Pirates End Order 67

Recently, the legendary army, Pirates, came to a decision to end the current hype of Club Penguin Warfare, Order 67. ‘Why?’, you may ask. ‘What are their next plans?’. Read on to find out!

Scroller says it all
Waterkid proclaims that the SMAA Alliance did not influence his decision, it was the Light Troops former leader, Ioio, who is forming bigger plans with Waterkid. The CPPA battles and invasions are being replaced by recruiting sessions, and Water requests all troops to remove the Swastika (N*zi Symbol) from their Xat Display Names. (WordPress does not allow the word ‘N*zi to be written, therefore it is censored).

He has also told the SMAA alliance not to say things to the likeness of ‘WE HAVE DEFEATED THE HITLERIAN WATERKID!’

He stated:

You guys lost to us on Hockey and had to crop us out of your pictures because we were bigger then you for the whole thing. If it wasn’t for Ioioluk we would still be invading and raiding you guys, so thank him when you see him.

Waterkid has pledged that soon the Pirates, alongside the Light Troops, will be hot at war with another army. His clue is:

”We’re flicking the boogers

… I’m sure we all know what he means by that, but I won’t give it away, as Waterkid intends to keep the data classified.

Waterkid also promised not to burden any of his troops with the hardship of inflicting the regime of Adolf Hitler around the Club Penguin Army World, and is officially finished with the involvement of any N*zi or German hatred/discrimination.

~ Nick

11 Responses

  1. He’s still a jerk, but at least Waterkid realized that his plan was pretty messed up.


  2. I love how Water hates small armies. Yet his army is pretty small.


  3. I do not have any plans with waterkid, I just told him that if he does not stop his nonsense LT would attack Pirates, and he did stop it.


  4. All in all waterkid is still a cocky ignorant person


  5. So Waterkid, is this supposed to get Small/mediums armies to stop attacking the pirates?


  6. I still think it’s dumb for WordPress not to allow the word Nazi to be typed.


  7. I still think it’s stupid for WordPress to disallow the word ‘Naz!’.


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