tactics?  Who won the battle?  How will this affect the war?

-Tomato 8883 CPA Central Reporter

4 Responses

  1. You know what I freaking hate about any LT-ACP conflicts? Is that both sides (I honestly don’t care who wins) about 95% of the time say they win. Even though one side seems to have more of an advantage


  2. ACP, as good as they are, tend to be more disorganized because of two things, 1. the amount of people they usually have to move around, and 2. they have more noobs in their army because of their name. But as much as i like LT, THESE pictures that i see, show no reason for me to believe that LT came out on top, im sorry but i dont see enough evidence.


  3. i was there but i didn’t fight. the truth is, LT were more organized, but they had little troops and frankly little participation. they didn’t do much as a team. they did a few things together but mostly they did individual things. ACP were not organized, but stayed strong and had team work like armys should. if you ask me, ACP won that battle, and most of the small battles in it.


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