Hey There, CPAC!

Hey CPAC, my names Thomas0270 and I’m new staff to the site! I’m a former ACP 2ic from two years ago and now I’m back on this! I should be posting frequently and expect some WWVI news from me. I’m glad to be back into armies and even more glad to be on the CPAC team. Now I feel as though I should get into my first article, so here it is.

*PLEASE NOTE that in this article I am just stating as I see. I will be as unbiased as possible, but one simply cannot argue about bias in this article considering I’m known more as an ACP Legend than anything else.


 Recently, many feel as though ACP has been very rough in WWVI. An army who used to be number one every week is settling for a six spot that hasn’t shown anything more than just that. Lately, though, they’ve been having some problems. Personally I feel that they have been doing an absolute TERRIBLE with their times for invasions and such. I can understand why, because Kingfunks 4 is from the UK, but it seems that the timing has really just been in favor of the UK and not the US majority. These last two days on Monday and Tuesday they’ve been scheduling invasions at 2:00 EST, when everyone is at school. I just feel that a time like that is just poor of the ACP leaders to let fly. I went on the ACP chat today and asked some questions, and people say that it’s a “UK invasion”, but in reality I feel the idea is just plain dumb and unorganized. But also while I was on chat, it seemed like nobody was on. It was a very infrequent talking chat. I checked other chats to see if this was just something with the time, but other chats I checked like the IW and Nachos chat were smooth and steady. Will ACP ever get back on track? At this point you never know, but sooner or later it will become clearer and for the sake of ACP it better become a good clearer. What do you guys feel like? Leave a comment whether or not you think the ACP is capable of getting back on track.

Hope you enjoyed my first article!

-Thomas0270, CPAC Staff

4 Responses

  1. *wary* I’m not answering this.


  2. This sucks.


  3. This post is moreso philosophy, but you have good grammar. Try to stick with news, and try to make your posts a bit longer. It’s your first showing, so I expect mistakes.


  4. alright my bad bluesockwa…


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