Oagalthorp Conspiracy? || Problems With Impersonation

Edit: Just to make this clear since a couple people failed to read all the way to the bottom, it has been confirmed that it was indeed an imposter, and that the ACP leaders did not have knowledge of who it was (it was not a conspiracy on their part).

Has ACP pulled one from the old UMA playbook and impersonated its creator for a morale boost? Or has a clever spy infiltrated ACP in order to gain Owner during an important battle? This was the situation during the battle this morning between the ACP and Pirates.

At approximately 12:20 pm EST, a user with the ID number 844984163 signed into ACP chat. What name he was using at the time has not been determined. At roughly 1:15 pm EST, the user was made an Owner by Ek after his identity had apparently been confirmed through a series of questions.

A copy of ACP’s chat logs regarding the user with the ID 84498416 (Substract 4 hours for EST)

When I arrived around 2:30, the user was both Owner and actively leading the battle on Club Penguin with the ACP leaders deferring to them in regards to most of the tactics. I immediately requested verification from them as I always do, but was met with one word responses and then ignored. After confronting them again on main chat, I was told in a clearly irritated manner that everything had “already been explained” and that we could talk after the battle.

Ziro claims Ek and Funks defended “Oagalthorp” by saying he knew of protected posts on the ACP site

After finding out that this mystery person was using a penguin named Abe130 and not Oagalthorp’s usual Dog83466 account, I immediately membered the user until he responded to my pc. They proceeded to remain silent for the remainder of the battle.

I attempted to speak to both Ek and Funks about what happened. After three separate attempts at pcing Ek over a period of about half an hour failed to produce a response, I inquired on main chat, to which Ek responded “lmao Boomer” followed by “BRB POSTING”. A separate pc to Funks yielded a little bit more information on the situation.

Funks believes this person was actually trying to help ACP during the battle

At this point, “Oagalthorp” finally responded to my pc, where I questioned him about his identity.

“Oagalthorp” is close, but still wrong about his old WordPress email, and is unable to name his new email or even the email provider

I go back to pc with Funks, who seems disappointed but not apologetic about the news.

Funks’ first response is that “nobody was harmed” by the imposter, which was not particularly reassuring

The fake Oagalthorp continues to make bad excuses to my questions.

For one thing, I’ve never heard Oagal say “like a boss”, unless he is suddenly a 12 year old. The mentions of Stew and Cas are also strange. At this point, the imposter leaves without waiting for a response.

Did ACP’s leadership create this fake account for morale purposes? Was it actually a spy from the Pirates who wanted ability to control ACP during the battle? Could this be another attempt by the NSSA to infiltrate ACP? Or was this merely someone wanting to lead a battle to feel important? The last one is probably the most likely. Funks was correct in saying that no harm was done here, but what if they had intended to do harm? Things could have been much worse.

What have we learned from this?

Inevitably, I will take some criticism from ACP’s leadership for this post, for which I apologize. But I have also stressed time and time again how important it is to verify someone’s identity before granting them any amount of power, whether on chat or the website. Unfortunately, ACP has a habit of ownering people impersonating former leaders that dates back to Ken and Flip’s leadership, including impersonators of Dr Nono Jr, Saint1119, and Rapidy. Luckily, ACP has fared better in terms of its website than other armies, who have had significant amounts of content deleted by someone impersonating former legends of the army.

When you try to verify someone’s identity, you have to ask them questions that only they would know the answer to. Too often, people ask questions that anyone who was close to the person being impersonated could answer correctly. And there is a lot of information about Oagalthorp’s legacy available if you want to learn about it, therefore a great number of people could impersonate him fairly successfully. Be smart about it. When it comes to the security of your chat and website, you cannot work on an innocent-until-proven-guilty basis. You have to assume they are fake until they can prove beyond reasonable doubt that they are the real deal.

My intent in making this post is not to make ACP look bad. In fact, ACP has fared better than most in these types of situations, in part because I do question anyone who would normally receive mod or higher on chat, but not without additional skepticism from the rest of the leaders when I am not around. Oagalthorp is the type of person who is afforded a great deal of respect, and because of that, some people may not feel it appropriate to badger him for information when he comes online. It is important to do so however, and I can assure you that they will understand. Oagalthorp has never avoided or been annoyed by my constant questioning whenever he comes on, and the fact that this person acted in that manner was a giveaway for me.

Question everything, be alert, protect yourself, and stay safe.



Does this statement change any opinions? Comment with what you think happened

Update #2:

It has been confirmed that it was indeed an imposter, and that the ACP leaders did not have knowledge of who it was. The identity is still undetermined as we believe they are trying to frame someone else for it.

29 Responses

  1. Boomer. I gave the Penguin Abe106 to him because he ‘forgot his password’.

    Boomer: Thanks for the info


  2. I think it was either funks or ek, because if the creator of acp was there then everyone would log onto cp




  4. Got all you people! It was me.

    Boomer: I’d give you credit for honesty but it wasn’t you xP


  5. Maybe it was Gaddafi.


  6. I know who it was. Talaban.


  7. The things ACP will do to become successfull again. -_-


  8. it was me 😛
    Need proof?http://prntscr.com/hur4x

    Boomer: I already talked to who it was


  9. Seems odd to me how dismissive ‘Oagal’ and the ACP owners were of you. I would think if it was really Oagal he’d be glad to prove it an not act like an idiot. As for the owners, it reflects a recent trend of lack or respect for the retirees they so desperately need. Were this a ploy for recruits organized by ACP’s owners (a UMA, so to speak), I think the impersonator would be a little better at impersonating Oagal than this. Probaby just a smart kid who was bored, or an attempted spy.


  10. i think it was just some army troop looking for attention power and publicity through reating a fake name on the ACP chat. next time leaders, get a better background check going please? if that were a spy things could have gotten alot worse


    • I doubt you never tried to background check a person believed imposing as a important person?

      Its hard, little one.


    • Camp, I respect your opinion, but as an ACP soldier, everybody would be saying that. At first, I actually thought it was Oagal and we gave him the benefit of the doubt. Later when he asked on chat for a penguin saying ‘Can I borrow a penguin? I didn’t make one’ I knew there and then it wasn’t him. He also said ‘I forgot my password’, but Oagal would have been smart and just retrieved his. I actually just think somebody was messing with us.


      • yea dude definatley its a shame it wouldve been cool if the actual oagal was online ive never meant him before


  11. Gotta do what I do, permanently ban anyone using a legend’s name. If they’re real, oh well!


  12. Actually it predates Ken and Flip. There have been several instances of it I believe. Anyways we should all be more careful.


  13. Any logical person would be able to see that, that imposter was just that. An imposter. The fact that he was having “chat problems”, “locked out of email”, and other problems that occurred is just crap. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that ACP is taking extreme and desperate measures to help boost the moral of their pathetic army.

    Boomer: If you read all the way to the bottom, ACP did not conspire to boost morale, they were tricked by someone who is not part of ACP and was just looking to cause a little chaos.


  14. Hitler strikes again..


  15. That was me


  16. I know who did it.


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