Riot Journals [Week 2]: Behind The Scenes of Political Influences

Small armies blossom into industrial empires. Industrial empires develop into dynasties, empires of which are all over the news. These, like the Ancient Empire of Rome, collapse eventually, making room for new empires, new stories, new generations.

Now, who starts the developing processes to start these industrial armies, on the path to fame and fortune. On the path the trustworthy world of transparent, unforeseeable actions?

This is Behind…

Behind The Scenes of Political Influences.

Now, recent polls conducted by not only me but some old friends and counterparts, the most Political Influenced man in CP Armies is Boomer, a man who will forever be embraced by the stone grip of philosophy.

Someone recently emailed me, asking to do versus posts. Yeah, no. Even though Shab versus Boomer sounds pretty good, like I was asked to do, I don’t see a post inside of it. Also, Trickster made a great point in his recent comment, on 75% of the people who voted were not around to even see Boomer when he was “in his prime.”

However, both of these got me thinking on how exactly did the top ten political influences get placed where they were?

For a bit of a reminder, here were the top ten.


Kingfunks4 tied with Zak, with 12 votes, making the Top Ten Political Influences as Tied Ten.

10. Zak, Vice President of CPAC (12 votes)

10T. KingFunks4, Former CPAC Head

9. Lord Pain, CP Army Leader (14 votes)

8. 122344a, Former CPAC Philosopher (15 Votes)

7. Riot, CPAC Associate Producer (19 Votes)

6. Woton, CPAC Creator (20 Votes)

5. Vendetta, CPAC Philosopher (21 Votes)

4. Iceyfeet1234, Ice Warriors Creator/Leader (22 Votes)

3. Bluesockwa1, CPAC Chief Executive Officer (23 Votes)

2. Bluesockwa2, CPAC Chief Executive Officer (28 Votes)

1. Boomer20, CP Army Legend (41 Votes)

 Now, it took me about a month to plan this poll. I didn’t expect the following things:

1. That I’d Be in it At All

2. That Pain would be in the Lower Half

3. That Boomer would Beat Bluesockwa2 by a good margin

However, if you check the original poll, there are few legendary names on the post. Boomer being the only major status from the past (not including CPAC Heads).

It has been a proven fact that when given names, poll readers will automatically pick the most famous/one they’ve heard of the most.

For example, when given this:

1. George McGovern

2. Bill Gates

3. Geraldine Ferraro

Who would you choose? (before clicking to google)

Above you see an interpretation of CPAC Head History, goof’d up by me and Bluesockwa1 a while ago. See how many presidents you can name off before looking them up.

The major reason of why the names in the top ten political poll are all recognized, is because names like Rexeh  and Delcrux were shadowed by the [awesome] recognition of Boomer and Iceyfeet1234.

So, next poll (quite soon), remember not to just vote for the big shots that you’ve heard of. Try to let the names sink in.

Fact Has Beaten Opinion

Satire Comedy Is Finally Home

Riot Finally Posts


10 Responses

  1. Herp.


  2. put all the results of the poll please


  3. I would pick Godplayer.


  4. Look at joker!


  5. i love how kingfunks is bush, lol





  7. Reasons I Still Read CPAC:
    3. Top Ten
    2. To See What Else They Screwed Up
    1. Riot’s Posts


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