Remembrance Day

Today is a day in which, we observe and pay our respect to those who fought in many wars around the world. Most notably: World War I and World War II. It is our duty as the citizens of the world, to appreciate those who have given so much to us, for our greater future.

I too, have been affected by World War II, my Grandfather and my Step-Grandfather died due to events that happened in the war. Our great lands of the Commonwealth and beyond have fought together as allies, defeating the evil forces against peace in the world. We stand here today, to salute and appreciate you, you gave us a future, hope and a way we live. You fought for World Peace, a Way of Life, a New Tomorrow.

So, cheers to those who fought for our future, cheers to those who stand tall in appreciation of those who Fight For The World and cheers to those, who still fight for Us today.

My Proposal: There may be battles today in Club Penguin, where no penguin(hopefully) will get hurt. I propose that ALL SOLDIERS, LEADERS AND ANYBODY WATCHING wear a clothing item that is RED. Whether it only has a BIT OF RED, or COMPLETELY RED, you should wear it. It appreciates those who care for us and love us.

-Superoo13, CPA Central Reporter

12 Responses

  1. -does thumbs up- Yeahoo!


  2. World Peace


  3. I like this post. finally, a rememberance day post!


  4. Woooooohooooooooo for Superoooooo!

    Im wearing a Poppy


  5. Wrong day. It’s supposed to be tomorrow (Monday).


  6. May I remember those who fought for me, my family, and the world.
    Red Army FTW.


  7. well my grandpa was in world war ll and i thank all the world war 2 soldiers for risking there lifes to make usa a better place god bless ALL THE world warll veterans for fighting for are country 😀


  8. R.I.P. Victims of WWI, WWII and Genghis Khan.


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