Another Round Of Retirements Strike the ACP

Just a few days ago, the ACP saw the retirement of Stew20, ACP 3ic, and Ekpenguin9, leader of the army. Many are now asking how this will affect the army, being that it has taken ACP awhile to dig themselves out of a hole. Now that they have, they see the retirement of the leader who was pivotal in making that happen. So, the question is, how will Funks and Antant fare? I spoke to some of ACP’s owners to find out more.

Table of Contents 


1. The Retirements

2. Interview with Kingfunks4, ACP Leader


The Retirements

Stew20’s retirement came on the 12th of November, after having served in the ACP for a long time. Under Ken and Flipper, Stew was demoted to mod, which saw the promotion of Kingfunks4 to 3ic. Stew was, not too long after, given 3ic again, and would go on to reach 2ic before, once again, being demoted under Ek because of inactivity. Stew cited his inactivity as the main reason for his retirement. You can read the full post here.

The public assumed this would be the only retirement ACP would see that week, but to the shock of the army, Ekpenguin announced his retirement only two days later. This is what Ek had to say in his post:

Hey Folks!

I’m retiring from armies, probably not, we’ll see. In the usual retired fashion, I will be most likely still be on. A lot less, but yes, that seems like the case. However, I will help as much as possible, I’ll stay positive and continue to try and make sure everyone enjoys this army as much as I have. If you wish to know why I need to retire, it’s just exams are soon, band occurs more regularly and I’m generally busier than before. My retirement section is complete but that’s no need to stop reading. I’m going on the assumption that you started and I’m just a big bore.

♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣

It’s been a hell of a year for this army. When SWAT declared war a few weeks backs they stated that I would complain after being in war for about 7 months. I didn’t exactly enjoy it but I was extremely overjoyed that whatever the outcome, I would always see at least one soldier who was ready to give it their all. They would log on Club Penguin, ready to take on anyone for the Great Nation of the DRACP. Tiredness has grown with soldiers here but they remain loyal and fight nonetheless. The next leaders here, and the higher ranks all the way down to the Corporals please understand at least one thing. The ACP has the best set of troops this community has ever seen.

Enemies, you are the one’s who try to take us down, time on time again. You are the group who is met by defeat every time and shall continue to do so. I’ve seen soldiers of the ACP been taken to the side and targeted by our enemies. They do this because they see pride in them that their troops lack greatly. These cowards shall be faced with our might each time they attempt to weaken us.

We’ve been here for SIX years now and during my time in armies, I’ve never singled out a better force. When morale is low, we’re outnumbered and defeat is near, we overcome the odds and backed by the soldiers, we prevail! When we’re higher than ever, taking our enemies land, we don’t stop. We carry on and we prevail!  New soldiers join each day and they’re told stories of when the ACP were at maximum prime. What do you tell them? You are only the second chapter, the new beginning, the same family. You are the ACP!

As I found out we were being invaded by four armies, I originally worried. It was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made it my army career. Worried? What was I thinking? I’ve got the best darn army out there. The Army of Club Penguin!

♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣

As you can see, I haven’t spammed the post with those who have helped me out. I wanted to save everyone’s “Ctrl+F” keys and I believe you will know who you are. Thank you to all those who have left, still fight and are getting ready for the Army of Club Penguin! Ally, enemy, soldier or traitor, you have shaped this army for me and I will remember you until my dyslexic years in the care home. My thanks especially go to those who have stuck to the ACP this year. It has been a tough one but remember, we’re not your usual band of kids.

Defend Freedom – Preserve Justice

                                          ACP, WHATEVER THE CIRCUMSTANCES

These retirements saw drastic changes in the ACP owner ranks: Kingfunks4 was promoted to leader for another go, and Antant was also promoted to lead with Funks. Splashy and Swimmerboy, only recently given 3ic, were promoted to 2ic as Foldez and Obama were given 3ic.


Interview with Kingfunks4, ACP Leader

Blue: Hello Funks. 

Funks: Hey. 

Blue: So, what do you think of the recent retirements of Stew20 and Ek?

Funks: Ek was a great leader and friend to me and I am dissapointed and it is a great loss. Stew had the potential to be a good leader, but always seemed to be demoted due to inactivity. Both will be missed.

Blue: How do you feel to be given a second chance at leading the ACP?

Funks: I am very proud to lead the ACP twice and thank everyone for giving me another chance. This time, I will be able to be active as leader and bring ACP back to the top.

Blue: Do you believe you will be able to have the full support of your troops, due to the events of the summer?

Funks: Yes, we are winning this war and the morale is growing. The troops know we can’t keep changing leaders and we need to stick and I hope they will give their support to Ant and I.

Blue: How do you feel to be leading with Antant?

Funks: Ant is a good leader, and we needed a good leader to grow the shrinking USA Force. We get along great and know the plans for ACP in the future.

Blue: Any final comments?

Funks: The ACP WILL be back into the top of CP Armies. Any former ACP troops need to help this goal and rejoin now.

Blue: Thanks for your time Funks, always a pleasure.

Funks: Np


So, what do YOU think of the recent retirements in the ACP? How will it affect the army? How will Funks and Antant fare as the new leaders of the army? Comment with YOUR opinion!


CPA Central CEO

12 Responses

  1. wow.


  2. I think they’ll do well, not many people realize that almost the entire war since allies joined has been led by Funks and Ant as Ek was busy for well over a week leading up to his retirement. In that time they have changed the course of the war with the help of their allies, and Funks is correct to say that morale is higher than it has been recently.


  3. I do think it would have been better though to include all of the retirements from the war since ACP has been affected far less by them than others.

    Pain retired from LT because of conflict with Ioio, Waterkid retired from Pirates, Unk and Cul retired from SWAT (Cul also retired from UMA), Daniel retired from UMA, Ben and Coolster were overthrown from UMA, Coolster retired from Pirates, and Ganger took a temporary retirement from SWAT as well. I think the scope of this post was a little narrow, but perhaps these could be included in another post.


  4. funks is going to make ACP into a huge army of british people

    R.I.P americans in ACP


  5. looks like the UK has taken out the pirates but now theres LT my USA enemy


  6. We got a new USA 3ic already. He’s actually doing pretty good! 😀


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