My Introduction, Halloween, and Club Penguin's Birthday.

You might know me from Golden Troops, Watex Warriors, the Underground Mafias Army or if you are really old, Ice Warriors. What am I doing on here you may ask? I was a philosopher on here but due to my lack of time to post thanks to school, dance and robotics I have asked the members of CPAC if I can post about the events going on in Club Penguin that could effect us. Some of it being Parties, New colors and even major updates such as new games, rooms or interface changes. Now before you begin whining and complaining, this isn’t gonna be a Mimo or Fever or Poch kind of thing. They design their posts to state facts and a small opinion. I will be stating my personal views of the rooms and updates in Aesthetics, How well it runs on my piece of <censored> computer and how well we can battle. Some rooms will be better then others due to updates. One room may go from good to bad and vice versa. I will be interviewing People, both legendary and noobish, for their opinions. We will see that an ACP noob may love a party, but an owner from the same army may hate it. Anyways on with the Post!

Before we get to the fun stuff, I must inform you all about some terrible news. Happy77, another member of the Club Penguin team and a fellow Blogger has left Club Penguin to raise her family. We here at CPAC and from all of armies wish her a Good Life.

Halloween. The night when the Ghosts and ghouls decided to stretch out and cause panic. On club Penguin they are doing just that, and in my opinion the party is a bit empty. We have the storm, the dark sky and the basic stuff from last year. But it is missing some classic attractions. I wanted to go to the underground lab and the haunted house, but they removed the lab and the old house and replaced it with a Haunted Mansion where you go through a maze and collect keys. The Gear looks cool and has cool abilities, but is useless after the party. For items there are four. Of the four three are new, and they look good, yet look more like EPF clothing. The returning Item this year is the Ghost Costume, recently demoted from a member only item to a free item at Halloween. The party itself with the exception of the Coffee Shop and Forest, is unchanged from last year. The Coffee Shop changed due to Smoothie Smash and it became more Modern. Club Penguin Army Central’s Headquarters has a bit of thunder and lightning and for some reason an open window.

Of the rooms that have changed the most, The Forest has changed. It went from housing a small hut to housing The Haunted Mansion and all of it’s 999 ghosts. In order to see all these ghosts you have to find 5 keys and unlock a chest. This should be hard but it isn’t since clicking a key takes you to the room it is at, usually in something with a key symbol on it. Once you find the keys you unlock the chest with Goggles that allow you to see ghosts and head into the room where Gerald is at. In that room there is a catalog that allows you to get a bed sheet and to help Peter, Raymond, Egon and Winston find and capture ghosts. It gets you coins but that is about it.

The other party going on is Club Penguin’s 7th birthday. Now all the other parties have been large, taking up 3 rooms and converting the outside and upstairs of the coffee shop. Now I do like the Birthday Celebration for the fact that it is on my Birthday, October 24th, but this year it is pathetic. Only one room decorated.

File:7th Anniversarry Party Coffee.png

Now this saddens me. The celebration in 2008 was far better for they decorated everything and this, this is bad. Since when was Halloween far more important then the anniversary of Club Penguin?

Also several more rooms have been changed thus ending old club penguin. The rooms changed were the Clothes Shop, The Night Club and the Pizzeria.

The biggest difference with these rooms would be we can terrorize the workers in the gift shop and not hide under tables.

So with that said, what do you lot think will be next? Operation Blackout is coming, and with it a new mascot possibly, more rooms may change, Heck maybe anonymous may take out Club Penguin and make us move to Runescape and Pandanda.

15 Responses



  2. Pandanda or the new Mech Mice by Rsnail.


  3. The seventh anniversary sucked so much I didn’t even know it happened D:


  4. I thought Pandana shut down?


  5. Meh, I would suggest Minecraft.


  6. Looks like CP is going to an end. Billybob and Happy are gone, and CP probably used their best ideas on parties this year. Like turning into puffles, Temple of Fruit, and stuff like that.


    • club penguin parties will continue to suck more more than the ones this year. why? because of disney. the marvel hero party was disney’s idea and billybob actually didnt agree with that party and thats one of the reasons billybob left. disney is giving cp absolutely no creative control at all. soooooo with that being said does any one have a few billion dollars they can spare to buy club penguin from disney? if you can i just wanna say that this will save club penguin so we dont have to mov to pandanda. nuff said


  7. I’d prefer Runescape or Roblox to Pandanda.


  8. Runescape or Pandanda? How about neither?


  9. I don’t think they even posted about the anniversary on the newspaper


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