Tensions Rise in DCP

Recently the Doritos of Club Penguin held a leadership election after the retirement of their legendary leader and creator, Wwebestfan. Scientist King, Aaronstone42, Sccot43 and Coolorange54 were selected as the candidates for the next leader of the DCP. The election didn’t go too smoothly, however, when a scandal broke out, leaving former leader Wwe to decide the army’s fate… 

Table of Contents


1. The Election and Scandal

2. Interview with Mustapha, DCP Leader

3. Interview with Aaronstone, DCP LIT


The Election and Scandal

On October the 21st, the polling for the next leader of DCP began following the retirement of Wwebestfan. Towards the beginning of the polling it was clear that Aaronstone, former DCP Leader, and Scientist King, who, if elected, would hold his first term as leader, would be the two front runners of the elections. With that, both of them made a post campaigning for the office of Leader. However, five days later, on the last day of polling, Aaron got into an argument with Mustapha, DCP Leader, which led to his demotion.

After this, according to Mustapha’s post, Aaron started a ‘rumor to get them into war’- the rumor is not specified in the post. However, Mustapha does give proof of Aaron admitting to starting the rumor, shown below.

Then came the question as to what would become of Aaron, which Mustapha left with the troops. Their choices were to only fire Aaron, or to not only fire him, put to place him in the Doritos Hall of Shame as well. The comments on the post left Aaron with a 4/5 record for both, and it looked that his career in DCP was over.

However, after he was fired, Alfrondo, another leader of the DCP, rehired Aaron as his old rank of LIT, but Scientist King was elected to leader of the army. After this election took place, Aaron made a post which has been since deleted, but I found a cached copy of it, seen below.

Well hey. Sci was reccently made leader. Bullshit. Ive been here longer. It pisses me off to work so hard, then told your not ready. its bias. So. from now on i hope this gets put into action. No old leaders choosing. New leaders only *cough* wwe *cough*. That is all

~Aaronstone42 DCP LIT (2 Years)

Now, this can be compared to some other armies, and issues like this that we have seen in the past. And what have we learned from this happens before? That these things- these things, people don’t just ‘put behind them’. So the question is, how will DCP fair? Well the melting pot keep boiling, or will it overflow? I spoke to a few of the DCP high ranks to find out.


Interview with Mustapha, DCP Leader

To be inserted once Mustapha comes on chat ❗


Interview with Aaronstone42, DCP LIT

Blue1: So, what happened with the election and the surrounding scandal?

Aaron: Well, I haven’t been leader since 201o. It pisses me off to see people you know as noobs get leader before you- by the scandal you mean the firing?

Blue1: Yes, the rumor and the surrounding scandal.

Aaron: Well, the rumor I didn’t mean to start, I just told my honest opinion. He [Mustapha] just fired me for it though, which I think is unfair. Alfrondo rehired me though.

Blue1: What are your opinions on Scientist King?

Aaron: I don’t have bad things to say, really. When we were competing for leader, I did. He knows what to do, [and] he can recruit and lead. After me, he’s a good leader.

Blue1: Do you think this scandal is finished, or will it escalate further?

Aaron: I have no idea. I mean, with Mustapha, probably. I’m not sure with the leader thing- I have high hopes of getting it next time.

Blue1: What are your opinions on Wwe’s involvement?

Aaron: I think it’s dumb. I mean, he retired. It should be a current leaders’ job. I know Alfrondo has a lot on his plate. Trust me, I would know.

Blue1: Any final comments?

Aaron: Yes. Join DCP. 😀

Blue1: Thanks for your time Aaron, always a pleasure.

Aaron: You too.


So, what do YOU think of the crisis in DCP? What will become of the army? Comment with YOUR opinion!


CPA Central CEO

17 Responses

  1. i want to be interviewed one day 😦


  2. Yes, I did recently receive Leader in DCP and I hope Aaron takes things lightly.


  3. Aarons still fired.


  4. Aaron is a noob. And DCP got in a lot of wars because of him. Also, he left/got fired from DCP about 20 times during his career, in addition, he’s immature and he rages 24/7. So I think we all know why he’s not leader yet.


  5. You can be in an army for 5 years, and still not be ready for leadership. Some people just don’t form good leadership very quick, some people are faster at learning than others.


  6. Finally… A post.


  7. Anyone except Sccot will do.


  8. I think we should all just get some hot coco and think about how we can insult this kid……


  9. Or not…


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