Top Ten Armies: 10/21/12

Blue1: The DCP had an event soon after this was posted that was not included in these rankings, where the army averaged around 30. This event will be counted next week.

With another interesting Top Ten, a few armies suprisingly fizzle out- but more importantly, we find a whole new definition of what it takes to be a Top Ten army.

Top Ten Armies


1. Army Republic [+0] [87.88]

2. Nachos [+4] [85.75]

3. Ice Warriors [+1] [82.88]

4T. Light Troops [+4] [77.75]

4T. Army of CP [-1] [77.75]

6. Doritos of CP [-5] [75.88]

7. Pirates [+3] [53.75]

8. Undergroud Mafias Army [See Bottom Note]

9. Metal Warriors [+2] [48.88]

10. United Countries of CP [+4] [43.75]

Close to the Top Ten:

11. Rebel Penguin Federation [+3] [23.75]

-On a side note, RPF maxed six, which is the same size countless small armies probably maxed this week. More information on that later in post.

-On another side note, the UMA site is not loading for me, thus their placement is purely estimated, and they may be truly higher or lower. Coolster or Derek, I’d love to get in contact with you at some point to sort all of this out. Thanks.


1. Army Republic: The AR hold out and take first for themselves this week, as the retirment of Wwebestfan seems to have taken a toll on DCP. They began the week with a spectacular U-Lead event, with sizes of around 30. The next day the army had their “Ghost Raid” for Halloween, with sizes of around 15-20. Towards the end of the week the AR/RPF team forfeited during the CPAC Scary Showdown, as it was a difficult watch against the MW/UMA team, along with the fact that RPF refused to help AR for the majority of the battle. AR’s legendary leader Burito almost retired as a result of these events, but has chosen to see and will continue leading the army.

 2. Nachos: The Nachos we know broke into second this week after a long, long string of lazy troops and inactive leaders. The Nachos are seemingly finally back on their feet. They began the week with “Legends Day” and a decent practice battle against the Light Troops, with sizes of around 15. Later in the week, they had another great event with sizes of 25, and with sizes of around the same the next day. If the Nachos can keep with these sizes, they may very well snag themselves first next week, as they came very close to doing so this week.

3. Ice Warriors: The IW hold out at third this week, still unable to regain their spot at first. The week began with a decent UK event against the Pirates, where they reached sizes of 10-15. Three days later, on Saturday, the IW had a brilliant Training Session with sizes of 20-25.

 4T. Light Troops: The LT grab fourth this week, an impressive rise from their placement at seventh last week. While they only had one event this week, it was a decent one with sizes of around 15-20.

4T. Army of CP: The ACP fall one spot to fourth this week. Their week began with the promotion of Swimmerboy and Splashy to 3ic of the army, as a result of the retirement of Casiusbrutus and Empoleon from their respective ranks. That same day they faced off against UCCP, and then defeated the Pirates the next day in a UK Event. They also claimed victory the next day during the Battle of Summit on behalf of the DCP. As ACP’s new 3ic Splashy announced he was ill to the shock of the entire community, the ACP scheduled more invasions as the war with Pirates raged on. Very soon after, Kingfunks4, ACP 2ic, made a post urging the troops and high ranks of the Pirates army to stage a coup d’etat of Waterkid, their longtime leader. And last but not least, towards the end of the week the ACP captured Hypothermia from the Pirates with sizes of around 20.

6. Doritos of CP: The DCP take a fall to sixth almost immediately, and arguably as an effect of the retirment of longtime leader and legend Wwebestfan. The army had one event this week, with sizes of 15.

7. Pirates: The Pirates did have some decent events this week, but the not so decent ones ended up weighing them down and landing them the number seven spot.  The week began with the Pirates/LT team pulling out a win in the First Round of the CPAC Scary Showdown, and a loss to ACP on the server of Mammoth later in the day. They went on to claim victory on the servers of Below Zero, Summit, and Ice Berg in the days to come. Next came Waterkid’s response to Funks’ call for the soldiers of Pirates to stage a coup, and tensions were at an all-time high as the Battle of Hypothermia approached. Pirates lost to ACP on Hypothermia with sizes of 10-15.

8. Underground Mafias Army: The UMA/MW team pulled out a suprising upset to take down the AR/RPF team in the First Round of the Scary Showdown. UMA’s placement is, once again, merely speculated.

9. Metal Warriors: The MW had a decent week. They had one event this week, with team UMA/MW pulling out a victory against AR/RPF. It’s estimated that MW accounted for about half of the team’s size during the Scary Showdown, or around 15.

10. United Countries of CP: The UCCP faced off against ACP early this week in a practice battle, where they reached sizes of around 10-15.

What do YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!

 No wait, you can’t comment yet, because Blue has stuff to say.

As I was working on the Top Ten today, it came to my attention that armies with sizes of five are getting into the top fifteen, and, in some cases, the Top Ten. I know that a while ago Funks tried to propose a rule that proposed a minimum size to be in the Top Ten, and it was shot down- but, let’s face it, at that point in time, armies who got sizes of 5 didn’t get into the Top Ten. The fact is, it’s unfair for many small armies out there who no one knows about being jipped out of the Top Fifteen. For that reason, I am proposing that to be featured in the Top Fifteen, an army must get sizes larger than six. Simply to type those words feels awful. What has become of armies? Seemingly nothing good.

