Battle of Hypothermia


The trigger has been pulled.

Galaxie edit: Never mind about the Oagal stuff, the person was an Oagal Faker. For more info, read Boomer’s post.

Hello all, today, was the battle of Hypothermia. I have full coverage of the event. First of all, the before battle interviews!

(Oagalthorp was online, so I got a short interview with him until he had to go.)

Me: Would you like to be interviewed for CPAC?

Oagalthorp: Yeah. I guess?

Me: Hiya!

Oagalthorp: Hi.

Me: How are you?

Oagalthorp: Good.

Me: What made you want to attend this battle?

Oagalthorp: Umm. Nothing? I just came on chat and I heard their was a battle. GTG

This is where the interview ended. Shortly before the interview, I had a little fun with Oagalthorp. If you’d like to see the picture, click here: .

Interview of Funks:

Me: Would you lke to be interviewed for CPAC?i

Funks: Sure.

Me: Hi

Funks: Hia

Me: How are you?

Funks: I’m good, thanks.

Me: Who do you think will win the battle?

Funks: I believe the ACP will win the battle, as we usually get 25-30 on Saturdays. This is due to the USA and UK both being able to defend and the Pirates not being able to get more than 15.

Me: What do you think will happen at the end of the war?

Funks: I think the Pirates will surrender due to the low USA and weekend force. The ACP will easily win all non-UK events, with a challenging UK battle.

Me: Thank you for your time Funks 🙂

Funks: No Problem.

I wasn’t able to get any interview from any Pirates because I am banned on Pirates chat. The battle space was moved to Klondike due to Hypothermia being full.


2:15 PM EST: ACP gets up to 15 in a circle.

2:20 PM EST: Pirates get a nice line at the Iceberg.

2:25 PM EST: ACP Makes a curve at Ski Village.

2:26 PM EST: Pirates bomb ACP while ACP makes an L.


2:31 PM EST: ACP makes a curvy L.

2:33 PM EST: Pirates make a line at the town.

2:33 PM EST: ACP does a joke bomb at the Ski Village.

2:35 PM EST: ACP makes a candy cane tactic. YUM!

2:36 PM EST: Pirates line gets a bit small at Town.

2:38 PM EST: ACP make a 2 in one line.

2:39 PM EST: ACP raid town.

2:41 PM EST: ACP raids Dojo, were the Pirates were.

2:44 PM EST: After about 10 minutes of real fighting, Water surrendered. ACP makes a line at Dojo Courtyard.

2:51 PM EST: ACP decides to celebrate at the Iceberg.

3:55 PM EST: ACP’S last tactic of the day.

So, that is it. After 10 minutes of real fighting, Waterkid decided to surrendered Hypothermia to the Army of Club Penguin. So what do you think? Do you think this was a fair battle? Comment with your opinion!

Signing off,


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  1. english?


  2. oagalthorp wasnt real dude at least i dont think he was


  3. terrible post


  4. In the future, pleae use CPAC’s Live Blog feature, which can be embedded into any given post. I’ll show you how to do that shortly.


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