ACP and Pirates War Ends

After two months of constant invading and defending, the ACP and Pirates War has come to an end with Waterkid asking to end the war. This was expected as both armies were getting tired of the pointless battles every day, with both armies producing poor sizes towards the end.

This ACP and Pirates war started out right after the Shadow Troops and ACP ended their previous war, with IW, AR, LT and Pirates being involved in it. The Pirates decided that ACP was weak and they would capitalize by declaring war on ACP, which seemed to be working at the beginning. At one point during the war, Pirates had risen above ACP in the Top 10, with ACP all the way down in the bottom half of the Top 10. ACP decided to take a rest about a month into the war, but it couldn’t last. The Pirates continued their invasion plans and soon, had beaten ACP in numerous battles, to which the ACP Owners denied.

6 weeks into the war, both ACP and Pirates were getting tired of the endless invasion after invasion and almost concluded the war, with ACP’s Ek giving Waterkid100 options to end the war. Waterkid took none of this and got his army to continue on with invasions of the ACP Nation. Week 7 would prove to be the final week of the war, with ACP planning two key invasions of the Pirates’ Nation; Hypothermia and Below Zero. Both armies knew that these two battles would be very important in the outcome of the war, both preparing heavily for them. With both armies putting up a strong fight, ACP were declared the winners of BOTH of these invasions, returning the server Below Zero back to IW  and ACP keeping Hypothermia. ACP had this to say on their site:

You’ve worked to the best of your ability for the past couple of months and we finished off the Pirates in spectacular fashion. Well, we certainly deserved it. VICTORY!

Although Ek had claimed victory in the war, Waterkid100 was angry as he announced this on ACP chat:

Ek lied to me. He said he will state it as a draw. A DRAW!

In a post from the Pirates site, Waterkid said:

So we ended the war and agreed on a stupid 3 month treaty which I won’t even follow.

These quotes from both Ek and Waterkid contradict each other, leaving us with no lead on what really happened. ACP have claimed the victory over the Pirates, while CPPA’s statements led towards the idea of a draw, with both armies reaching agreements. With ACP claiming victory over  Pirates, it is likely Waterkid will break the 3 month treaty, as an act following his outrage. It was reported yesterday on Pirates chat, Waterkid was enraged and angry at ACP’s decisions and ACP in general. I managed to grab a quick interview with the Pirates Leader, Waterkid100:

Interview With Waterkid100 – Pirates 1ic

So, who won this war?

Waterkid100: It was a draw. Pirates won 9/10 of the GMT battles and ACP won all of the USA battles.

Are you surprised Ek claimed ACP won the war?

Waterkid100: Yea.

Waterkid, what are your next steps?

Waterkid100: Recruit and get Pirates in the Top 5.

Are you going to declare war on ACP again?

Waterkid100: If Nachos or Light Troops do then yes!

Anything else you would like to say?

ACP gives you AIDS.

Waterkid is probably trying to increase his army’s sizes and get some good training sessions and recruiting sessions done, so that Pirates will be challenging for a much higher place in the Top 10 next week. Meanwhile, ACP are on the way back up to the summit of the Top 10, with great performances in the Battles of Hyporthermia and Below Zero. With ACP having recently overthrown their ACP Training Regiment Director Simply Leave and putting Purple Silme4 as the replaced Leader, they are hoping they can recruit and increase their sizes by next week.

 Comment with YOUR opinion! What will the ending of this war bring for both armies? Will they both rise or fall?

Superoo13, CPA Central Reporter

40 Responses

  1. I am not going to lie. I actually think this post is decent.


  2. good post

    acp still sucks though


  3. I really hope LT and Pirates make an alliance! No offence Superoo. And nice post.


  4. Great post, I like how you used the correct format.


  5. i like how ACP has a scumbag hat


  6. ACP definatley won the war. waterkid tried to hard in the war and lost embarrasingly, based off of the amount of trash he talked about everyone. Pirates arent geting any bigger, because they just lost a huge war they were so cocky about winning. waterkid is a straight up lier, breaking the treaty. the only way he might have a chance at glory is if his army and LT join forces, with LT doing 70 percent of the work anyways. either way ACP showed this loser his place, and if they ever come back, were going to be more than ready to defeat him and his troops.


  7. Good post, keep it up and you’ll do well here.


  8. As Blue2 said, good post. Keep it up.


  9. its good that they both have ended the war as it seemed to be a long boring battle for some.
    i hope to see pirates fighting a more entertaining army that is more of a challenge.
    keep it up pirates, and as for ACP, you guys will die the way pirates beat your asses at the events.


  10. biased


  11. this post was biased towards metal warriors


  12. Yea, tots. MW was mentioned a couple of times in this post…. oh sorry, miscalculated, there is NO mention of MW in this post XD.

    ~ Mr Cool 3866 (LT 1ic)


  13. Great post, excellent quality of language and layout and stuff. Glad it’s not excessively detailed and it has the right amount of content. You could probably be head some day Superoo!


  14. Well written superoo!


  15. great post my man, either way the pirates will never get the best of us, but the war was fun, and to waterkid, i still have no respect for you and i dont likeyou at all, but i am sorry if i personally offended you.


  16. This ACP and Pirates war started out wight after


  17. Good post, the standard CPAC needs.


  18. Waterkid is a brat


  19. My mudkips bring all the trainers to the yard,
    And they’re like
    Mine’s better than yours,
    Dam right mine’s better than yours,
    I can train you,
    But first I gotta catch ’em all.


  20. gj


  21. Biased, but bias or not, still a good accurate post.


  22. CPAC needs posts like these.


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