Pirates Strike Back

If you keep track of army sites, then you know it. Rifles have been aimed and they’re about to be fired.

If you were reading, you might have known a couple of days ago that the Pirates leader, Waterkid, retired from the Pirates. Several days after that, he decided that he would come back. Pirates were nearly dead, Pirates fellow owner, Bear, retired, another owner, William, didn’t do a single thing since Waterkid retired. Nearly most of their troops left. Now, Waterkid missed the smell of frequent gun powder puffing in his face, so he did a vote on which army they should declare war on. And, of course, ACP won. The Pirates then scheduled countless events VS. ACP, IW, Ninjas, and DCP. The ACP were again in a war with Pirates.

The Battle of Summit was in dispute, due to the fact that both Pirates and ACP claimed victory. The Invasion/Defense of Mammoth was lost by Pirates and won by ACP, Waterkid claiming that they had “crappy” sizes. Pirates then successfully invaded Below Zero from Ice Warriors and Hypothermia from Ninjas. On October 19, Funks, 2ic of ACP, made a post stating that Waterkid should be overthrown from Pirates and they should make a rebellion. Here is the last paragraph of the post:

We will not stand for anymore of these cases, we must remove this once and for all. We call for the Pirate troops to rebel or leave within the army as the treatment of troops is unfair. Joining any other army will give you a more enjoyable experience in CP armies and it will be more fun, which is the idea of armies. I do not see why anyone would want to be treated like that, especially the owners of the army who should be leading alongside him. Obviously, everyone apart from Waterkid is treated as a member. Stand up to him now, or you will suffer for the rest of your CP Army life.

Then, Waterkid made a reply to the post, having the name “Response to King****”. Waterkid said a lot of mean things to say to the ACP, like this following paragraph:


Yeah, I did swear at Bear, you don’t see him crying and joining ACP. Just because your troops are fucking 10 year old dumb***** (PURPLE SLIME) who go to ******* day cares (PENGY) doesn’t mean the troops in Pirates are the same, so go **** yourself.

Currently, the ACP scheduled Invasion of Hypothermia and Invasion of Below Zero. The ACP says if they continue to fight ACP, then ACP will continue to invade the Pirates. The ACP has planned the invasions piece by piece. They have decided what tactics they are going to do and were they are going to do it. They have also decided were they’re going to start and were they’re going to end.

So what do you think? Do you think the Pirates  are going to make ACP walk the plank or do you think ACP are going to turn the Pirates green? Comment below on your opinion. Oh, and enjoy the comic!

Bluesockwa’s Official Club Penguin Army Central Office Portrait


Signing Out,



29 Responses

  1. First :3


  2. They bring back the noob reporter.
    Ok post, was expecting I bias.


  3. This was one of those lmao moments where the response proves the attackers point. Waterkid probably screwed himself with that response.


  4. Oh, well.. ummm… very nice, waterkid..


  5. ha ha this is bias, galaxie is an acp and he/she hates my guts


  6. Waterkid, I’m not biased in this post. I actually put up the right information so you don’t have to be mean on my post D:


  7. ACP say if the continue to fight ACP – wut.


  8. We, the ACP are personally going to escort waterkid and his pirates to their downfall.


  9. Honestly I’m laughing at how many people hate Waterkid now, Has no one heard the term “YO You’ve been TROLLED all of this time”


  10. Waterkid is like a mini Ioioluk, he is nice to nobody except who he says he is nice to


  11. haters gonna hate


  12. Well, it looks like ACP did a real cheesy move and got Ice Warriors, Doritos,Army Republic to declare war on us and Light Troops. I don’t know what Light Troops are going to do, maybe do a treaty or w/e, but I am not going to back down, next week we will be invading every army in the alliance to show them we won’t be intimidated. This was with ACP was getting boring, but now it’s starting to get exciting.


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