Billybob Quits Club Penguin

Seven years it has been since  New Horizon created this game called Club Penguin. As of October 17th, 2012 Lane Merrifield better known among us lot as Billybob announced he was leaving the Club Penguin Staff. His official post here said he’ll be watching the site to make sure things run smooth and he is heading off to the world of education, helping out children as stated below.

“Hello Penguins!

I hope you’re all as excited about the Halloween Party as I am.  The office is buzzing today, it’s going to be amazing!

I wanted to make sure you heard it directly from me, after 7 incredible years at Club Penguin, I’m going to be moving on.  I’ll be around for the next few months to make sure everything is all good.  Then I’ll be focusing on building some cool stuff for schools.  I hope I’m able to help with learning the same way I have been able to help build Club Penguin.

I have had such an incredible time being a part of Club Penguin over the years and serving you guys everyday.  The Club Penguin Team is better than ever, and the plans we’ve made for the next year are awesome!  My friends Polo Field and Businesmoose will keep you updated with all the latest behind-the-scenes updates here on the blog. Even though I won’t be working at Club Penguin anymore, I’ll still be around and logging on to hang out.

You are the reason I’ve done this for so long and I am so thankful you’ve let me be a part of your lives.  You are what makes Club Penguin special.  Never forget that.

Until then… Waddle on!

– Lane (aka Billybob)”

When checking out the usual hint site I got to, Club Penguin Gang ran by Mimo777, I came across this post:

“Today BillyBob posted on the Club Penguin blog that he will no longer be working with CP. I found that he will be working with Lane has disagreed with some of Disney’s decisions like the Marvel Super Hero Party. And Club Penguin’s visits are way down from 8.5 million in 2009 to 3.3 million now.

Now lets hope that RocketSnail’s new game will be as cool as CP.

Farewell to BillyBob. We wish you the best of luck in your next adventures. You will be missed.”

Now, I have no idea what this will do to some of the future events of Club Penguin and how it will directly effect us. As we have seen Club Penguin Parties and updates while visually look nice, are really laggy and horrible for battles. I decided to interview some people and their opinions what will happen.

Interview with Ek, ACP leader. I will be Dark Azure. Ek will be Green.

May I interview you for CPAC?
Normally I don’t behave for CPAC interviews but go ahead.
Well incase you didn’t know, BillyBob left the Club Penguin Team and I was wondering what your thoughts are on it.
I did hear about it from a few folk on chat. It doesn’t effect me massively but I doubt penguins will be pleased when their beloved BillyBob has left them.
How do you think Club Penguin will change over the next couple months in the ways of battling and room redesigns?
I heard he was against the whole idea of the Marvel Superhero Party which is loyal of him. I think they’ll edge more on the disney side of thing for parties. For armies, I can’t see us being touched for long outside of annoying items spiking our lines.
Well that is all I have to ask, hope you have a good night and good lucking with leading ACP!
“Good luck with Leading ACP!” sneered Tapdancer as his stomach turned in insurmountable hatred *wary*

Interview with Unk, DW Leader

Unk, May I interview you for CPAC?
Go On.
Well in case you didn’t know, BillyBob left the Club Penguin Team and I was wondering what your thoughts are on it.
I think it’s a shame, as he was a very loyal worker towards Club Penguin no matter what age he was. He stayed with Club Penguin and is a massive part of it’s success today, they will miss him, I think.
How do you think Club Penguin will change over the next couple months in the ways of battling and room redesigns?
I don’t think anything will change to be honest, yes there will probably be another room or two added but many people from the community have been in contact with CP, such as myself, and they don’t seem to have a problem.
Think we may have some more rediculous parties or that cp will crack down on us for being “not kid-friendly?”
Yes the party decotations have always been a problem and I feel CP thinks that their players should take more responsibility in what they do online. However, I do think CP has been in contact with xat as wordpress has been blocked.
Anything else you would like to add?
No other then the fact to keep enjoying armies and if recruiting on CP becomes impossible there is always chat recruiting, qhich is far more effective than CP recruiting in my opinion, anyway.
Hope you have a nice day and hope DW gets strong again.
No Problem and DW is dead *wary*

