Army Of Club Penguin – Under Pressure?

Recently, Funks (ACP 2ic) has been burdened with the pressure of battling the 3 legendary armies; Light Troops, SWAT and Club Penguin Pirates Army.

‘So how did it all start?’ You may ask. Well, it began with Special Weapon and Tactics (SWAT) leader Spi, declaring war on the Army Of Club Penguin, mainly to get SWAT troops active. He estimated the war would last for a lengthy duration of 2-3 months, but hopes ACP does not schedule too many UK events, as their United Kingdom force is not very versatile.

Interview with KingFunks4 (ACP 2ic)


Funks = Green

What are your plans with ACP, against your 3 legendary opponents?

 They cannot go against us combined, because that means we could use allies in that battle (IW/DCP/AR). Attacking individually is easier for us to defend and we should beat SWAT and Pirates, but I”m not so sure about LT. We will invade LT/SWAT at UK times and Pirates at USA times.

LT and SWAT are USA armies, Pirates are a UK army. I see what you’ve done there. Anyway, do you have any worries for the long war ahead of you and your troops?

Yes, because I’m not sure if our USA force is strong enough to beat SWAT and LT. We’ve been in wars for 6 months and we badly need to rebuild, at this moment I’m not sure on the status of the war for the future.

Hope you can sort them out, Funks. Anything else you would like to share with the readers?

I’ve been DDosed by Unk recently, so watch out for him, and never comment on any website he owns, or is an admin on.

Let me tell you something. LT and SWAT are both US based armies, and ACP are invading them at UK times. Pirates is a UK based army, and ACP is invading them at US times. This creates the number of troops for all 3 armies to decrease. Clever move from Funks, but since ACP get bigger sizes at UK events, will the 3 armies invade ACP at US times?

Interview with Waterkid100 (Pirates ‘Leedur’)

Me: Blue

Waterkid: Maroon

Do you have any worries for the long war ahead?

Well, AR have already begun to invade us.

Has your last war with ACP changed what you will do this time in any way?

We will beat ACP until they start cring and get their stupid breeze alliance.

Anything else to say? 

ACP give you aids, and Campalazlo goes to daycare with pengy.

Not the most informative conversation with Waterkid, but I found out what I could.

After a hard war against just CPPA, ACP have been dragged back into another war involving Pirates, but with strong reinforcements. However, it is likely that  ACP will bring in their brother allies, IW, DCP and Ato assist them. It looks like we have a very tense (But exciting!!) war on our hands. In fact, some people have even decided to crash the events, just to watch!

So, what are YOUR opinions? Who will win the war? Comment your opinions

26 Responses

  1. Those Lizards of CP guys are fools. I made their GFX for them, yet the leader claims he made it!


  2. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL im not even going to say anything to waterkid at this moment i am in tears of joy and laughter LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL thank you for a good laugh tough guy AHAHA OHH


  3. funks is ACP 2ic


  4. Don’t worry IW is just ACP’s insurance policy


  5. Lol.. CPPA, LT, SWAT, Should be all going together and beat that acp. The amount of times ACP has used allies to win all the time is uncountable! They should team up and show them its not just them that can do this ; show them whos boss.
    And, lol i do enjoy waterkids interviews there is always funny comments.


  6. u flipping assholes SWAT been using allies and still ACP won


  7. SWAT use allies




  9. ACP’s time has come. Rally my people.


  10. go on water ACP give you aids


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