Top Ten Armies: 10/28/12

Blue1: As was pointed out below, there was a mistake in the number, where “5” came after the “4T’. This has been fixed accordingly, thanks to Rawkin for pointing this out.

As it becomes seemingly impossible to hold a position anymore, we have another Top Ten with new rules. From now on, an army must reach sizes of at least six to be considered for a Top Fifteen placement.

Top Ten Armies


1. Nachos of CP [+1] [87.88]

2T. Ice Warriors [+1] [82.88]

2T. Army Republic [-1] [82.88]

4T. Army of CP [+0] [76.75]

4T. Light Troops [+0] [76.75]

6. Doritos of CP [+0] [75.88]

7. Pirates [+0] [74.88]

8. Special Weapons and Tactics [NEW!] [67.75]

9. Underground Mafias Army [-1] [56.75]

10. Global Defenders [NEW!] [47.75]


Close to the Top Ten:  

 11. United Countries of CP [-1]

12. Ninjas [NEW!]

13. Club Penguin Night Divers [NEW!]

14. Air Force of CP [NEW!]

15. Rare Penguins [NEW!]

1. Nachos: The Nachos claim first after a really good week. Their week began with the CPAC Scary Showdown where, along with UCCP, they maxed about 40. A few days later they faced off against the Doritos in a practice battle, with sizes of around 25. The next day, on October 25th, they had a nice Training Session after the ACP was a no-show at the armies’ scheduled Practice Battle.

2T. Ice Warriors: The IW jump up to second this week, with a fairly decent showing. The IW only had one event this week, which was a Traininh Session on the 24th, where they showed sizes of about 25.

2T. Army Republic: The AR tie with IW for first this week. On Wednesday they had a nice training session with sizes of 25, and another the next day with around the same sizes.

4T. Army of CP: The ACP had a pretty nice week. Early in the week, the fought for the server of Below Zero on behalf of the Ice Warriors, with steadily improving sizes throughout the battle and topping it off with 20-25. That same day, the seemingly endless war between the Pirates and the ACP came to an end, with a draw for the two armies. Later in the week, ACP 2ic Antant made a post rallying the ACP to battle and scheduling a few more events.

4T. Light Troops: The LT had a decent week. They had one event throughout, with sizes of around 18. Late in the week, legendary LT leader Ioioluk returned and demoted Mr Cool to 3ic, and Penguinz and Spi to member ranks. 99xC, a friend of Ioio’s was promoted to leader of the army.

[Pic cannot be inserted because no posts are loading]

5. Doritos of CP: The DCP had an interesting week, with only two events, but a major scandal throughout the week. On Sunday the DCP held a Training Session, which was pretty successful, with sizes of 20. That same day DCP’s Leader Elections were announced, following the retirement of Wwebestfan. As Aaron and Scientist King became the front runners, a scandal ended with Aaron fired and Sci as Leader of the army. Aaron was later rehired as 4ic. On Wednesday of this week, the DCP had another ‘unscheduled’ event with sizes of 10-15.

6. Pirates: The Pirates had a really nice week, and were really active throughout. It began on Monday with the army’s ‘Recruiting Week’, where they planned many events throughout in hopes of rising. At their first session, they got sizes of 18. The next was one of the best of the week with sizes of 20, and more came throughout, ranging in size from 15-25. If the Pirates can keep this up, they may very well find themselves much higher next week.

7. Special Weapons and Tactics: SWAT return this week, led by Ganger90, the army’s most well-known leader, and are already making an impressive showing. The army only had one event this week, but it was a pretty decent one with sizes of around 20. The SWAT hope to rise back to the spot at 2nd that they held for so long.

8. Underground Mafias Army: The UMA remain at 8th this week. Early in the week, leaders Ganger90 and Destructo retired, leaving Coolster, Derek, Bluesockwa1 and Ned leading the army. They had one event in the week against UCCP, which they won with sizes of 10-15.

9. Global Defenders: The GD had a week full of decent events and retiring owners. As the week began, they had a nice training session with sizes of around ten. Later in the week, Mchappy retired from the Global Defenders, and Shadowstar retired later in the week, both of whom will be missed by the army and the community. At the week’s end, they had a nice event with sizes of around 10.

10. United Countries of CP: The UCCP come in at 10th this week. They had a few events throughout the week, with sizes of around 10, and a Practice Battle against the UMA, which they lost.

So, what do YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!


CPA Central CEO

33 Responses

  1. There are 11 armies in the Top 10. Instead of having ‘6’ after the ‘4t’s you put in 5, so there’s an extra army.


  2. That same day, the seemingly endless war between the Pirates and the ACP came to an end, with Pirates surrendering.

    we settled it for a draw, look at superoos post ”acp and pirates war ends”

    and good top 10 too (Y)


  3. No RPF? sorry we were hacked, we revcovered so I’d like it if you checked the posts we recovered


  4. Uccp got moved down to 11? i checked 5 mins ago we were 10? what’s up with that?


  5. good top ten dude


  6. Lizards should b there we got 13 at last event


    • No More armies did better And dom its not only 1 event its all event together in 1 even you guys got 1 and 5 so that’s not top 10


    • Just because you get a mere 13 troops at an event doesn’t mean you should be on the top ten. You need to earn the top ten title by consistently getting big sizes and winning wars. Of course other aspects come into affect but those are a few of the most important.


  7. we never got 1 crazy we gad 3 events getting 7 at 1 9 at 1 and 13 at the other


  8. Also, I might add that the little “Top Ten Armies” jobby at the top doesn’t match up with the actual top ten.


  9. Ice Warriors are using bots do not put them at #1~johnsongresh


  10. what? I didn’t even return to LT…


  11. BIASED!!!11!!!!1!!!!!111111.

    On the serious note, a good top ten.


  12. Well done, Cppa have done it again coming into the TOP 10 with sizes of 20-25+ will improve there army tactics,size and loyalty once again Cppa stay in the TOP 10 hoping to in all there raids in the week ASWELL good post many thanks to CPAC and Cppa will hope to win all there raids in the week if you would like to see the raids



  13. chaos should be close to top ten we beat CPND on unscheduled event -Wary-


  14. We maxed 45 😀 HORRAY


  15. u messed up the top 10 UCCP are 10th not 11th


  16. Nachos didn’t maxed 45, you guys maxed 35. Learn to count. You are Saying 45 because you guys just want to be first. Nice try.


  17. at least Blue wasent bias


  18. Well done, AR.


  19. Blue1, check


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