Editorial: Why War is Not Fair and Why It Should Stay that Way

Forward: This is an Editorial written by yours truly, Sir Bluesockwa the 2nd. The opinions in this post are purely stated for your consideration and pondering and do not represent the opinions of CPAC as whole.

It is so very common now.

This invasion is unfair. How can we fight a UK army at UK times when we are a US army? What gives you the right to eliminate small armies? That’s not fair to them!

Comments like these are becoming more and more common, and in some cases more and more true. Looking at the sites of a few of the Top 5 armies and the comments here on CPAC, I’ve pulled many examples.

Stop being so whiney.
Pirates won a battle and most are too proud to admit they lost to an army who is made up of UK troops. Accept defeat like men. Not like little baby boys who have hairless cheeks.”

“If you had common sense, I was implying to a fair time to both US and UK. Like 9 UK/4 EST 8:30 UK/3:30 EST
use ur brain pls”

“UK armies act like they are SO BIG and SO BAD, but they just dont put fair times.”

One of the most common examples, obviously centers around UK armies and their invasion times. Many have recently claimed that UK invasions, specifically those scheduled by Pirates against ACP, are unfair for their use of UK times to invade a US army (I.E. times when the US is in school and UK is not). Most of the above comments centered on this.

Now more recently is the CPPA’s quickly infamous Order 67, the elimination of a set of small armies which likely cannot beat them alone. This order has recently stirred a public outcry, which many claiming it unfair for Waterkid to destroy armies smaller than him simply because he can. (And I’ll be exploring this further in a future article.)

Here’s the thing (OPINION ALERT). That may or may not be fair (not really mine to say) but neither is war. Is it fair that armies destroy all the hard work that each side puts into sites and chats in an instant because of hatred? Is it fair that careers and lives are destroyed by random doxing? Is it fair? No, it’s not. But what can you do about it? Nothing.

And here’s my message to all of you who think that just because something is unfair it should just be shot down and outlawed: ain’t gonna happen. So instead of sitting around whining about it, do something about it. Stand up to it. Make a change, and outlaw it yourself. Life’s not fair, and neither is war. The first time large armies declared Order 67, did we stand around and whine? No, CPUN was formed, and they stood up to the threat (which turned out to never have been real in the first place). As SMAC’s Pungy was so kind to say,

Each Small-Medium Army on it’s own cannot hope to defeat the Pirates, which means, we have to unite and fight the Pirates together. Thankfully, Redd Kool has already put together an alliance, and is mobilizing for war against the Pirates. However, if we are to succeed, we need as many small-medium armies as possible to join.

Now, while you may ask why I have not done something of this sort to call small armies to arms, here is the reason. While I personally feel it to be the media’s duty to watch events unfold not try to be a part of them, it also is not my place to try to stop a perfectly legitimate act. Though Waterkid’s plans may appear evil to small armies, they are not necessarily inherently such. But I digress.

Instead of whining about why an invasion, or a battle, or an action is unfair, stand up, pick up your gun, and punch it straight on. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even teach them a thing or two about ‘fair’ while you’re at it. And army sees an advantage they have (UK times) and makes use of it. All of us do this every day. (Size advantages, leadership advantages, etc.) So why should this particular one be so infamous, so hated, so ridiculed? It shouldn’t. There is absolutely no excuse to say ‘Your invasion is unfair, so we’re ignoring it.” Nonsense. Ignorance is the greatest form of cowardice. Hold your head up high, turn, face it head on and fight back.


10 Responses

  1. awesome post


  2. Can’t punch it straight on during school


    • So invade while they are at school or asleep.


      • And then if you did that, they would continue to invade at bad times for one side, and it would go back and forth solving absolutely nothing. So then what do you do? Their is a reason it’s a big problem for armies, I agree that most things should be unfair but invading an American army during uk times has to change


      • Doing so would result in an idiotic stalemate. The victor of the war would simply be the army with the most mental endurance. The war would go back and forth until one side finally collapses from mental fatigue.




  4. Blu You’re forgetting a couple of things. If we don’t have standards we won’t have rules. We need accepted rules so we actually make a ruling on who won.


    • No armies know how to admit defeat. And no one wants to create a governing body. It’s a political stalemate.


      • As I recall, the last time I tried to assemble a list of rules, the political outcry was so massive that I never even got the post out. So don’t tell me we need ‘rules’ about standards.


  5. […] 8. Why War Isn’t Fair and Why It Should Stay That Way […]


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