Happy Halloween from CP Army Central

This is Halloween

And so once again it is Halloween. Currently, we have our CPAC Scary Showdown II going on, and I may have an impromptu Halloween party later today if I’m on.  Make sure to get lots of candy this Halloween, but don’t go to any houses without lights, or you might meet someone scary like the person in the post here.

 (WARNING: Image in post may be frightening to young children or immature older children.)

So, a terribly scary Halloween to all of you from all of us here at CPAC.

7 Responses

  1. This has nothing to do with Halloween, but you need to update the army info page. The leaders or way off.


  2. Slender Man’s friendly Cousin.


  3. Eww American Halloween.


  4. Happy Halloween, everybody!


  5. Well, this is kind of late. xP

    Idk if it’s my laptop or what, but you have a slight coding error.


  6. Failed youtube link is failed 😛


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