AR elects new leader/ Capncook Interview

The Army Republic have recently elected a new leader; Capncook.  He plans to make some key changes within the AR, and must step up to the plate, when it comes to finishing off World War VI. He has alot of things that he needs to live up to, especially since AR has been very dominant lately. Will he be able to continue to help AR rise to glory? Or will he crash and burn?

Capncook was a former ACP, and being a former ACP, he already has good connections within the AR, due to the AR and ACP alliance. So far everyone in AR likes him, but many recent retirements, coups, leadership changes etc. have been hurting other armies tremendously. Capn may not be exempt from this, because it seems the original/long standing Leaders of armies have been the ones that seem to last these leadership changes in armies. Part of the reason for all of the coups, are almost like a domino effect, but slightly different. If one new leader comes in to power, whether they do good or bad, have a possibility of being couped by anyone. And when that happens, people get mad and greedy. And when that happens, people keep trying to ger revenge, or power by Couping the leader that comes into power. Usually it works to have very strict rules as a leader to prevent being couped, or keep your head low and only come on for events to lead. Being on chat too long can hurt, because then there is more time for people to hate you, and more time for you to possibly do something stupid. Hopefully Capncook reads this and takes from this to help prolong his leadership. Good luck AR


Here is an interview with Capncook;


Redd: What are your goals for AR now that you are leader?

Capn: My goal for the AR is for us to get out of the war, achieve the number 1 army on CPAC’s Top 10 consecutively, and sustain our placement for as long as I’m active in the CP army community and quite frankly for as long as the AR exists.

Redd: Have things been going smoothly within the AR since you became leader? Any problems?

Capn: Things are great and continously getting better, yes. The only thing im not too fond fond of right now is all of the “hacking threats” due to the war. It’s driving away troops in not just the AR, but all CP armies collectively.

Redd: What are your thoughts about the Black alliance, and World War VI?

Capn: I seek not to destroy our enemies (The Black Alliance). In laiments terms, I want them to make peace with the thought of “destroying the ACP” and focus on other more important things to make CP armies prosper. On WWVI, I am not a fan of all the bickering, but hey, thats CP armies right?

Redd: Final question, do you like cheese?

Capn: what kind of question is that!? (eek) Of course I LOVE CHEESE! I love it so much, I made my Xbox Live gamertag CHEESEINAT0R! (Nobody add me (xd))

Redd: ha ha, thank you for your time.

Capn: No problem, anytime Redd.

 Redd– Reporter/Philosopher

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