Fighting The War On Misinformation

The recent World War has been arguably the dirtiest in army history, with cheap tricks and desperate actions off the battlefield playing a significant role. After a shocking post from Ioio on Sunday night, the Light Troops and Army Republic have found themselves locked in a new kind of war – a war of misinformation.

Misinformation could be defined in a number of ways. The traditional form is propaganda – releasing posts, images, and videos that are pro-you and anti-them. They are intended to be manipulative, persuasive but of a more malicious intent. They usually play off of exaggeration of current circumstances to sway public opinion one way or another.

This current war has caused a new form of misinformation to surface. While it is debatable which army is the root of this problem, this has become a war of outright lies vs. common sense. Never has this been as apparent as the past few days between LT and AR. Each section of this post will be broken into evidence reported by both LT, AR, and my own personal input. I will do my best to present all available information in a neutral manner while providing what I believe to be the most reasonable explanation.

Scenario #1:

LT’s Evidence:

The controversy began with a post made by Ioio of LT titled “Enough is Enough“. In this post, the LT Leader accused AR of paying SaW to DoS (to temporarily disable internet access) LT’s leaders during an event.

SaW appears to claim he was paid off by Kyle, current SWAT 3ic and former AR mod, to DoS LT’s leaders

LT appears to ask SaW if Tylund was DoS’d as well, to which SaW says yes

Ioio posts an image of SaW’s account in an attempt to verify the authenticity of the images

AR’s Counter-Evidence:

Shortly after LT’s post, AR responded with its own counter-argument titled “Response to Enough is Enough“, attempting to poke holes in LT’s supposed evidence. It began by assuring that Kyle was no longer in AR and had already been gone by the time any of this occurred, saying he was banned from AR chat as well.

AR posts an image of SaW denying the validity of LT’s pics, saying they were faked

AR provided further evidence through Unknown where he appears to admit to faking the images

AR also makes sure to include Unk’s account information in the same screen as the messages, a key piece of evidence which LT did not have (theirs was cropped to only include the ID, not the messages)

My Analysis:

By my judgment, AR has a significant advantage in this scenario, having provided evidence that included both SaW/Unk’s statements and his ID in the same image. I also investigated this on my own, the results of which are below.

After this story broke, I went directly to SaW to get his input, assuming that he would confirm LT’s claims. Instead, he stated that they were faked, citing the fact that Ioio’s “proof” that it was him was cropped to avoid showing the actual conversation.

I also followed up on AR’s claims that Kyle was banished from AR. Sure enough, the logs from AR’s chat show he was banned forever not once, but twice days before LT’s claims took place.

Who Is Telling The Truth?

AR’s claims hold true in both cases. SaW confirmed to AR, as well as to me directly, that the pics provided by LT were faked. Additionally, Kyle was banished from AR before this event took place, meaning even if the DoS attacks did take place, they would have been an act by SWAT, and not AR. Finally, the battles which LT leaders claim they were DoS’d during were never posted on the website despite me telling Ioio, Waterkid, and Tylund multiple times that they needed to defend. They clearly had no intention to fight any of these battles.

Advantage: AR


Scenario #2:

LT’s Evidence:

Ioio responded soon after AR’s post to provide more evidence to support his claims, including a conversation with Unk that he claimed proved AR had also held a secret meeting where the leaders agreed to pay SaW to DoS LT’s leaders.

The picture of Unk claims that SaW gave Unk an IP he claimed belong to someone else and told him to DoS it. The image included Unk’s ID for additional proof, however it seemed skewed to the right instead of directly in the middle of the chat as xat normally displays it.

LT provides another image from Unk claiming that he and SaW were at AR’s secret meeting chat where AR’s Leader A admitted to authorizing the DoS.

A pic from the supposed “meeting chat” where A apparently announces that SaW and Unk “are with us”

LT claims that this image is proof of A supporting SaW and Unk’s actions against LT, however AR has stated that A was merely reassuring a worried soldier that he was not in danger of being DoS’d himself. In both pics, the previous messages are covered up, which calls into question the validity since all context has been removed.