On another note, I would like to apologize on the way which the Top Ten and this site has been carried throughout the past week. Though, in all honestly, it’s not my d*** fault, I am Head of this site and so I will take responsibility for it. I ask you to remain patient as we try to sort out this extreme plague of staff inactivity.

Mk, I’ve talked long enough. See ya around.


CPA Central CEO


~This post is dedicated to Splasher99, who has recently retired from Club Penguin Armies. Not only did he keep me busy with actually running a successful competing news site, but he is an inspiration to all of us and will be missed.~

Here’s to you.



62 Responses



  2. I agree, armies that only reach 5 shouldn’t be in the top fifteen. It saddens me that armies have been getting such small sizes recently, even the most powerful ones.
    And I wish Splasher99 the best of luck in the future.


  3. Nice top 10, but I believe Nachos should have been first. Not because I am a Nacho, but because of the fact that we have been averaging 25 this week and that AR haven’t been doing any better. If you see the pics from the CPACSS, they barely have 10. Let the hate replies begin!


  4. YEA BOY! Nachos back to the Top 3 where we belong.


  5. Again, The Silence of Cp armies is Coming


  6. ACP should be 2nd, you used the worst picture from our event. We were bigger than LT, Nachos and IW.


  7. nice top 10, but i think pirates should be 6th and doritos 7th since we had bigger sizes and more events than them, nice to see nachos in the top 5 again


  8. This top ten is finaly ok 🙂


  9. Noooooo Blue you just had to post the Top Ten right after our first actual scheduled event today 30+. Would have been DCP’s 3rd week in a row at 1st possibly. Oh well thanks for the notification on the top though.


  10. Great top 10, but you guys should include all armies to the top 15, even small ones because CP warfare is faling so we have to shrink the limits or just make a top 10 without the “close to the top 10”


  11. cool top ten, pirates suck just saying


  12. What do you mean UMAs result is merely speculated? The MW were in their own uniform, and hit 25, and we, in our own uniform, maxed 18.


  13. A note to all Small and Medium army leaders who check these Top Tens with the desperate and unreasonable hope that your army has somehow, against all odds and laws of nature, made it into the Top Ten (like myself):

    Now is the time to kick ash. Kick the ash of your brothers and sisters, your members and moderators, your friends and enemies! The armies are dying, I’ve seen it! The end is nigh! Now more than ever is the chance to become Number One! Forget the years of hard work and failure. Now is time to rise! Gather your forces, attack your neighbors. Warfare has passed its peak and descended its slope. Now is the chance for a revolution! Bear your arms and march, march to the gates of Hell and back! March to every capital and tear down its walls! The ACP has lost its power, the Nachos and Ice Warriors lose it as we speak! No longer will the Big Three oppress us, and no longer can we allow others to take their place. How long must we watch mere sizes of thirty take the seat of the most powerful army before we recognize our combined power? Unite, my fellow penguins, and see the day when all we know is lost and victory is in the hands of the many small armies who appreciate victory most off all!


  14. u know u could’ve used our recommended top ten pics on the post that i made for the event that we had 20+ on.. but whatever im fine with it


  15. Make the minimum number of troops 10, that way it’ll look decent


  16. Nice job all armies.


  17. CPPA is way better than 7 they got 16+ they should be atleast swapped with DCP


  18. DCP got 15+ CPPA got 16+




  20. Sun Warriors maxed 12+


  21. Check out Tuxedos! PB with RPF, check it out!




  23. “Sun Warriors maxed 12+” “DCP got 15+ CPPA got 16+” God, everyone just shut the muck luck truck duck suck puck up and deal with it. I don’t know what armies are coming to when people getting less than 20 can suggest they’re Top Ten material, but here’s the thing. The Top Ten has that little word Top in it. This isn’t the above-average-but-not-quite-there-yet ten. No, my friends, this is a Top Ten and its armies represent the top. If your army is getting SMALLER sizes than these armies, go sign up for SMAC’s registrar and keep that mouth of yours closed. No one here wants to know that your army is mediocre. And if you have the imbecilic whim that you need to tell the world about your army because, let’s face it, it sucks and needs all the help it can get, then LEAVE A GOD SPAMMED LINK. Not one person here cares enough about the 11+ noobs you paid to get on CP to Google it.

    Thank you,
    A Very Aggravated Person Who Is Superior To Everyone Here In Every Single Way, Shape, And Form, And May Be Just A Little Bit Conceited, But, Hey, He Really Likes The Attention He’s Possibly Getting At The Moment And Just Can’t Stand Stupid People So He’s Posting Anyway. (also known in this community as Redd Kool)

    By the way, this link is pornographic so don’t click it [Link removed. No ads.]


  24. Ninjas pls?


  25. You can tell it is a dark day for the cp army community when the top army has sizes of 20…..


  26. I think ACP should have a little higher position. in the practice battle with nachos, there were 15 nachos and 3 ACP, and ACP forced the nachos to surrender. if they can beat a 15 man team with 3 men, they deserve a higher position


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