The Return of SWAT


Breaking News! SWAT has returned on October 26,2012. Previously scheduled by Ganger90 to return on December 1st, 2012 SWAT has decided to speed it up and start now! Three weeks ago, SWAT tried to return and declared war on DW which went terribly and forced Ganger90 to shut SWAT down again as they were destroyed by the Dark Warriors. Now SWAT has returned once again to achieve glory and raise hell on other armies. Will SWAT be sucessful like they were in the past or will they fall and be forced to close down once again?

I went on SWAT chat as the dramatic music played and found surprisingly large chat sizes, but I also found internal fighting had already been started. Samra and Waterkid had been going at it and both seemed heated and intense. Ganger took control of the situation and gagged everyone and cooled everything down. SWAT looked fresh and ready to step into the army ring.

Interview with SWAT leaders.

Me: Hey

Ganger: Hi

Me: Do you feel confident that SWAT will be able to succeed and reach glory it had been able to reach a few months ago?

Ganger: Yes, I am confident, and I think SWAT will be able to do great this generation.

Me : Do you think that these troops are truly loyal, as they seem to be in other armies other than SWAT?

Ganger: I believe that their loyalties lie with multiple armies, however I believe if it comes down to SWAT they will choose us over others.

Me: Do you think SWAT has many owners in your honest opinion?

Reece: Yes, but with good reason behind it. They are all devoted and truly loyal troops.

Me: Do you think SWAT will rise in a quick swift manner or in a slow manner over time?

Reece: It will rise in a quick swift manner and it is up to the leaders to stabilize it

Me: SWAT got impressive sizes on CP today, do you think you will be heading into a war anytime soon, and if so who.

Andrew: No, I think SWAT will recruit all week, maybe a practice battle but thats about it. We won’t be jumping into a war.

Me: Ziro is pro right?

Unknown: Yup.

Me: Any last comments? 

SWAT leaders: SWAT has returned


SWAT has returned with decent chat sizes and got 20 on CP with decent tactics. Very impressive for an army who came back very recently. In my opinion I do think SWAT will succeed but not to the extent that it succeeded a few months ago. SWAT does have a lot of owners but for a very smart strategical move. In the end SWAT will most probably succeed and “Hell will be Raised”. Comment whether you think SWAT will succeed or fail!

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12 Responses




    ‘and nice post ziro i love the part with me and water but I won that fight 😉
    Forever SWAT!


  3. i hate swat their a bunch of noob

    im just kidding i love swat


  4. Dont bitch at me blue in advance, I rushed this post.


  5. SWAT shall rise to the number 1 top ten major


  6. i like SWAT very decent army in my opinion, idk all the eaders, but waterkid sucks and he should not be allowed to lead anything. heck ill do a better job. welcome back SWAT


  7. SWAT forever.


  8. How many times did SWAT come back/how many generations…?


  9. Well, Swat has 2 over rated leaders in Unknown and Ganger. A bunch of owners who are gonna be a waste of bandwidth to the chat and 2 legends in Kyle & Acid Awesome. Other then that, Swat will end shortly. TYVM


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