The Last Stand: Why Armies Are Becoming the Survival of the Fittest

All around us, this community is fading. Some armies will rise to the top and stay there for some three weeks, before plummeting back down as it becomes a free-for-all all over again. Armies have become the survival of the fittest, but it seems no one is the fittest. There hasn’t been a long-term holder of first place since the ACP fell the first time. It’s time to give it our all- because, let’s face it. We may very well be the last generation. This is the final stand, and the future of armies is in our hands, now more than ever.

Table of Contents


1. The Plague of the Recruiter

2. The Backstage Media

3. The Inevitable Discrepancy


The Plague of the Recruiter

All across this community, there are acclamations of “fantastic leaders” for different reasons. While the skills of a political leader evaporating with the retirement of so many individuals, and our necessity for new troops as our steady flow dries up- well, that has pinnacled to one simple thing: the recruiter, which has become a sort of ‘talent’ in the recent years.

This is not, however, to denounce that there have been great recruiters in the said ‘Golden Ages’ and that they were recognized for such. But moreso now, once people are recognized to have that talent, they develop a sort of colt. Now, whatever army they head to, they are followed to. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that armies led by individuals like that do not rise due to any leader’s talent. They rise because that individual has a colt. Let’s face it, their work isn’t magic. I beg to say that while some leaders do have talent, that their talent is displayed only in the first army they rise, if that at all. The other talented kinds of people in this community are overshadowed as ‘recruiters’ become all that matters.

However, recruiters have a trojan seeping into their system. Those people they recruit? They’re the leaders of tomorrow. And it just so happens the leaders of tomorrow know nothing. That’s the problem. See, many say the Golden Age is gone. It is. But we’re the Bronze Age. And we’re the only thing standing between the ability for this community to remain, and the end of what has taken so much time to foster and grow.


The Backstage Media

This is a place where I feel I have the ability to talk about most accurately. The interesting thing is, that as many armies are plummeting, the media experienced a sort of Golden Age. Now, we are taking a hit just as everyone else, but during that period when ACP began to fall, along with so many others, CPAC experienced this huge spike in views- which, I believe, can be attributed to Top Tens during that time, where people were more divided than ever over the accuracy of this very site. The Top Ten that changed history, that would later spur so many claims of this site’s bias, can be found here for anyone who’s interested.

That’s the interesting thing about the media- the meeting doesn’t have forward, physical power. In other words, we can’t send out a battalion of troops to take away everyone’s servers when people piss us off. What we have is backstage power, we have mental power. See, this isn’t to denounce the sanity of the majority of the army world. However many of our new recruits- they come to CPAC to find out what the hell’s going on in this community they’ve suddenly been swept into. And they believe whatever we say. That’s the beautiful thing about it. Catching people at that small gap where their mental capacity is easily belittled, and when they will understand and not fight against.

The media has also taken a fall in reporters- our stream has dried up, just as armies’ stream(s) have. The thing is, the media profession is different. Certain sites like SMAC have tried to train reporters, and while I admire their efforts, my philosophy has always been that you got it or you don’t. And most people- they just don’t got it.


The Inevitable Discrepancy

Recently, there has been an allied war brewing between eight armies, being AR/DCP/IW/ACP vs. Pirates/UMA/LT/SWAT- you know what this might be? World War. And you know something? It’s exactly what we need right now. Armies haven’t had a world war in a very long time, being that our leaders have evolved and are now- well, smarter.

Here’s the thing. Back in the Golden Ages, it was all or nothing. No risk, no reward. And hell, it was a big risk. But in some cases, in armies like the ACP, RPF, and UMA, in their respective Golden Ages, their leaders just went for it. I’m not exactly sure when the idea of “servers” came into play, but what I do know is that back then people weren’t scared.

The discrepancy among the army community is that some believe we’ll do better without World Wars. That armies will have time to ‘grow’ and ‘foster’, I say that’s crap. This is the survival of the fittest, and it’s easier to take down many than just one. Wars, not just World Wars, but wars themselves are a large part of our survival. We need them. So leaders, this is my message to you. Go out and start a World War. The community sure could use one.


This post was a combination of many drafts I’ve started over the past couple of months. While looking through them, I settled on the fact that there was a general central concept: this is a survival of the fittest. If things don’t change, armies are going to die. So here’s to the reckless, here’s to the leaders, here’s to those who aren’t afraid to challenge what the powerful say and fight for their right to achieve success, just like so many have before them. You are the leaders of this community, the ones who will be our successors. And as I sit here with a Coke, I want to make it clear that you all need to learn some things. Many of those who are powerful today didn’t have their power handed to them. It took brains, loyalty, and a little bit of risk. So to the new recruits, go learn it. To the leaders, go recruit. Why? Because it’s better to die fighting the flames then to just burn.


CPA Central CEO

15 Responses

  1. Like I’m saying. CP armies are going to die in the next year. Its taking less and less to make it to the Top ten. We are going to die, There are several factors as to why.
    First off. less people play CP then they use to. They are down 3.3 million visits a month. I remember it once being 10 million a month. So we have less people in the Overall CP world, Second our most oldest veterans are dying out. I think there’s less than 20 2009 and before. Third, the whole CP army world is becoming more and more dirty, disrespectful, and overall, less fun. We have deal with hate all around us. People are hacking, Lying, and overall being Asses to each other. So yeah…. we’re gonna die soon.


  2. Kind of an overreaction in my opinion. Yes, armies are getting smaller, but it’s not really the “survival of the fittest.” Can you name a major army that’s died in the past few months?


  3. So explain to me what World Wars benifit to armies, other than CPAC


  4. I like the italicized part! Very motivational !


  5. I still disagree with the fact that CPAC believes recruits come to this site, or find this site, and pick which army they would like to join off your analysis of a battle and whatnot.


    • I don’t believe that. What I believe is, and this is from my own experience, because I did it myself after I retired in 2009 and returned in 2011, that to find out what you need to know, it’s much easier to go to one place than to look at all major army sites to find out who’s leading, etcetera.


  6. Instead of posting these kind of posts, how about you post about the war, and how its going so far? Seriously, everyone wants to see the post about the war, not a post about a speech.


  7. Wow. Blue doing philosophy? Well, I think this is a good post. But , a few things. In the begining you made it seem as if since no army has kept the number one spot in the top ten for a while that it is a sign of decline of all armies. I dont agree with this. That means that armies are becoming more equal. There were times were ACP will get first, and everyone knew it. The fact that they were supreme, took the fun out of striving for number one. And i think most of CPAC’s influence and power is from the Top Ten alone. It is the only thing we have to show our place among other armies. Good post blue.


  8. There’s no such thing as World War. WWIV and WWV are false and should be removed from history.


    • Every army vs ACP Is false? (WWIV)
      Just saying thats like 12 vs 1 and that pretty much killed ACP Until they came back.
      Logic plz.


  9. Well, I ike the post, but IW did hold the number 1 spot AFTER ACP fell for 5 weeks.


  10. I think armies will be fine for at least a few more years. However, with less people joining and the stalwarts getting older, it could become trickier and tricker.


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