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In this edition of Army of the Week, we focus on a former number one army that recently took a fall.  DCP recently fired one of their owners, and have been trying to rise back to power.  They are also in the middle of leader elections.  Will DCP be able to rise?  Or will they fall back down to the start?

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DCP was created on February 8, 2010 by Wwebestfan.  The army quickly drew many people into joining them.  DCP’s first war was against the Defense of Club Penguin.  The two armies battled for the abbreviation “DCP”.  In the end DCP were the victors.

In March of 2010, ACP declared war on DCP, who were now a very powerful army.  From that point until June 2010, DCP went to war with many other armies including the Elites, IW, and LOL.  On June 16, 2010, DCP hit world power status.  After more wars, DCP brought back the Orange Alliance in January 2011 and went to war with UMA.  After wars with more armies including DW and LGT, DCP began to gradually fall.  They would rise a few times, but fall back down once again.  By May 2012, DCP died.  In June 2012, DCP was brought back and reached sizes of 25+ at events.  Shortly after, Hurricanex1 became the leader of DCP.  It wasn’t until September, 2012 when DCP reached 2nd in the top ten.  Later on in September, DCP defeated the Nachos for the legendary server Breeze, the former ACP capital.

After lots of hard work, DCP was ranked 1st in the top ten on October 8th.

Current Leadership:

Wwebestfan recently retired, so DCP had elections for the leader to replace him.  Aaronstone, one of the candidates, started an unspecified rumor, leading to him being fired.  Scientist King became the new leader.  The other leaders of DCP are Alfrondo1465, Mustapha10, and Np3000.  Aaronstone was rehired and made leader in training.  The leadership seems okay, but judging by the recent problem there’s no telling how well it will work out.

Recent Events:

DCP recently had a practice battle with the Nachos.  According to a post on the DCP site, the event was scheduled late, and Mustapha10 claimed it to be unscheduled.  He also claimed that DCP still managed to beat the Nachos.  Below are some pictures from the event.

However, Puckley, leader of the Nachos, claimed the Nachos won the battle in a comment:

Since the battle was utterly boring, we moved to the Stadium as it was a more suitable battling ground. We assumed you would follow seeing it as a better place as well. Just to prove how senseless you were, you moved to the Town rather and sat there for five minutes doing who knows what. Probably nothing. We waited in the Stadium with our army growing. However, since DCP never came and fought us like callow people you are, many of our troops began to log off. Shortly after, we discovered that you were still on Club Penguin still doing who knows what.

The battle in the Town does not accurately describe the entirety of the battle. I wouldn’t even describe that portion as a battle whatsoever as you simply and only made smiley faces and danced like fools in line.

He then went on to say the battle was scheduled well ahead of time and said that both armies were notified at the same time.  Alfrondo146 responded apologizing saying he didn’t post it and claimed it was a draw in his opinion.


I think that DCP can rise if they get more active.  Going to war would most likely help DCP rise.  I think that at some point DCP will fall unless they manage to rise significantly.

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How do you think DCP has been doing?  Can they rise back to the top three?  Or will they fall to be a small army?  Comment with YOUR opinion!


Recently, a lot of comments have been asking why the same two armies have been featured as Army of the Week.  The reason is, only two armies are part of The Network.  What is this Network, you ask?  If you look right below the banner, you’ll see links to many of the site’s pages.  One of them is The Network.  You can have your army join The Network, and your army will be promoted in many ways.

With CPAC being the center of all armies, this site is a great way to promote armies.  By being part of The Network, your army will be placed on the Join an Army page.  Many people who type in “Club Penguin” on search engines will find CPAC near the top of the list.  From there, viewers will find out about armies and want to join one.  They’ll be directed to the Join an Army page, and a list of armies part of The Network will be there, along with a link to their site and a description of the army.  This will help your army gain troops.

Along with that, your army will be featured as Army of the Week.  The armies on The Network page will be cycled through, and every time it gets back to your army, it will be written about for Army of the Week.  This post will feature things like your army’s history and recent events.  Also, your armies banner will be placed on the sidebar while they’re Army of the Week.

All this will happen to your army if it is part of The Network.  All you have to do is go over to The Network page, follow the directions, and fill out the form in a comment.

DCP and GD are the only armies part of The Network right now, which is why they’ve been written about several times.  So before you complain about why they’re the only armies written about, add your army to The Network so it can be featured too.  I haven’t been picking armies randomly, these are the only armies in The Network right now.

So what are you waiting for?  Get on over to The Network page and have your army join!

 –Tomato 8883 CPA Central Reporter

9 Responses

  1. I signed up for the network for Shadow Troops and RPF. Niether ever got posted on, you guys are the one not updating the network. Thats your problem not ours.


  2. stop posting about the same armies all the time


  3. omg dude look for more armies, seriously. plus, it’s almost the SAME post. barely any words changed. if you can’t find more than 2 armies then find some other series that you could do….


  4. They do have a point. You post about DCP being ATW a ton.


  5. I wonder when the Wizard Warriors will be army of the week, I commented on the Network thing ages ago


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