Retirements Across Armies in SWAT, Light Troops, and UMA || WWVI Takes its Toll

World War VI, as it is now being called by some, has taken a massive toll on the leaders of many armies. With a week full of coup d’etats, retirements, returns, and just all-out chaos, let’s have a look at how things stack up as the smoke clears.

As CPAC reported earlier in the week, most noticeably were the retirements of Ekpenguin9 and Waterkid100, leaders of the ACP and the Pirates respectively. But there was also chaos surrounding retirements in many other armies this week, and now that the smoke has cleared here’s a wrap up.

Special Weapons and Tactics

 SWAT began the week with the retirement of longtime soldier Unknown. They followed this with Cul’s stepping down from leader, saying:

[A]s you may know I was supposed to retire like 3 weeks ago because I’m moving to Australia but my plane got delayed because of Hurricane Sandy (New Jersey). So I’m retiring from leader for now; I don’t know if I’l[l] make an australian division or not but this is my goodbye.

Later in the week word came out that Ganger as well had decided to take a leave from SWAT, though there was no retirement post, only a brief mention seen below.

Ganger90: I can come on chat like I regularly would since my parents are gone for the night, they didn’t tell me where for some odd reason, but for today (November 15) I can stay on like regular, and I’ll recruit as many people as I can. […] Ganger is taking a break, and Cul has retired, leaving only me, Spi and Reece.

Unknown soon announced that because, following his retirement only days before, SWAT had quickly begun to fall, he would be returning to get them back on their feet. This was later found to be only for a single unscheduled event where SWAT maxed 27. Following the event, Unknown retired officially.

Hello, all armies

Today is the day I call a day on my legendary army career. It really has been a blast, even though I have been on and off in armies over my 3 year stay, but the times I have been here, it has been amazing. I am simply retiring because I do no longer have the love I had for armies, that is why I have been inactive, not because some stupid “I broke my laptop” excuse. I don’t know whither it’s because I’m motivation less, or just I’ve grown out of armies, not sure.


This whole flaming war, has probably destroyed my passion for armies, because there was one point where I didn’t even care if we lost or not during that war, and that is pretty bad, especially if you’re going to be leading an army like SWAT.

I would just like to clarify I WILL NEVER return to armies, I promise that.

I am not coming back, I know a lot of people will say I will, but I’m honestly not? Would I of typed this post other wise?

I will still be coming on xat, but not a lot, I will stick around for another while, but not for long.

Read the full post here.

This leaves SWAT with only two leaders as of right now, Reece and Spi. With their recent end to the war in order to get back on their feet, and a few unscheduled events that just might keep them in the Top Ten, SWAT is hanging on, but barely.


Light Troops 

 LT, as well, has not been immune to these retirements. Lord Pain, a highly controversial army figure, was the leader of LT until he was recently overthrown by Ioioluk. Pain had this to say about the event:

Greetings Light Troops,

Ioioluk overthrew me because he thought my idea of modding everyone who joined LT was stupid and power hungry, so I think he’s really evil and doesn’t respect me, because in my opinion that’s exactly what every army should do. I should maybe go join AR because they think the same way I do, so I will retire. Bye!

Good Bye and Good Luck- Lord Pain Former Light Troops Leader

Pain’s overthrowal seemed to have little effect on the army, with many of the comments on the post reading along the lines of ‘Good-Bye and Good-Riddance’. Ioio himself commented, saying:

I am glad you left Pain. Your ideas were horrible, and your way of looking at CP Warfare is s***.



Underground Mafias Army

And finally, we get to UMA. As usual, following what I believe were 2 separate coups, UMA was in chaos, so I apologize in advance if this interpretation of events is slightly off.

On Monday, Daniel/Eyes returned to UMA and posted this message along with a private post to the leaders:

Sup everyone my names Daniel or Eyes as you all know me by, last night changed, I don’t even remember how it happened, but what I can say is that Redd and Harv are in leadership and Coolster and Ben are out. This I am glad about, without offending Coolster because I have some respect for him, I tried to pull UMA out of the Black Alliance because I don’t feel this is helping the army any better from how it used to be.

It ended with me leaving the army, and Harv and Redd coming in and taking over. Ben f***** me over, just like he did to Pain, and he will be punished, not army wise, by me alone.

Following what appeared to be Eyes’ coup of the UMA leadership, things proceeded as normal for a time, with Cul, Redd, and Derek as the leaders. Cul soon retired, as he did in SWAT, saying:

As you may know I was only a temp leader to get UMA back on its feet and I somewhat succeeded. As I said a while ago, I was supposed to move to Australia on October 28th, well that didn’t work out. Hurricane Sandy came and you know.

This left Redd and Derek as the leaders. A 3ic, Skipper, posted his retirement soon after, which was quickly crossed over but still left on the site (I have restored it to original text for readability’s sake.)

I am retiring from uma for now but i may come back in a few months. I retired because I heard that it is being lead by a acp known as redd. I have nothing to say. But i know one thing Pink Mafia is very disappointed. This is all i have to say good bye and see you in a few months.

Oh one thing, Redd you had no right to demote ben and coolster. Coolster was uma leader before you. Respect the man for crying out loud.


It was not long before once again change arrived. Cul returned, and completely reworked the owner ranks, and fired Redd.

Yeah before I ago. I want to reach the goals I didn’t complete when I joined. In this generation, no overthrowing will happen. If there is a single problem with the leadership, the person who caused it will be banned and fired. Simple as that. Redd was also couped. :D


So yeah this is hoping what the ranks would look like:

Supreme Mafia Bosses: DereK, Harvin13 , Np3000, Trickster

2nd In Command: Teh Pie, Mach, Wwebestfan, Wgfv

3rd In Command: Bluesockwa1, Alfrondo , B Batman 3, Slip

As of now UMA is still reforming the ranks, and remains involved in WWVI.


 What do YOU think about the many retirements this week? Comment YOUR opinion!


29 Responses

  1. Now lemme watch ACP fall.


  2. boomb


  3. sup




  5. That UMA owners lineup would be like, the best ever.




  7. And while these armies bicker and fight, a new army rises to take over.


  8. Correction. Redd and Eyes thought they couped the leadership, but failed, after five days.


  9. Well… I’m thinking that WWVI may be coming to a close, I don’t know why but I feel like the war is going to end soon at this rate…


  10. i don’t get why modding people is stupid.


  11. Great post!


  12. Too many mods = It’s no longer a prestigious position, and soldiers will have nothing near them to work for (owner is too far away from their reach and requires a lot of experience)


  13. U should include Pirates Waterkid retired


  14. pain is a faggot.


  15. wow i didnt know cpac blocked swearing……you should allow swearing because the only little kid here is lazlo.


  16. Incorrect… the first coup in UMA with Coolster and Ben, included, Eyes, Derek, Brownie, Harv, and Mach… it was 100% successful. But then an ENTIRELY different “Coup” happened. all cul did was take me off of the site, where as i still controlled the chat by 100%. i could have taken back over just like that. but i was sick and tired of everything, which is one of the reasons that Derek is also retiring. Just so you guys knew …


  17. lmao i remember this


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