AR’s Counter-Evidence:

AR provided no further visual evidence against these claims, but talking to them directly did yield some logical arguments, one of which was A emphasizing the fact that the last two images were taken without context, and that the person whose message was covered up, Joemend98, had asked A if he was in danger of being DoS’d, to which A was assuring him that this was only happening to LT’s leaders, not AR’s soldiers. The other argument is summarized in the image below.

AR Leader Capncook cites Ioio’s own argument stating that the pictures were taken on AR’s secret meeting chat, however the background is clearly AR’s regular chat.

My Analysis:

After hearing from both A and Capn, I went back to Ioio for more information. Ioio informed me that the secret meeting from the pictures had occurred on, A’s personal chat. He claimed that A had deleted all evidence of the meeting after it occurred, including changing the background. I knew this to be a lie immediately because I had been to this chat recently and I knew that the background was a xat default background, not AR chat’s background. Further evidence below:

The chat was indeed empty when I arrived to check, and there was no evidence that a meeting had taken place. I can confirm that this is indeed the same background the chat had when I was last there, but if you don’t believe me, see below.

Ioio’s most recent claims can be further disproved by a simple check of the chat logs, which record all activity on the chat, are managed by xat itself, and cannot be deleted. The logs show that the only activity in the last month were Iceyfeet and myself being made owner a full week ago. In other words, it would have been impossible for a meeting to take place there.

Who Is Telling The Truth?

This one is a bit less straightforward than the first. LT’s evidence of a conversation between Ioio and Unk appears more valid than its first set of pictures, however the shape of the chatbox and location of the user ID are not typical of most users’ xat chats (compare Ioio’s image of SaW’s ID to mine), which calls into question whether or not the original images have been tampered with. Additionally, Ioio was caught in a bold-faced lie stating that the images of A (which do not really prove anything) took place on a secret meeting chat when evidence from xat itself proves that this meeting never occurred.

Advantage: Neutral [LT’s evidence is hard to disprove, however Ioio was caught in a blatant lie, which likely discredits the rest of his evidence]



In reality, nearly all of this was disproved as soon as it was verified that Kyle had been fired and banished from AR. In other words, the army that LT should be targeting is SWAT, where Kyle is 3rd in Command, not AR, who cannot be held liable for the actions of someone who is not even in their army. The real focus here needs to be Kyle, not AR’s leadership. Did Kyle order a DoS attack on LT’s leaders? It is hard to confirm this claim as both SaW and Unk have provided contrasting statements. This then falls to Ioio, who clearly felt very strongly about making sure everyone turned on AR.

What would be in it for him assuming this was all an attempt to frame AR? By citing the Anti-Hacking Bill, something Ioio has never been a strong supporter of, he was clearly trying to turn everyone against one of the primary armies attacking LT. If he were successful, all of the heat that is currently on LT as a result of a rashly-declared war would be transferred to AR and LT would escape a very difficult situation. Perhaps that is the level of desperation Ioio feels at this moment. One of the most inexplicable parts of this whole situation is that LT never posted any of the defenses which they are now using as the supposed DoS attacks as an excuse for. If LT had no intention of defending these servers to begin with, was this all part of the plan?

And yet this is not to say that Ioio made all of this up. It is more likely that this situation arose independent of the war, and when Ioio saw it was attributable to Kyle, he seized the opportunity and attempted to pin it on AR when it should probably have been attributed to Kyle’s new army, SWAT.

All of this ties back to the point I made in my last post. Is this what we want this war to be defined by? The hacking attempts, slander, and unrestrained hate for each other? The way I see it, if we continue down this path, we are headed towards a depression unlike anything we have seen. Fewer and fewer kids want to be associated with Club Penguin Armies now because there is no honor in the way we conduct ourselves anymore. We spend more time bickering and making threats than we do actually battling, or god forbid, having fun. We need to get back to our roots, back to the fun, back to what armies are supposed to be.

It’s not too late to stop the hate.


