Ioioluk Calls for an Army-Wide Meeting

CPAC in no way endorses or sanctions the views of Ioioluk, the Army Republic, or the accusations proposed in this meeting. We report it as news and that is all.

This is Meeting is not necessarily about these accusations, but it is a possible suggestion.

Hello, Redd here, Ioioluk requested that I have this posted due to its importance. He is requesting leaders from armies Worldwide in the CP Community.

There was also another post on the LT site that talks about hacks towards the LT that are related to the AR “cheating” to get close sizes during events. Ioio has accused AR of hiring SaW to hack certain LT owners over a large period of time, and causing their chat size to decrease. He posts several pictures where he is talking to SaW about if he was hired by AR or not. SaW, admitted to being hired by AR. Whether he is telling the truth or not, is uncertain, but things do not look good for the Army Republic.

Ioio also stated in the post about the “AR hacking” that “Their crap will come to an end.” When I asked Ioio what the post was about, he somewhat avoided the question and asked me to post about this Meeting instead. He did not have time for an interview, and would not answer what the meeting was about. I guess only the leaders that attend will find out.

 AR also made a post disclaming the accusations made by Ioio, calling him disrespectful, and saying that the pictures that Ioio posted were fake. The AR also have pictures of the Rest of the Conversation, supposedly cut out from the posts of Ioio. And also SaW saying that those pictures posted by Ioio were fake as well.

Here is his post on LT:


“We will hold out a meeting for multiple CP Army leaders because I have some things that I want to discuss. Here are the times.





7:00 PM EST

6:00 PM CST

5:00 PM MST

4:00 PM PST

12:00 AM UK

Armies invited(each army represented by 3 people)

Light Troops


Special Weapons And Tactics

Ice Warriors

Underground Mafias Army



United Countries of CP

Night Divers

Chaos Army

Sky Troops

Cabin Defenders

Night Warriors

Rebel Penguin Federation

A maximum of 3 people will represent each army. If one of the 3 cannot come to the meeting then someone else will have to replace them.

Here is the Post on AR:

This was a desperate measure made by the disrespectful leader Ioioluk to ensure the destruction of AR without proper battlefield victory. I find this accusation more as AR being framed, too much effort went into that post such as FAKE screenshots and possibly paying users to say such, If anyother CP army leader is reading this, we’re not a problem nor a threat, this is just another failed attempt from Ioioluk.

Well, to begin you do think Kyle hired SaW do DdoS the LT. Well, I do not know who persuaded SaW, and you think this is of our doing. Well to start with, you believe kyle asked SaW. I do not know if he did or not, although you make the assumption Kyle is currently in AR. Mhm, well to begin, Kyle WAS in AR, until he quit about a week and a half ago. The ranks are severely outdated, although, if you do not believe me ioio Kyle is still banned from AR chat, as he joined SWAT when SWAT was still in the Black Alliance. He was then banned, and he is now known to be in SWAT. If you do not believe me ask kyle yourself. Or even better ask him to come to AR chat if you’d like. I’m sorry ioio but your accusation is false, we did not hire SaW to DdoS any LT, nor did any of our soldiers, please double-check before you make these accusations. Thank you.


P.S Here is some extra re-assurance. 

And Another Pic…. 

More on this subject as it comes.

-Redd, CPAC Reporter/Philosopher

36 Responses

  1. derp derpity derp




  3. Lol. I’m pro ok.


  4. Mmm… This is going to be exciting, I guess?


  5. wow…. ioio should seriously be on the re-make of Jersey Shore


  6. I’m sure AR also payed SaW to say the pictures were fake too………god that guy must be rich. Hey SaW wanna lend meh some money? 😉


  7. As I recall Ioio, when you asked us to post this, we said no. That means no, not ‘go ask a reporter’. I should delete this on that sole fact, however I won’t because it is partially a news post and not entirely an ad.

    Boomer: It’s only not an ad because I drafted it until he wrote something constructive (more Ioio’s fault than Redd’s though).


    • Blue, after hardly a post per 2 days and the top ten late AGAIN, you shouldn’t be the one criticizing this post. I can’t believe it, but I’m actually reading this as a normal post these days. If this would have happened 5 months ago, I would have skipped it since there were at least 10 other good reports and although Funks might have been biased in the top tens, they always came out on time, no matter what Funks had to do.

      Boomer: Top 10s always come out on Mondays (it’s not late), shows how observant you are [sarcasm]


      • Hmm, maybe that’s because Funks had the time to ‘do what needed to be done no matter what.’ I on the other hand, do not, and since B1 and I are pretty much running this site with no help from the staff right now, you’ll have to excuse this tragic offense.

        In addition, it is part of my job to provide constructive criticism to better the few posts we do have. So next time you decide to whine about something you have no business complaining about, check you facts first.


  8. hmm migh t not be able to make it but i will see 1 of my troops leaders if he can come


  9. So even small army leaders can come right?


  10. Sad this is LT’s last resort to try and win the war. Lying, and conspiring against AR.


  11. conspiricey


  12. Several ACP owners were ddosed by SaW when SWAT were in the war.


  13. why is saw getting all the xats

    whoever pays me can lead pirates pc me on SWAT or LT chat


  14. check the edit for anyone who thought I made this up…


  15. Remember how the Nachos faked pictures of me? Well, Ioio could be doing the same thing, you never know. Just putting out ideas.


  16. I’m representing ACP.


  17. >Takes pics of SaW’s ID
    >Doesn’t include the convo along with the ID


  18. Ohh gee another army community meeting, this will defitnatly fix the problems of cp armies 🙄


  19. the meeting isn’t even about the DDoS…


  20. No AR invited…?
    No, I’m not AR, but they deserve to be in the meeting…


    • Instead doing these pointless posts let us go to the meeting and explain are arguments like civialixed people

      Also saw just hangs at our chat to talk and ddos in me and a lot of Ar owners is quite dumb and useless also that pic of A saying that is not errelivqnt as evidence besides how do you know it’s Ar’s fault for this ddo of lt owners its not the first time Lt hasn’t pissed off people who apperantly can hack? Also why call 3 armies that want lt gone. Ioio you should just surrender before lt dies for good this time.


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