Interview with Santa0704, WW Legend and 2006 Veteran 

Santa, May I interview you for CPAC?
Aye. Just don’t Film this.
I won’t, just print screen it to make copying the interview easier. Well in case you didn’t know, BillyBob left the Club Penguin Team and I was wondering what your thoughts are on it.
I was involved in the Ark Espionage of early ’08 and filmed every PC with the guy. Not Proud of it.
WHAT? He left?!
Hold on, let me find my pot pie and think for a moment.
Yes, he left just the other day, he went into working on an educational site and rumors have it he left due to some choices CP made.
What’s my name?
Well I joined Club Penguin in December 06. I knew who Billybob was. Everyone did. Hell I thought it’d be cool to head off to Canada and work in a Club Penguin office when I turned 18. I was sad when rsnail and Screenhog left, but I understood why. Same with Lane Merrifield. They all started Club Penguin to have a safe Ad-free place for kids. With the recent Marvel and Shake It Up! parties, I don’t blame him for leaving. I think wherever Lane goes next, he’ll do great things. He always has. I’d wish him the best of luck, but luck certainly has nothing to do with it.
Well with BillyBob gone, how do you think Club Penguin will change over the next couple months in the ways of battling, room redesigns and treatment of us “thugs?”
Treatment of thugs?
How are they treating you?
How Club Penguin will treat them.
Times are definitely changing. Club Penguin using Twitter and YouTube the way they do, I just don’t agree with it. But they know and we know that’s what kids are using nowadays. They have to market, and I don’t blame them for that. But Club Penguin was born to be simple. When clothing got more and more complex, layers added over layers. it got confusing. It got too Americanised.
Think that Club Penguin will treat Armies any differently?
I’m wondering if they like the publicity armies give them. I’ve often wondered if armies are giving people more of a reason to play or more of a reason to continue to pay for memberships. I don’t think Club Penguin will do anything drastic regarding armies. From the items and parties I’ve seen recently, it seems they’re secretly trying to promote them. That’s my two cents. I mean come on, Robbers with money bags and swords as hand items? PUH-LEASE.
What about room designs for new rooms and for parties. We’ve seen how hard it is to make a simple line in half of these rooms.
They’re not making it easy, but tactics such as forming lines and joke bombing are as old as my generation of armies circa 07 and mid 09. This generation will have to adapt to the changes, and I’ll be interested to see what they all come up with.
Well, what do you think will be next for Club Penguin. You’ve said you have been here since 06, a good six years and we both know it has changed a ton since we both joined in out respective years of 06 and 08.
I have to say I’m impressed with what they’ve done with this year’s Halloween party. It’s great and scary fun. But what about in between parties? When you aren’t playing games to earn coins to buy things, you’re hanging out with friends. It’s essentially roleplay, and they need to target that now more then ever. With Facebook in one tab, YouTube and tumbler in another, our attention spans are short. Give us a reason to play and we will. Don’t and there will always be TV to watch and websites to browse.
Well I have nothing more to ask, so anything you’d like to say?
Two things.
  1. A strong army is one where the leaders have faith in their troops and the troops can count on their leaders to do what’s best.
  2. Leave the shower curtain on the inside of the tub.
Expect the fans to come when they hear the mighty Santa was seen.
Oh stop it, you.
It was a pleasure interviewing you and seeing how your ideas were considering you were here in the Fever wars and now think we should all Retire.


Now, My opinion on this topic is that with BillyBob gone, Club Penguin will become even more childish. Expect many Disney objects in it which for some is not too bad. I personally would love to see Club penguin turn all digital like in Tron or have it become Tortuga. Though I do think the chat filter will become more harsh and make us unable to recruit on CP anymore resorting to using emoticons. The next generation of Armies will have a much tougher time then the ones that we have seen. I want you guys to voice your opinion of what you think will happen and what each of the three said. This is my longest post approaching 2000 words, and if you read it all I do hope the way you think will change, even if a little.

~Tap Dancer36

9 Responses

  1. Billywho?


  2. All started when he decide to get millions of dollars to give his creation and lose control of it.


  3. That is not CPAC proper interview format.


  4. I think with Billybob gone, CP will start to become more childish. Billybob kept the none childish CP and tried to keep it for a while, but Disney wanted them to do Shake it Up (what I think is childish and it is only a marketing and advertisement for their fellow owner Disney).


  5. thankyou you warmed are hearts billybob you rule i feel like crying just the thought of you leaving makes me tear up you made club penguin special and we will miss you!


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