Top Ten Armies: 11/11/12

Yet another week passes by, and what is being called World War VI is still raging on in full force. This week brings surprises, and another extremely close Top Ten. I would also like to honor the brave men who fought in our past. My grandfather is a veteran of World War II, and from his point of view, it was absolutely crazy. Read Superoo’s post about Veterans Day here.

Top Ten Armies


1. Ice Warriors [+0] (82.31)

2. Special Weapons and Tactics [+1] (81.44)

3. Light Troops [-1] (80.28)

4. Pirates [+0] (75.29)

5. Nachos [NEW!] (74.61)

6T. Army Republic [-1] (73.53)

6T. Army of Club Penguin [-1] (73.53)

6T. Underground Mafias Army [+1] (73.53)

9. Night Divers [+0] (71.88)

10. Air Force [+0] (63.25)


Close to the Top Ten

11. United Countries of CP [-3]

12. Chaos Army [NEW!]

13. Sky Troops [+2]

14. Cabin Defenders [-3]

15. Night Warriors [NEW!]

1. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors retain the Number 1 position after a long week of battles between them and the Black Alliance. Before all this began, IW started off with a spectacular battle vs. the Nachos in the Scary Showdown, getting a maximum of 35+. The following day, the war began, and IW invaded the Light Troops and Pirates throughout the week. Many of these battles were supposed victories. They have a Defense of Sub Zero scheduled for today.

2. Special Weapons and Tactics: SWAT has had a very exciting week this week, missing out on Number 1 by less than a point. They have been involved in this war from the start, and actually were the first ones to declare war on ACP. They have been getting scattered numbers throughout the week, but most were around 30+. They have been battling not only the ACP this week, but the Nachos as well. They have recently just left the Black Alliance, and have not confirmed their next objective.

3. Light Troops: Light Troops drop to 3rd this week after another week of battles in the new World War VI. They have been pulling off 25-30 throughout the week, and have reportedly won nearly all their battles. Their main focus in this war is the Army Republic, Ice Warriors, and Army of CP. Recently, the Army Union has also decided to assist the Light Troops, invading at Australian Times. They have a huge Invasion of Sub Zero planned for today, and other invasions later in the day.

4. Pirates: The Pirates remain at 4th after a very hectic week of war against the Fruit Alliance. They begun with a huge battle on Mammoth to help their ally SWAT, and the war has gone on only further from there. They have been able to get numbers of 25-30 throughout the week, sometimes getting 20+. They have won all battles but Snow Day this week according to them. They have invasions of ACP scheduled throughout the week.

5. Nachos: The Nachos are back in the Top 5 after a bad week last week, having no pictures whatsoever. They begun by losing to the Ice Warriors in the Scary Showdown, even though they had good sizes of 20+ throughout the battle. They later then declared war on the Black Alliance, and went to war with SWAT while the other three armies fought the Light Troops and Pirates. They were able to get 20+ throughout the week, sometimes getting 25+. They are defending Blizzard today from SWAT.

6T. Army Republic: The Army Republic fall out of the Top 5 this week after being involved in the war for a week now. They have been able to get around 15-20 this whole week, but at times even getting 25+. They have been able to do well in World War VI so far, and have immersed themselves in its battles. They have been battling LT and Pirates throughout the week, but are shifting their main focus to UMA. They are going to be at the Sub Zero battle today.

 6T. Army of Club Penguin: The ACP have fallen out of the Top 5 again, involved in a 3-way tie with the AR and UMA. They have been fiercely combating their opponents in the Black Alliance throughout the week, being the main focus point in this war. They began by defending Deep Snow from the UMA and having a spectacular unscheduled event with 25+, followed by some smaller sizes. They have been at war all week, and show no signs of stopping.

6T. Underground Mafias Army: The UMA are able to move up a spot, and are involved in the 3 way tie. They have been battling ACP and AR all week since declaring war last Sunday. They started off by defeating ACP in a controversial battle which ACP also claims to have won. They have been pulling off 15-20 this week, being able to hit up to 25 sometimes throughout. They have invasions of ACP scheduled throughout the week.

9. Night Divers: The Night Divers retain their Top Ten position at 9th after a slow but very successful week. Though they only had two posts and one event this week, that event was a HUGE success for the Night Divers. They were able to pull off numbers of 20+, entering a supposed new Golden Age. They aim to keep up these sizes and rise even further in the Top Ten.

10. Air Force: The Air Force also are able to remain in the Top Ten this week, beating out UCCP for the Number 10 spot. They started off by having a recruiting session on Marshmallow with good sizes of 15+. They then followed up with a training session on Cloudy with sizes of 12+ and great tactics. They have yet to plan anything for this week.

And yet again, another Top Ten has ended. Some shocking rises, falls, and the second ever three-way tie in CPAC History. After so much nagging to get this done even though it was early in the morning (not going to name names but you know who you are), I have finished. Comments? Complaints? Generic bias accusations which have no reason to be stated due to a lack of visual evidence? Spectacular. I’m open to discuss. Until next time,


CPAC Vice President


51 Responses

  1. im just a poor boy nobody loves me


  2. Not even your parents




  4. My pants should be 11th.


  5. Chaos almost there.


  6. My army is becoming bug! im so glad thanks to Chaos we r almost there


  7. Wait.. What?…


  8. Red Vikings should have been at least 15


  9. CP armies is rising


  10. Wheres spots 7 and 8. AFCP Should be 8th if theres no 7th and 8th spot. -_-


  11. I think that the 3 way tie is pretty stupid. ACP and UMA obviously got lower than AR this week, yet they are 6th, with what, 10 troops? Its the average not the max they got.


  12. why is AR in here they arnt even an army because they dont have servers


  13. U should’ve looked at tuxedos -_-


  14. waiting for someone to comment on my comment its hilarious


  15. Just a Small town Girl.


  16. I think my army deserved to drop 3 places they have been inactive due to bad sizes


  17. Come on SWAT, we gotta push to number one.


  18. ‘They begun by losing to the Ice Warriors in the Scary Showdown, even though they had good sizes of 20+ throughout the battle. ‘ no, that was the same week that we didn’t have any pictures, i’m sure you would know that zak… ;/


  19. CP armies are rising again, good to see.


  20. Gotta miss the old days. ACP #1 every week, Nachos #2. Ninjas always in there, IW around 4 or 5. Even when Team Gold was there with WW.


  21. Hey,
    I’m not sure if I’ve ever spoken to you but I’m Thomas0270. You might have heard of me, might not. I am a retired ACP 2ic back when some might call it “it’s golden era”. I would just like to inform the CPAC that I will be making a return to CP to compete in WWVI, but not at ACP’s side, but at my new army, The Pioneer Army. The website is currently in the works ATM, but should be up soon. Contact me if you want some info and possibly a good article.
    Thanks so much.


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