CPAC Scary Showdown Results: AR/RPF versus UMA/MW

AR/RPF – 19 <<<>>> UMA/MW – 35

This section of the first round of the annual showdown was a great success.

If you need any reminders, it was

Metal Warriors and Underground Mafia Army


Army Republic and Rebel Penguin Force

Now, the event went fairly smooth, but had complications, which any big event would have. Before moving forward, I want to thank every army for trying their hardest, and want to make it clear that everyone did well.

However, the overall winning team is Metal Warriors and Underground Mafia Army. Congratulations to the lot of ’em, and boy was their alot of ’em.

The battle was hosted in the Stadium of Klondike at Three Eastern Standard Time, and It started off pretty fierce. AR, UMA, and UMA all had great sizes, with RPF in the corner ranging a small number dissing AR…their own team.

Anyways, here are some pictures: Click to Enlarge

Someone got Confused

Well, close to the end, AR gave up, and logged off.

An owner said the following, and followed it up with “oh, wait this is tournament isn’t it”

Afterwards, AR logged off.

This did not affect my idea on who won at all, though. AR was stammering a lot.

However, Metal Warriors and Underground Mafia Nations did very good tactics, and AR struggled a lot, with RPF switching sides a bit in the middle.

Congrats to MW and UMA for winning and moving forward in the event.

13 Responses

  1. 1st and epic tonge pic 🙂 MW goes marching on


  2. UMA has proven everyone wrong for the second time this year.


  3. i helped riot write this post 🙂


  4. Who won the 1st battle?


  5. meep


  6. Hahaha *AR Loses* Music to my ears!


  7. AR got screwed for partners..


  8. Wow I can’t believe AR lost! Them being 1st in the Top Ten. Although RPF didn’t help out much.


  9. well uma was big but MW was bigger


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  10. RPF had best tactics though it was on there site.


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