18 Responses

  1. inb4bias


  2. thanks for clearing that up boomer


  3. >LT owners are getting DDOSed
    >They are considered as the bad guys

    nice logic, Boomer. accuse the anti-ACP army no-matter what. This post would be so much different if AR wasn’t ACP’s best ally…

    Boomer: I didn’t say you were the bad guys, I said if you need someone to blame, it would be SWAT because that’s the army Kyle represents. I don’t believe you made all of this up, I’m just saying you’re taking it out on the wrong army. I’m still confused why you keep complaining about the events though, you never scheduled them and seem not to even be attempting to attend them.


    • If you were getting DDOSed at every battle you would’ve said something


    • Boomer, you did put up more points against LT than against AR, in fact you actually gave your own opinion that was against LT, but never gave an opinion against AR. I have to say you did sort of try making LT the guilty ones, but it’s understandable since you’re in ACP. Read the second paragraph of your second summary, and then please show me a paragraph where you actually go against AR.

      Boomer: What I attempted to do was show what was actually true. The first pic taken at AR chat of A was verifiably true, although out of context, so that’s one piece of evidence (somewhat) against AR. Both of the pictures of the chat logs were verifiably true in proving Ioio was not telling the truth on those claims. In all honesty, any number of the rest of the chat screenshots are not very good evidence because we don’t know if they were edited or not. I apologize if my arguments seemed to favor AR, but it was more so because it was easier to prove two of Ioio’s claims as false simply by checking chat logs.


      • Yeasy, have you considered that he put more points against LT than AR, because there is more points against LT? :O *SHOCK HORROR*


  4. Ioio’s posted the evidence before AR posted their defense, so SaW could have been paid to shut up after Ioio’s post.


    • But a lot of LT’s pics and statements seem tampered with (e.g. the meeting chat and every pic that showed the person’s ID either took it out of context or kept the ID and the conversation separate)


  5. There’s already a lot of ‘but what if’ and ‘but then this happened/could’ve happened’ going around here already, but honestly the reason some of you believe this is ‘biased’ against LT is simply because there is more substantial evidence against them than there is against AR. As Boomer showed, some of the LT evidence has already been disproved or appears to have been tampered with, further stacking the case against them.

    It’s not bias, it’s simply that there are more facts that say one thing than there are the other. And no matter who is telling the truth, the McCarthy trials of CP Armies need to come to an end, since this is all getting to be a ridiculous way to ‘win’ a war. We are trying more to break our enemies with fake pictures, Prnt Scrns, and the like than ever before, instead of just trying to beat them in a fair fight.

    What happened to trying to win a war with honor? Trying to win so you could say you fought a hard fight, but you pulled through in the end, and so your opponent can say that they also fought to their best, but were beaten fair and square. It doesn’t happen anymore. Instead, we flame back and forth, accusing eachother of a new ‘crime’ everyday with fake pictures, out of context images, and so-called proof. (And this isn’t just LT and AR at fault here, this encircles the entire community.)

    Why do you think we’re dying? Because no one in their right mind want to get thrown into this, armies’ most epic flame war.

    Boomer: I couldn’t agree more


  6. Good post. Fact, reason, and rationality are all used to prove the points stated in this post.


  7. personally ioio should have gone after swat


  8. boomers posts are pretty boss


  9. The war has been getting pretty dirty.


  10. Oh my god. I swear, you idiots think DDoSing is horrible. Instead of people saying they got “hacked” they immediately say they got ddos’d. DDoSing is basically traffic and and such. lrn2research. DDOSING IS NOTHING, IT’S BASICALLY FLOODING WITH TRAFFIC(LAG).

    Now about this pic:

    He says Saw ask’d if he wanted Protocol’s IP address, I’m friends with Protocol. Protocol has not been on for a while and if he got the IP address from a while ago, why bring it up now? #Lies

    Also, Unk can’t do anything. SaW buys tools from hackforums(skid forum) from what my sources tell me, and Ryan must be an idiot to associate with them.


    • ddos crashes your internet.


      • That’s nothing. You guys act like DDoSing is “so horrible” that the first thing that comes out of your mouth when questioning a hacker(in this case, a skid) “Did you DDoS ____” instead of the ‘ole “Did you hack ___”


  11. I’ve known Kyle for a long time and this doesn’t sound like him.


  12. Scenario #2 is advantage LT. You could have a meeting with the other chat members being guests and A could’ve simply changed the background.


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