Black Alliance Dissolved

The Black Alliance, one of the main alliances in WWVI has dissolved and is now out of action. This came after Pirates officially announced a break until the 1st of December.

The Pirates had recently announced a break, meaning they would not be in taking part in the Black Alliance’s invasions. This was a major blow, as the Pirates were one of the key armies in the Black Alliance. With both sides weakened, this allowed many armies not in the war to gain sizes.

When the Black Alliance was announced dead, this came as good news to The Alliance, allowing them to take a break from the war and focus on getting their sizes back up. With both sides now expecting a few weeks of rest, it would allow new leaderships to fall into place. The Black Alliance made a post in their site announcing their dissolution.

 As of November 17th, I Weatherboy1, Strategic head of Black alliance, The Black alliance officially Dissolved of now. The last army making this an official alliance has been dissolve, making it only 1 army left. In my unbiased opinion I would say the Alliance was losing for the first 3 weeks until IW and Nachos intervene. After that, Armies one by one had left only Light Troops left, and in an honest opinion  They are losing the war and I expect them to surrender or call a truce within The alliance. However I would like to clear up one majorly misunderstood fact about BA. Our mission was to knock out ACP of main power. This has been slowly achieve (though not through 100% BA Controlled actions) throughout this year. We know for a fact that ACP cannot die, It will never happen. It like putting a leader out of power, Overthrowing them for a good word. In Contrast I did believe we could’ve won. This is my personal opinion not the entire BA, but I’ll say it once.

ACP you’ve won for now, but never say “We always win” and remember BA may return someday, Or not. With that folks, ACP I applaud you goodbye and I hope you take this in with good sportsmanship, Derp knows both sides could’ve used it, some more than others.

However, there was an edit later on made by Weatherboy.

Note: I’m only declaring it dead due to the fact that Pirates have dissolved, if the alliance does still exist in some form please notify me ASAP!

In this post Weatherboy says the reason the Black Alliance has dissolved, is due to the fact that the Light Troops were the only army left in the alliance. Weatherboy says how the Black Alliance may return someday, but it unlikely they return before the Pirates come back. Weatherboy also says how armies in the Black Alliance left one by one, and how he honestly thought the BA could have won the war.

It was stated that ‘Our mission was to knock out ACP of main power’. These wars have affected ACP sizes and have moved ACP down the Rankings in CPAC’s Top Tens. It could be possible that the Light Troops still carry on declaring war on armies in The Alliance, but they must have the Pirates help to form a very strong alliance capable of affecting armies like they did to ACP. Now that the war has most likely ended, I think armies on both sides will want to prepare for future battles. With Christmas coming around soon, it could be unpredictable to armies: A Rise or a Fall.

Comment with YOUR opinion! Do you think that the Black Alliance will return soon? Will this Christmas be a Rise or a Fall?

-Superoo13, CPA Central Reporter

22 Responses

  1. Looks like LT gets a free truce break again


  2. Not bad, not bad!


  3. Weatherboy is not even high ranked in the BA…


    • I know I am. I’m declaring it dead cause there is no Armies in the alliance left. Its only 1 army. But if say Pirates were to reform and rejoin December 1st, then the alliance is back. I know it’s very confusing. But thus far no one has tried to delete the post and I inform the public of our intentions and I did do that. If someone informs me that some other army is still in, I will take down the post. But as of right only 1 army remains in BA


  4. LOL well weatherboy i do remember you being on the ranks in ACP but you left for the black alliance? that doesnt scream traitor or anything dont worry…


  5. Why do you use a Shadow Troops custom when we’re not in BA. Like seriously. what image are you trying to put, that Shadow Troops are joining BA when we return? Not happening.


  6. LT’s going to keep fighting


    • And I’m fully aware of that. It’s just the term “Alliance” refers to two or more. And seeing all armies have been Hacked, shut down, and or left the alliance the term no longer is in use. However WWVI is still raging on


  7. BA is dead, for now…


  8. BA Forever………..


  9. in my option Lt is gonna die with ioio leading it into chaos


  10. dont read this post

    hes acp and hes gonna be biased




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